Agarwood tea history and Top 9 Benefits of Agarwood tea you must know

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Nowadays, Agarwood tea is widely known for its incredible uses. This blog post explores the health benefits of agarwood tea, a unique aromatic tea made from the leaves and bark of the agarwood tree. Discover how agarwood tea can boost immunity, aid digestion, reduce stress, and improve skin health. Learn how to prepare this tea leaf and where to purchase it. Read on to discover how this ancient tea can promote overall wellness and become a part of your daily routine.

I. History of Agarwood tea

Agarwood tea is not a household name in the West but it is already a popular tea in many parts of South East Asia. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia, it has earned a reputation for its flavor and potential therapeutic qualities. 

agarwood tea benefits
Agarwood tea leaf has wonderful benefits for people’s health.

This special Tea combines high-quality OoLong tea leaves and premium Agarwood that has been sedimented for many years. This tea is not merely a traditional tea product, but it also brings a new flavor, characteristic in scent as well as casual style. Thien Moc Tra is the perfect combination of the fine scent of agarwood tree in the rare sacred forest; and the sweetness of the olong tea leaves in Lam Dong – the excellent ingredients to create a classy tea.

II. Ingredients of Agarwood leaf tea

Ingredients of agarwood tea is made from 100% natural forest agarwood chips. After harvesting, agarwood must undergo strict preservation and processing stages; to keep the amount of essential oil in each block; then, it is ground into chopped to create tea. Currently appearing, several teas made from the leaves of the agarwood tree. However, the quality is not as good as tea made from crushed agarwood chips; Because gourd leaves (agarwood tree) drink very light and not fragrant, the essential oil content in the leaves of the gourd leaves is very little.

Agarwood Tea has a sweet taste with a passionate and attractive scent. agarwood Tea is an extremely benign, refreshing tea, suitable for all ages.

Agarwood Tea has a sweet taste with a passionate and attractive scent. This is an extremely benign, refreshing tea, suitable for all ages.

III. How to make Agarwood leaves tea

The tea is handcrafted with a unique skill from the hands of artisans. Harvested oolong tea leaves are then dried in a cast iron pan to preserve the sweet taste and then keep in jars to ease the intense aroma of tea leaves. When incubated has just arrived, Artisans bring tea brewed to continue stars on low heat with pure and precious agarwood chips puree. At the right temperature, agarwood is stimulated to release aroma, blended with tea leaves to produce an excellent flavor stimulating taste, and smell.

IV. The story about Agarwood tea leaves at Thien Moc Huong

From ancient times, the Dai Viet dynasties considered Agarwood as not only an offering to the King and special treat to meritorious officals and ambassadors, but also a special diplomatic tribute during the Northern visits. Today, Agarwood gradually becomes familiar in the world of Agarwood lovers and a luxurious gift to pay homage or hospitality to their counterparts.

Thiên Mộc Trà là sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa hương thơm hảo hạng của dăm Trầm quý hiếm cùng vị ngọt thanh của những lá trà olong tạo nên một thứ trà đẳng cấp.

Thien Moc Huong Agarwood is brought from immense gourd forests, guaranteed to be 100% natural and with an average age of 14-25 years old combined with fresh and bold oolong tea leaves to create the extraordinary “Thien Moc Tea”. Agarwood has the essence of Heaven and Earth and is compared to a precious medicine from 61 oriental medicinal herbs that promise to bring a breakthrough in tea taste but still maintain its classic and elegant features. and luxury for every tea enthusiast.

V. Top 9 benefits of Agarwood tea

Agarwood leaf tea contains various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iron. It increases the oxygen level in cells, purifies internal fluid, promotes skin cell regeneration and reduces the effect of aging.

1. Anti-aging (Skin health)

Agarwood contains a lot of essential oils. Agarwood essential oil helps to excrete mercury from the body. In addition, it also helps to eliminate toxins in the body and has a more favorable bowel movement. Therefore, the effect of this tea is to help prevent aging very well. It helps prevent fatigue and helps blood circulation well. Vitamin E and mineral ingredients reduce skin aging and improve dry skin and hair loss.

agarwood tea benefits
Agarwood leaf tea benefits: By replacing your soda or cup of sugary coffee with a healthy agarwood brew, not only will your body feel in better shape but your appearance will benefit too.

