What is feng shui house? Proper arrangement, good tips and solutions

A house with good feng shui will bring good luck and prosperity to the owner living in it

Feng shui housing is a matter of great concern in Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam. A house designed by feng shui not only helps the owner to add luck and fortune but also brings a sense of comfort in the process of living. So how do you arrange the space and place the furniture in the house correctly to have the right feng shui? And if there is a mistake, how to solve it? All the information is already in the article below.

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1. What is feng shui house?

Feng shui is inherently a category of science, not superstition as many people think. According to Wikipedia, “feng shui (Chinese: 風水) is a theory specializing in the study of the influence of wind direction, air direction, and water flow on people’s happy life”.


  • Feng is the Wind
  • Shui is Water

In fact, since ancient times, people have focused on the elements of feng shui houses. Legend from the time Hung Vuong founded the country was interested in finding land to build the capital, making a significant contribution to the flourishing development of Van Lang nation.

Housing feng shui has been there for a long time ago in Vietnamese culture
Housing feng shui has been there a long time ago in Vietnamese culture.

Folk idioms such as “Choose the land to live in”, “Near the water towards the sun”, “Cleanliness is next to godliness“… show that people have long been aware of the difference between the location of the house and the arrangement of furniture in the house.

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2. House feng shui and what you need to know

2.1. Basic house feng shui knowledge

2.1.1. What is feng shui housing?

A house with good feng shui will bring good luck and prosperity to the owner living in it. To be considered suitable for feng shui, the house needs to have all the favorable factors from topography, azimuth, ventilation and moderate impact of both sun and wind on the house.

A good feng shui housing management can bring fortune for the owners
A good feng shui housing management can bring fortune for the owners.

2.1.2. The house feng shui matches the owner’s destiny

Good feng shui also means that the direction of the house, the furniture in the house must match the age and destiny of the owner. If the owner of the house is destined for Earth Element, you should choose yellow, brown, red … as the main color when decorating the interior of the house.

In addition, house feng shui should also avoid heavy items, such as stone pillars or square tables and chairs. Ideally, it should be decorated gently, with green trees to create relaxation for residents.

Housing feng shui considers various factors
Housing feng shui considers various factors.

Using a ruler to measure the size of the feng shui house in the direction of the house helps them know whether the good or bad direction is in line with the owner’s destiny will be more accurate.

2.1.3. What is air condensate?

According to feng shui experts, when choosing land to build a house, it is necessary to choose a well-ventilated place. Choosing a well-ventilated place does not mean choosing a place where the wind is strong. Because in feng shui, the wind blowing too strong will make it impossible for fortune to gather in the house.

In arranging furniture, it is also necessary to aim for neatness, creating a sense of openness for living space. It is advisable to arrange for the airflow to concentrate at the very center of the house.

If the house has a large area, care should be taken to arrange it so that the wind does not blow a circuit from front to back. On the contrary, a house with a limited area needs to abstain from clutter, so that the house is always ventilated.

2.1.4. Sufficient natural light

Sunlight is a very important element in house feng shui. The house has a lot of natural light, ventilation, and ventilation that will be good for both the health and fortune of the owner. Therefore, pay attention to the arrangement of the interior so that no item blocks the light source and airflow into your home.

Natural light ambient plays important part in housing
Natural light ambient plays an important part in housing.

2.1.5. Add vibrant color to the house

Green is considered a healthy color, good for a mental state, and contributes to improving health. Therefore, if possible, arrange many trees in the house. White also helps to neutralize emotions, so it can also be used for home decoration.

The bedroom should not use red. Orange will be suitable for children’s rooms and offices, so use colors that evoke joy and optimism such as blue, milky white.

There are significant color rules for each room of the house
There are significant color rules for each room of the house.

2.2. Feng shui principles for Houses

Meeting the principles of house feng shui right from the time of building the house and planning the arrangement of furniture will help retain the positive Qi, dispel the negative qi. Thereby, bringing prosperity to the family, avoiding diseases and repelling bad luck.

