108 Mala Beads Buddha

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108 Mala Beads & Rosary Agarwood is a feng shui jewelryl; which made from Tram Huong wood. The circle consists of 108 mala beads with extremely profound; and meaningful Buddhist spirituality. Bracelet 108 is a combination of Rosary brings peac; and trendy jewelry bracelet. Not only is the guardian of yourself; but also an extremely luxurious; noble jewelry to help you exude confidence when you come anywhere. Thien Moc Huong is committed to a prestigious product; made from 100 % real natural frankincense by the process of handcrafting by artisans from Thuy Xuan craft village, Hue. (được làm từ 100% trầm hương tự nhiên thật; qua quá trình gia công thủ công bởi những nghệ nhân đến từ làng nghề Thủy Xuân, Huế.)

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