In order to create favorable conditions for customers who have used Thien Moc Huong’s products. Since 2022, Thien Moc Huong officially applies a new membership policy with extremely preferential policies as follows:

Conditions to become a loyal customer member:

– Buy any 01 product with value from 500,000 VND / bill

– Provide your first and last name, mobile number, email and date of birth to make a membership card

Customer Loyalty POLICY


. Rules for accumulating points: Every 50,000 VND earns points equivalent to 1,000 VND equals 1 point.

. Rules of focus: Customers can use points to buy products of Thien Moc Huong with up to 50% of order value.

* Condition:

. Applicable to customers who have accumulated minimum 50 points.

. To be used in conjunction with existing promotions at the time of purchase.


Customers who buy 1 agarwood bracelet worth 5,000,000 VND get 100 points, equivalent to 100,000 VND

Customers will be able to use 100,000 VND to buy 1 box of Agarwood incense worth 300,000 VND and pay only 200,000 VND. In case there is a discount program, you will receive an additional discount according to the promotion program.


. Based on the accumulated points, customers will receive membership cards with the following classes:

. Silver Membership : Earn at least 10 points (spending VND 500,000) – 5% off when buying the following orders
. Gold Membership : Earn at least 200 points (spending 10,000,000 VND) –  10% off for the following orders
. Platinum Membership : Earn at least 1,000 points (spending VND 50,000,000) –  15% off on the following orders

* Condition:

– Member discount policy is cumulative and applied in conjunction with other promotions.


– Not applicable to Gold, Premium Submersibles


1/ Benefits

Discount 20% for all products when buying in birthday month.

2/ Regulations

. In your birthday month, when you shop at Thien Moc Huong, you will get 20% off. Apply for online and in-store purchases.

. Buy online: Read your name, phone number and take a photo of your ID with your birthday and send it to Thien Moc Huong’s online sales channel.

. Buy at the store: Read the name, phone number and bring the ID with the date of birth to Thien Moc Huong store.

. Use one of the following identification documents: Identity card, passport, household registration, driving license, student card.

. Offer applies to all products – Excluding promotional products.

2.3/Terms of Use

. Do not apply promotions at the same time of the company at the time of purchase (including old and new customers)

. Applicable at the same time as membership discount for customers who already have a membership card.

. Not applicable to Gold, Premium Submersible products


For questions about the program, please contact:
Customer care hotline: 0933.348.368