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2.2.1. The house must be located in the direction of prosperity

Choosing a good direction, suitable for the age and destiny of the owner is the most important thing in feng shui housing. Choosing the right direction of prosperity (the mountain behind – water in front), the family religion will be peaceful, unharmed, the supply of fortune is therefore also abundant. On the contrary, if the direction of the house is bad, it will harm health, business, and money because of that, it is not favorable.

Proper direction of prosperity
Proper housing feng shui direction of prosperity.

2.2.2. The main door is not displeasing

The main door not only has the effect of entering and leaving but also plays an important role in welcoming vitality and fortune. Therefore, the main door must have a reasonable size, proportion and style. Must be placed in the vital energy supply, the new year can receive prosperity.

3. Show homeowners how to see feng shui in their homes on their own.

There’s no need to hire a feng shui master; here are some tips on how to apply feng shui to your own home.

3.1. Take a look at the view from the house.

Should you stand in front of the house and glance around to see if any significant building projects are going on nearby? Is the house confronted by any obstacles? It’s very important to look for trees in front of the house, electric lines on the street, and the sharp church tower exactly opposite the house door. If the house is near a fork in the road, it feels as if the road will smash your main entrance… If there are such impediments, the only answer is to install a mirror. The monster is standing in the middle of the street.

3.2. Check the direction of the home with the compass.

Standing in front of the home, use the compass to determine its orientation. Save the results and compare them to your best course of action. The owner will not have luck or convenience if the house is facing the wrong way.

Get a feng shui compass to determine housing direction
Get a feng shui compass to determine housing direction.

3.3. Observing the house’s entrance

Check to see if anything is impeding the passage of air throughout the house. The furniture, in particular, should be arranged in such a way that the airflow can congregate in the living room’s center. The living area should also be light and airy, with enough natural light and not too much furniture.

Make sure nothings are restricting the airflow into the house in front of the house. On the other hand, if the house is located in an area where the wind is too strong, the surrounding area should be sparse, a fence should be built, and more trees should be planted to prevent the wind from blowing air into the house.

A clear frontway makes the house a lot more neat and favorable
A clear front way makes the house a lot more neat and favorable.

3.4. When arranging objects in the Bagua, consider the azimuth.

There are eight azimuths in the bagua, which represent family, money, fame and gain, marriage, children, noble people, work, and knowledge. The symbolic meaning of the directions can be determined using the bagua housing feng shui map. Then, depending on each person’s preferences, several ways of organizing objects will be available.

If you wish to make more money, for example, the reciprocal direction is Southeast. The five components relating to the Southeast, which is Wood, can be found by checking your bagua. Objects associated with carpentry should be placed towards the Southeast direction at that time, as this will be beneficial to the family’s finances.

3.5. Check the feng shui of the rooms

3.5.1. Feng shui for living room

Essential feng shui living room tips
Essential feng shui living room tips.
  • Check if the living room floor is flat or not. Otherwise, it should be adjusted to be flat, avoiding convexity, peeling…
  • Round ornaments will be better for the living room than other shapes.
  • The living room must always be neat, clean and airy. Avoid being overcast and humid, which will create bad air currents.
  • Having a path “deviated” from the main door to the living room will avoid killing intent from the outside rushing into the house. At the same time, the airfields when going in a circle into the house but not in a straight line also make it easier for the owner to absorb fortune.
  • Adding green plants to the living room gives the living room more vitality, increases fortune and creates a sense of relaxation.
  • Objects in the house must not block the path.
  • Do not let the living room wall be monotonous, add colorful pictures to the room to become lively.

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3.5.2. Feng shui for kitchen

Kitchens arrangemene by feng shui codes
Kitchens arrangement by feng shui codes.
  • Standing in the position of preparing food, if your back is to the door, you need to adjust so that you can both cook and see the door.
  • Check if the gas stove is located near the refrigerator, if so, move the two objects away from each other.
  • If the faucet is located near the gas stove, it will cause a conflict between the water element and the fire element. Therefore, it is recommended to change the position for these two objects.
  • Do not place the kitchen opposite the toilet, nor place the kitchen on the same wall as the toilet wall.

