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(Remove To Touch)

The “XÓA ĐỂ CHẠM” campaign is carried out based on the spirit of breaking down all barriers of age, culture, and the unique identity of all ethnic groups in Vietnam. Agarwood is not only an image of the old, of the things left behind. Now, agarwood has many new meanings and roles. Immerse yourself in the modern rhythm of life, connect, and break through all people’s prejudices and limitations.

Huge Mission

With the mission of restoring and spreading the core values ​​of Agarwood in the 4.0 era, Thien Moc Huong is proud to be the first brand to launch the work of eradicating the time gap from the past to the present, so young people can also become a part of history, the forerunners can relive the country’s one-time cultural heritage, whether at home or abroad so that all together TOUCH the traditional Agarwood culture of the Vietnamese.

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Remove To Touch
Remove To Touch

4 colorful puzzle pieces of “Xóa Để Chạm” Campaign


(Remove Space – Touch Breakout)

Limits are always an invisible string in which we always confine our thoughts and thinking abilities. So is frankincense. Agarwood has always been shaped for old and nostalgic things, making its beauty and value limited within a certain framework. Thien Moc Huong made the photo series “Agarwood Past and Now” instead of removing all generations, ages, and styles. Despite the times, agarwood can still blend in with the rhythm of both traditional and modern life.

Remove Space - Touch Breakout
Remove Space – Touch Breakout


(Remove Space – Touch National Identity)

Agarwood is one of the most precious products of Vietnam. However, the intangible value of agarwood seems to be still limited and has not fully expressed the inherent beauty of the national quintessence. With the prerequisite meaning “Erase the distance – Touch Identity”, the Delete To Touch campaign from Thien Moc Huong wants to honor the culture and unique identity of all ethnic groups. From there, arousing pride and responsibility for preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the ethnic groups in the community.

Remove Space - Touch National Identity
Remove Space – Touch National Identity


(Remove Space – Touch Connection)

The gap not only comes from generations and national culture, but it also shows clearly in professions and ranks in society. The set of pictures “Touching Connecting” carries the message of connecting, developing together, and promoting the role of all jobs in life. Ignoring all the strict stereotypes of society about careers, agarwood and you touch seemingly unbreakable bonds. Whether you are a businessman, worker, or even anyone, in any position, agarwood is always there, helping you overcome challenges, accompanying you throughout your career development. This is also one of the core values that Thien Moc Huong is passionate about and always wants to convey to customers.

Remove Space - Touch Connection
Remove Space – Touch Connection


(Remove Space – Touch Sharing)

Agarwood not only brings luck to the wearer, but it is also a companion in difficult times. Agarwood helps owners easily overcome all challenges in life.

Remove Space - Touch Sharing
Remove Space – Touch Sharing

The function of agarwood

Despite the uncertain changes of the pace of life or the times, agarwood still retains its true value throughout the days. Up to now, agarwood is still a precious spiritual wood that is strongly sought after because of its effective and practical functions.

Bring good luck and fortune

Inheriting the vitality of heaven and earth for decades, agarwood has always been considered a treasure of luck and fortune. By carrying frankincense with you, the owner will attract more energy of luck, banish bad luck, and bad things. In business, many people recruit agarwood as a “talisman” of prosperity, helping to facilitate and develop work.

Improve health

Agarwood incense is gentle, but it is a valuable medicine that helps to improve many nervous problems, insomnia, or body weakness. Many people buy frankincense as an amulet, wishing for peace as well as protecting the body from diseases. From time immemorial, frankincense is also commonly used in folk remedies to treat mainly respiratory, digestive, and neurological diseases for humans. That’s why, no matter who you are or what age you are, agarwood is always present as a treasure and brings many good things to you.

Agarwood incense is gentle, but it is a valuable medicine
Agarwood incense is gentle, but it is a valuable medicine

Fashion jewelry

Agarwood is now also one of the luxurious accessories chosen to replace much common jewelry such as gold, silver, gems, etc. Not only exudes class, but it also brings beauty. New, but not out of date. This is indeed an item worth possessing for modern citizens.

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