The antioxidants contained in agarwood tea are great for the skin. They help to offset the damage done to the skin cells which result in early signs of aging like wrinkles and blemishes.

2. Support the digestive system

Agarwood leaf tea is one of the compounds that affect bowel movements. Help support the digestive system, reduce excess energy, and prevent fat absorption in the intestine. Thien Moc Tra perfectly combines the fine aroma of rare agarwood and the sweet taste of oolong tea leaves, creating a classy tea. This tea can help improve your digestive health and may ease some common symptoms of poor digestion such as dyspepsia and bloating.

3. Weight loss

Agarwood tea contains many precious compounds such as Mangiferin, Effect of lowering cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, prevents infectious diseases in the cold season, and strengthens the body’s immune system; consumption of excess fat in the body. Agarwood tea is an excellent source of flavonoids that may help in the fat-burning process, especially if you exercise regularly. Flavonoids may also help improve digestion and the body’s metabolism, aiding in weight control and long-term weight loss.

4. Improve sleep

Unlike green tea, users can lose sleep when drinking a lot or improperly. This tea will improve your sleep and provide deep sleep. Because of these wonderful uses, Agarwood tea defeats all opponents, deserving to become the king of herbal tea.

5. Reduce stress, help calm

This kind of flavor helps the spirit relax, relax, forget worries and preoccupations. Agarwood leaf tea contains a precursor of vitamin A that stimulates the activation of brain cells in the cerebral cortex to enhance memory. Since ancient times, Agarwood has been a precious medicinal herb affirmed by famous physicians Tue Tinh and Hai Thuong Lan Ong. Frankincense helps eliminate toxins, nourishes blood, calms the mind, sedates …

6. Stable blood sugar

This tea is effective against diabetes and can prevent and limit disease development. In this special tea, there is a very special compound capable of effectively lowering high blood sugar, helping to stabilize blood sugar for people with diabetes. The tea extracted from Agarwood also prevents kidney health and gums, … Therefore, many people love to use this tea.

7. Relaxation

People who enjoy it also claim that it can help them sleep more easily at night and improve their sleep quality. This is unsurprising because insomnia and other sleep issues are often linked to stress or anxiety. If you are feeling anxious, a cup of coffee is the last thing you need and may make you more anxious and jittery. Why not consider replacing your regular cup of joe with this healthy, relaxing alternative instead

agarwood tea benefits

Herbal teas are a wonderful way to not only improve your physical health but they can also have a great impact on your mental health. Many people drink this caffeine free beverage to help deal with feelings of anxiety and stress.

8. Blood sugar control

Several studies done on animals have demonstrated that agarwood leaves can improve blood sugar levels. Until now, no studies have been done on humans to confirm these findings, but the results of animal studies have been promising.

9. Detoxification

According to proponents, agarwood leaf tea can help the body detox from certain chemicals. Unfortunately, there are no studies that confirm this one way or another. Much of the marketing material claims that agarwood tea is especially useful for cleansing the body of toxins such as mercury.

VI. How to prepare Agarwood leaf tea

1. Oolong tea with Agarwood

Prepare a suitable amount of tea; Recommended is 1.5g / 100ml. If you prefer to drink lighter or darker, you can add less or more tea optionally. First, pour water into the teapot, as high as the tea volume, and steep for 20 seconds and then pour the water out.

Then fill the bottle with a total amount of water, wait about 5-8 minutes, pour into a glass and enjoy. You should not use well water or alum-contaminated healthy water to make tea. This will harm your health. Ideally, you should use purified water or treated water to make tea.

Trà Trầm Hương Thiên Mộc Trà

2. Oolong tea bag Agarwood filter

The suitable tea-making temperature is usually from 90 – 95 degrees C. Using water at high temperatures when making tea will make your digestive system troublesome and burn the tea.

Tea bag filter, after being mixed, still has the ingredients, so you should use it immediately. Tea is left in the air for longer; more susceptible to oxidation. Do not use tea bags left overnight; to ensure the best health.

Trà Trầm Hương Thiên Mộc Trà
Olong tea bag Agarwood filter

In the midst of a modern lifestyle, in a hurry, people seem to forget about their calm moments. What is peaceful when you drop into the smoke under the sun, and sip a cup of deep tea. We will forget all the worries and worries, looking into the depths of our souls. If you have never experienced it before, try it; you will regret knowing this tea is too late.

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