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 3.5.3. Feng shui for bedroom

The bedroom should avoid using hot colors such as red, and also should not use black.
The bedroom should avoid using hot colors such as red, and also should not use black.
  • Pay attention to the bedroom wall to see if there are thick paintings, heavy wardrobes or any other objects that create a feeling of insecurity and pressure for you. If so, leave them out.
  • Make sure when you’re in bed, you can’t see yourself in any mirror. If so, cover the mirrors or move them to another location.
  • The head of the bed should be placed towards the Great Sand. In case the husband and wife do not have the same good direction, they should choose the direction of the wife.
  • The bedroom is not located near the kitchen, because the kitchen generates a lot of toxic gas during cooking, which can affect people’s sleep and health.

3.5.4. The value of placing an altar

The location of the altar in the house is also quite important, if placed correctly, feng shui will bring a lot of luck and fortune to the family. Accordingly, the altar of gods and ancestors should be placed in a place that is easy to see, airy, tall and clean. In particular, it is also necessary to match the destiny of the owner.

Altar placement in housing
Altar placement in housing.

The above are simple and accurate feng shui viewing methods that anyone can apply. Hopefully, these guidelines will be useful for you in decorating and arranging your home. Eventually, you will have a house that is both beautiful and delicate and suitable in terms of feng shui.

3.6. Check feng shui in front of the house

Checking feng shui in front of the house is also an important job to bring luck and fortune to the whole family.

First, observe whether the front door is surrounded by garbage, has an unpleasant strange smell or not. If so, they must be cleaned and disinfected immediately because they will cause bad energy, negatively affecting the lives of family members.

Next, you should check whether your front door is directly reflected by the mirror of the opposite house. If so, your family members are very likely to encounter bad luck, everything is not good, fortune is easy to decline. In this case, seek the help of feng shui experts.

Tall and large trees growing right in front of the glass door will block light and wind
Tall and large trees growing right in front of the glass door will block light and wind.


4. Taboos in house feng shui

Some objects appear in the house that will not be suitable for feng shui, easily bring much bad luck:

  •  Dead Plants: If the plants in your home are wilting, drooping, or dying, you’ll also feel tired, sleepy, and have no positive energy.
  • Old calendar: May bring bad luck to the owner.
  • Paintings of ferocious animals are also considered to contain evil spirits and should not be hung in the house.
Painting including various prehistoric animals
Painting including various prehistoric animals.
  • Fake flowers, dried flowers: Symbolizes death, artificiality, bad energy, so it is not recommended to use in any room.
  • Weapons, weapons: Also create a feeling of insecurity, cold for the family atmosphere.
  • A leaky faucet is a harbinger of loss of fortune. At that time, it will dissipate the positive energies of the house. Personal energy and the health of the owner are also affected.
Leaky faucets would cost more than nuisances
Leaky faucets would cost more than nuisances
  • Wall mirrors should not be placed opposite the door, because they may prevent and drive away from the owner’s fortune.
  • The three-sided bed that is close to the wall will inhibit the homeowner’s business, creating a feeling of suffocation, imprisonment, even being confined.
  • Placing a TV in the bedroom will disrupt the tranquility, affecting sleep and the relationship between husband and wife.
  • Indiscriminate houses, messy objects easily obstruct good air and create bad air to accumulate in the house, which can easily cause diseases for the health of the owner in the long run.

5. House feng shui tips to help attract money for homeowners

The information above the article has also cleverly provided you with some feng shui tips. In addition, to welcome good winds, bring luck, health and money to your family, you should apply the following feng shui tips:

  • If there are dead plants in the house, replace them with new ones and take better care of them.
  • Clean the house, clean the way. Wipe off dust and dirt on furniture as well as take care of nameplates and house numbers.
  • Hang the wind chimes in front of the house, the sound when the bell rings will attract and invite luck and peace. This will bring positive energy to your home.
  • Add potted plants to the house.
  • Make sure the rooms in the house are always dry, well-ventilated and well-lit.
Consider placing feng shui items to attact fortune
Consider placing feng shui items to attract fortune


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