What is agarwood perfume? 3 values must know about it

Drop 5 - 10 drops of agarwood essential oil into a hot bathtub and take a 15 - 20 minutes soak.

What is agarwood perfume? When it comes to perfume, this is no longer a luxury or a miracle. It has become popular among both women and men. To be honest, not only new types of women’s perfumes are sold, but also high-class men’s perfumes are also sought after exuding masculinity.

And the first perfume bottles were pioneered by the Hungarians to bring these special scents for our human daily joying. Time by time, along with the development of advanced life needs, another perfume segment was also formed which is agarwood perfume made from the essential oil of this wood of the same name –  agarwood.

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I.  What is agarwood perfume?

According to the current perfume market, there is a rich variety within model types, when it comes to the issue of frankincense perfume, this is a rather empty and curious question for us. Because of the rarity either to the uniqueness of it. This is a product made from extracting essential oil compounds from the agarwood tree, just at a relatively young age. But in 2002, an agarwood perfume bottle was created by Tom Ford called M7 Oud had greatly made it to the perfume market, and had become more vibrant and prospered with a new segment.

agarwood perfume
agarwood essential oil by Thien Moc Huong

In fact, agarwood perfume is not only created 100% from agarwood essential oil. Actually, it has been refined and synthesized from many precious aromas according to certain ingredients. Based on the percentage of agarwood essential oil accounts for the formula, to increase the specificity of making the most of the use-value of agarwood essential oil.

Therefore, the price of this product is not cheap. So, we can mention that this product also does not belong to many people. To be honest, with high incomes or the middle or upper person or a few individuals with high aesthetic taste who have interest in it.

II. The value of using agarwood perfume

Due to the special production process, the agarwood is very expensive. Along with the high value used as follows.

2.1. Make a special impression on everyone around

According to some users who specialize in this perfume. The scent of agarwood perfume gives the user a rather different scent that is bold and noble. Because a faint and long-lasting scent makes it attract people around. They feel like bees circling the beautiful and fragrant agarwood flower.

2.2. Increase your confidence and stand out in the crowd

With a special scent that is difficult to mix with other smells, agarwood perfume will help users become more confident to express their own style or personality. So, can be said with the magical charm of agarwood perfume it will be difficult for you to avoid the special attraction in the crowd.

2.3. Improve the quality of your spiritual life in a positive way

This is an effect that is highly scored compared to other perfumes.  Due to the special gentle, faint scent which helps to improve the quality of spiritual user’s lives markedly. The ability to reduce stress, improve sleep quality. It could have the ability to fight depression.

III.  How to distinguish real or fake agarwood perfume?

Currently, there are not many researching how to distinguish between real and fake agarwood perfume. Due to the rare quote of agarwood perfume and it was not much. According to how to distinguish the scent characteristics of this essential oil, one can judge what is original and which the fake one is.

Arabic agarwood perfume - Saraky
Arabic agarwood perfume – Saraky

3.1. Distinguishing agarwood perfume based on scent

With the analysis of agarwood smoke or agarwood essential oil after inhalation. By smelling we can distinguish what is the standard product. So the original type will have a pleasant scent and can be stored in the air or in very long clothes (more than 1 week). Users will receive comfort within the smoothness of relaxation.

So with the fake one, the first smell feeling is strong and later a bit of shock. Besides the time to stay is low. And when it leaves in the air, it will quickly evaporate due to most of the mixture of this fake perfume being alcohol or ether.

3.2. Distinguishing by brand reputation

Those who buy agarwood perfume for gifting purposes or they have little experience with agarwood perfume choosing. So, we need to consult the seller, besides choosing a reputable store is also a very important point.

Therefore, the buyer needs to know the taste of the person who needs to be gifted. Along with the assessment of each perfume brand on the market which is a reputable brand very important. Below, we can refer to some brand names that have been evaluated as good quality.

IV. Where to buy agarwood perfumes?

Nowadays the market has a lot of agarwood perfume, we can refer to the list of the popular frankincense perfume with a high level of brand reputation.

In conclusion, choosing which perfume is suitable for our economy also the value of each perfume is the consideration of each individual. Just like how to choose a reputable store or agent is also an important part. So, on the nowadays market, we can refer to some brand names such as Musky Oud, Woody Oud, Floral Oud… and someone else. 

agarwood perfume by Tomford
agarwood perfume by Tomford

Coming to Thien Moc Huong, discerning users will be assured of choosing each perfume as above. Because with the experience and prestige of Thien Moc Huong brings to customers. It is always a pride to serve for lovers or connoisseurs of this special perfume – agarwood. In Viet Nam, we have 2 showrooms glad to share with our customer as below.

4.1. Showroom Ho Chi Minh City

HCM store’s address: 71 Nguyen Khac Nhu Street, Co Giang Ward, 1 District, Ho Chi Minh Cty, Viet Nam Country.

Daily Opening Hours: 8h00 pm – 10h00 am (VN time zone)

Hotline: (+84) 933.348.368

4.2. Showroom Ha Noi City

Hanoi store’s address: 120 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoang Kiem Ward, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam Country.

Daily Opening Hours: 8h00 pm – 10h00 am (VN time zone)

Hotline: (+84) 933.348.368

To know more about agarwood and its product, read now What is Oud Perfume Oil – Agarwood Oil

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