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1. About agarwood chains

1.1 Structure of the agarwood chains:

The 108 bead agarwood chain is a type of agarwood bracelet, the most difference is 108 beads agarwood bracelets have more beads than the other one. And about the structure, they’re all the same. The bracelets are made of 100% natural agarwood, which is honed into a circle and small beads. Then the artisan will meticulously connect these beads into a long chain of agarwood. Because it was being made from agarwood, the chain has a gentle fragrance feature. Besides, when you look at the agarwood beads, you can easily see all the bold and light wood grain because they contain a large amount of Agarwood oil.

108 Agarwood beads
The bracelets are made of 100% natural agarwood, which is honed into a circle and small beads.

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1.2. The meaning of the number of particles:

The rule to choose an Agarwood bracelet is that the number of beads must be divisible by 4 and the remainder 1. This principle is based on the law of birth-old sickness-death. Accordingly, a number that is divisible by 4 with a remainder of 1 will fall into the word birth, which is a very good thing (or a remainder of 2 to fall into the old sign). With Agarwood strings, people often make chains with different numbers of beads.

108 agarwood beads
according to Buddhism, each string with a different number of beads will have different meanings.

As for the string of 36 beads and 18 beads, many people think that they do not represent any number of dharmas in Buddhism. It is said that to make it easier to wear, they divide the 108 beads into 3 strings, each string has 36 beads, or divide the 108 beads strings into 6, each string has 18 beads, without any meaning at all…

Each person will have different ways of thinking. The number of beads in the rosary is not derived from any original scriptures. It originates from the bodhisattvas, the saints and monks who after the Buddha’s parinirvana, were randomly entrusted as a means of practice.

108 beads
The 108-bead chain is the most popular and commonly used Agarwood chain

Agarwood bracelet is the most popular feng shui bracelet. However, the 108-bead chain is the most popular and commonly used Agarwood chain. 108 beads mean 108 Dharma Samadhi, eliminating worries and sorrows in life. According to Buddhism, people suffer and suffer because of greed, hatred, and delusion. When you get rid of these things, people will be relaxed and have peace of mind. Therefore, the necklace is meant to bring peace and happiness to the wearer.

2. The meaning of 108 Agarwood beads.

Agarwood is the mascot of heaven and earth, taking hundreds of years to form. Agarwood is “parasitic” in the trunk of the Aquilaria tree and grows thanks to the secreted resin. Agarwood undergoes wind and dew to grow, so it is full of the lightness of the wind and the richness of the dew. Therefore, we humans have loved to bring Agarwood to be processed into beautiful jewelry. Among them is a string of beads from Agarwood. Agarwood beads are currently a fashion accessory trend because of the magical functions it brings.

– High-end fashion accessories.

There is no need to argue about the value that the 108 Agarwood beads brings. Because in folklore, there is often a rumor that “get rich playing gold, go to play Agarwood”. People who like Agarwood are usually very knowledgeable and have their people, temperament. Simply agarwood bracelet is suitable for all ages and classes, but not everyone feels its precious value.

– Bringing luck and peace.

Chain 108 Agarwood is Bringing luck and peace Agarwood has great feng shui value. Owners who use agarwood will be lucky and favorable in life. In addition, it also attracts wealth and helps you meet many opportunities in work.

In particular, the chain of 108 frankincense will be a “talisman” to protect the owner from calamities in life. The number 108 represents all human troubles. Therefore, 108 owners want to help the owner overcome all difficulties to come to a peaceful shore.

The meaning of the Agarwood chain
The meaning of the Agarwood chain

– Good for health.

Agarwood is widely used in medicinal formulations, especially for respiratory and digestive tracts. The scent of frankincense is gentle, faint, helps to relax, and relieves headaches and stress. In addition, frankincense is also one of the recipes to cure eight diseases in folklore.

3. How to choose the standard of Agarwood chain 108 beads

For those who “have worship with the sacred, have abstained with good”, choosing for themselves a chain of Agarwood that is suitable for feng shui is inevitable. For this chain to take full advantage, you must not skip the following steps:

3.1 Determine your weight and hand size.

It helps you choose a bracelet that best suits your body and hands. This both makes it easier for you to function and work. At the same time, it will enhance your charisma.

3.2 Select the number of beads in the 108 Agarwood series.

According to the concept of folk and feng shui, we often count the number of beads according to the cycle of “birth – old age – illness – death”. If the total number of beads stops at the word “birth”, then it is lucky. This word means to grow more. That everything grows means a good omen, full of energy, promising signs in life and career. The limit to the total number of beads is old age, illness, especially death (ie death). It will not promote the full use of the chain and a “bad omen” to be avoided.

3.3 Choose the chain of Agarwood 108 beads that are suitable for feng shui

Each of us is born with one of the 5 fates of  Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Because the Agarwood chain is a feng shui mascot that brings fortune, you need to pay attention to this.

  • People destined for Metal have a mutual color of gold, white, and silver-gray beads.
  • Bead colors suitable for Wood par are black, navy blue, sky blue.
  • Water fate is black, white brings peace and strength.
  • Red, green, purple, and orange seed colors are considered to be the mutual colors of the Fire par.
  • People of the Earth fate are suitable for light yellow, yellow-brown, red, pink, orange, and purple seed colors.

The color of the bead ring will bring luck and peace to the owner. Help them work to develop steadily, fewer diseases, good health.

108 agarwood beads
Choose the chain of Agarwood 108 beads that are suitable for feng shui

4. Determine the purpose of buying

Because the Agarwood chain is a precious treasure, you need to know what you buy it for.

If you buy to wear as jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you need to pay attention to par and age. If you intend to start a business or start something new. You should take a closer look at the chain, both in terms of value and style to maximize its capacity. Because the Agarwood chain is especially known as “the talisman for businessmen”.


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