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What is January zodiac sign? Personality, career and love

Zodiac in january

You have a crush on a guy or a girl born in January. You are highly interested in his/ her personality. In this article, we will share with you the personality, career, and love of the January zodiac sign. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your phone and read until the end.  1. Which […]

Metal element people: feng shui colors, features and lucky bracelet


People with the Metal element are individuals who are distinguished by their distinct characteristics. Understanding the characteristics of Metal persons will help you get better knowledge about the five elements. What type of secrets would persons with the Metal element have? Where is the answer for the fate of Metal’s character? And how to choose […]

How to arrange a feng shui bathroom correctly?


They arrange the bathroom by feng shui and reasonable layout. While building a toilet, there are many taboos that you need to know to avoid the feng shui aspect, leading to bad luck. Here is a list of 50+ toilet feng shui bathroom things you should know.  1. Good location for the feng shui bathroom […]

5 things to know about feng shui living room

Feng shui for living room decoration

Feng shui living room is always a matter of concern for many homeowners. Because the living room is a very important space. This is where the owner receives the distinguished guests, the place shows the personality and status of the owner and is also the place where the feng shui factors directly affect the health, […]

Agarwood price updated in 2021

Agarwood price

Agarwood is very rare and has many values in human life. Today, besides the Agarwood bracelets costing hundreds of millions of dong, there are also cheaper ones. So what is the price of Agarwood in Vietnam today, what is the difference in the price of grade 1 agarwood compared to other types? Check out the […]

Special meaning of a red bracelet in feng shui

Red bracelet

The red bracelet has been gradually becoming a hot trend among young people. It is not only a piece of jewelry, a highlight for women. It also has spiritual and cultural significance. According to folklore, red bracelets bring good luck to the user. Above all, it also helps lonely people find their other half. But […]

Where is agarwood from? Facts about agarwood tree

Agarwood is the fragrant, rotten part formed on the trunk of the Aquilaria tree

Agarwood tree, also known with another name as agarwood good, which is accumulated by the Aquilaria Crassna tree, is one of the rare woods in Vietnam known to many people because of its extremely useful uses. To learn more about this Agarwood tree with Thien Moc Huong Agarwood, the most dangerous goods today. 1. What […]

What is Agarwood Incense? How to use Agarwood incense?

Agarwood incense

Agarwood with a special lasting scent; Folks considered Agarwood as bringing in the spirit of heaven and earth. Therefore, agarwood incense contains a lot of energy, very strong yang, and has high value. Wherever the smoke of agarwood spreads, it dispels evil spirits. Bad things around the homeowner come there, bringing good luck and prosperity. […]

4 ways to identify real-fake Agarwood

How to identify agarwood

Agarwood – a unique and rare natural product – is increasingly popular for its great uses. However, because of its high value, the Agarwood market is increasingly fierce and there are countless counterfeit products to deceive consumers. There are different types of Agarwood on the market. Therefore, those who are interested in products from Agarwood […]

The origin of Agarwood? 5 USES and how to distinguish standard bass

Agarwood price

Many people often mistakenly think about the term “Agarwood tree”. But this term is a misnomer. Because what creates agarwood is not an agarwood tree. So what exactly is a tree? There are thousands of questions surrounding this issue. This article will list all the knowledge about what is agarwood? Why is the agarwood bracelet […]