8 Great Agrarwoof Benefits that you must know

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For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as “The Wood of the Gods.” First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. But for this tree to produce any agarwood, it must first become infected with mold. So, how does this infection process work? What is agarwood used for? And what makes it so valuable? What are agarwood benefits? 

I. Overview of Agarwood

Deep in a Far Eastern jungle, an evergreen tree is attacked by fungus-carrying insects that bore into the tree. Much like our bodies’ immune system produces white blood cells, the tree starts producing a substance to combat the infection. Over the years, the infection grows – as does the substance the tree produces. This is oud, or agarwood. When it is distilled, oud oil is derived.

What is agarwood
Agarwood has numerous benefits.

There are few natural aromatics that have as complex a scent spectrum as oud. Natural ambergris, musk and sandalwood also rank as some of the most valuable natural fragrances, but none come close to oud in the sheer transcendence and sublimity its fragrance boasts. More than just a scent, oud can be mentally and spiritually engaging. In fact, ouds from different regions also seem to have different effects on a person’s emotions. Indonesian oils induce joy and frivolity, while Vietnam oils have a deeply pacifying quality which makes them popular for use when meditating.

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II. 8 benefits of Agarwood for health and human life

1. Agarwood benefits – Reduce arthritis

Agarwood is known for its effective anti-inflammatory effects, from which it helps to reduce swelling caused by arthritis very well. Many scientific studies also show that Agarwood can also prevent the release of leukotrienes (compounds that cause inflammation in the body).

2. Reduce nervous system disorders

One of the great effects of Agarwood for human health is that it contributes to effective neurological disorders. When used with aromatherapy, Agarwood essential oil can offer the potential to treat stress, anxiety, depression, or other neurological disorders.

3. Agarwood benefits – Support intestinal function

With anti-inflammatory properties, Agarwood also helps support intestinal function very well. A scientific study in 2017 said that it is possible to use Agarwood in combination with some herbs to relieve abdominal pain, reduce bloating and reduce anxiety and depression for users very well.

4. The scent of Agarwood improve asthma

Until now, Agarwood is often used in Traditional Medicine with great effects to treat bronchitis and asthma. A scientific study shows that compounds in the scent of Agarwood help block the production of leukotrienes (the agents that cause the bronchial muscles to contract).

Agarwood benefits
The scent of Agarwood improve asthma.

5. Agarwood benefits – Support oral health

In one study, Agarwood essential oil contained the boswellic acid in agarwood, which had strong antibacterial properties that were effective against Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, a bacteria that can cause gum disease. Therefore, the effect of Agarwood is also recognized to help improve oral hygiene as well as prevent gum disease for humans.

6. Increase concentration in meditation

Agarwood is also one of the very effective elements in meditation and yoga because it helps to increase concentration and relieve stress and fatigue. The effect of Agarwood incense is most appropriate and popular in this field. The pure, impurity-free scent of this product will help you feel more balanced, lighter and more relaxed.

7. Agarwood tea helps detoxify, reduce stress

In the world, the effect of Agarwood in the tea ceremony is extremely important. Agarwood tea has a quite characteristic aroma and very strong taste of agarwood and tea. It is known as a high-class item, agarwood tea is often chosen as a gift, giving to customers and relatives on important occasions.

In Oriental Medicine, agarwood is considered a rare and peaceful medicinal herb. Agarwood is especially used to treat sedative diseases, dispel fatigue. In addition, the use of agarwood in Eastern and Western medicine is also known for its great health benefits such as: used as medicine to help relieve pain, aid digestion, kidney tonic, etc.

8. Agarwood benefits – Agarwood jewelry brings good luck

Agarwood ring is a luxurious and aristocratic jewelry, adorning the appearance more delicate and outstanding. In addition, agarwood bracelets also help the wearer attract fortune, so business people are very fond of agarwood bracelets.

type of Toc agarwood
Listed below are few of the health benefits of using agar wood leaves in different forms

III. 7 Myths about the benefits of Agarwood Benefits

Agarwood is a fragrant resinous wood that is highly valued for its distinctive aroma and use in traditional medicine, incense, and perfume making. Here are some amazing facts about agarwood:

  • Prevents Diabetes: Some small studies show that Agarwood can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes as well as control diabetes.
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression: Agarwood can reduce depressive, anxious and nervous behaviors in rats. However, more studies in humans need to be done.
  • Prevents Heart Disease: Agarwood has anti-inflammatory effects, helping to reduce inflammation common in heart disease. Some studies have suggested the cardioprotective effects of Agarwood, but more evidence is needed.
  • Promotes Smooth Skin: Agarwood oil is considered an effective natural acne and anti-wrinkle remedy. A recent study showed that Agarwood essential oil has skin care potential, but very few other studies support this use.
  • Improves Memory: Studies show that taking large doses of Agarwood can enhance memory in rats. However, more studies in humans need to be done.
  • Balance hormones and reduce PMS symptoms: Agarwood is said to delay menopause, relieve menstrual pain, nausea, headaches, and mood swings. Recent research shows that certain essential oils increase the amount of estrogen in a woman’s saliva, thereby reducing menopausal symptoms. However, more studies are needed to confirm this benefit.
  • Enhances fertility: Agarwood supplements may increase fertility in rats, but there is currently little research on this issue.
Agarwood miniatures
8 Agarwood Benefits that You Should Know

IV. What affects the value of Agarwood?

The amount and quality of the oil inside the wood gives the Agarwood different scents leading to different selling prices. Oil inside the Agarwood wood is influenced by its origin, period of formation, where does Agarwood accumulated in the tree (stems, branches, roots), the formation process (tree alive, or a dead tree), …

what is agarwood
In particular, the geographic factors affect the quality of Agarwood most. The Vietnamese Agarwood is considered by experts to be the highest quality Agarwood.

V. Could agarwood be faked?

Agarwood is a special kind of wood, and some types have a higher price than gold. This attracts many people, who have spent a lot of time studying the way to benefit from Agarwood in an improper way. Many pieces of poor quality Agarwood have been added in color, chemical enhance the scent or lower quality Agarwood oil to look like a premium one.

Techniques of counterfeiting or increasing the value of Agarwood are more and more sophisticated, many people with long experience in the industry can still misjudge the quality of incense. The sad thing is that quite a lot of the Agarwood sold in the market has been created this way.

With natural Agarwood bracelets that cost less than $1000, it is difficult to have the original aroma like the ones added with chemicals.

Agarwood prices on the market today have many different prices, depending on the quality, agarwood benefits, shape and smell of the product. Types of Agarwood include: Agarwood chips, Agarwood chunks powder, incense, oil, etc., sold at different prices. Currently, the price of Agarwood is from 200 USD – 3,000 USD / kg, the price of Agarwood oil is from 4,000 USD – 20,000 USD/kg.

  • Agarwood made from Aquilaria Crassna trees depends very much on external factors as well as it takes a lot of time for the tree to grow and harvest.
  • Agarwood brings many high-value uses: used to produce Agarwood essential oil, incense powder, incense incense,… and can produce high-class perfumes and cosmetics, so the  agarwood price is pushed up very high.

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