Kyanite stone: Properties and effects on feng shui life

Kyanite stone has always been the top-notched jewelry in the cosmetic and feng shui industry

Kyanite stone has always been the top-notched jewelry in the cosmetic and feng shui industry. Kyanite meaning includes many great benefits on life and healthy feng shui aspect to support its owner. Find out all about this miraculous Kyanite crystal in this article!

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1. What is Kyanite Stone?

Kyanite is a mineral found mainly in metamorphic rocks. It is usually formed by high-pressure changes of clay minerals during the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks.

Moreover, the name Kyanite comes from the Greek word “Kuanos” or “Kyanos”, meaning deep blue, alluding to its characteristic blue color. However, in addition to the usual blue color, Kyanite also exists other colors such as: white, gray, green, orange and yellow. Kyanite is most valuable when it has the same blue color as Sapphire. Kyanite is also sometimes called Disthene, Rhaeticite or Cyanite

The most special feature that makes Kyanite famous in gemstones is its extreme anisotropy. Anisotropic gems exhibit different properties, depending on their crystal orientation. Kyanite has a variable hardness within a single crystal.

Eventually, when Kyanite is cut parallel to the long axis, the hardness is only about 4.5 on the Mohs scale, but if cut perpendicular, that number goes up to 6.5-7.

Raw kyanite crystal specimen
Raw kyanite crystal specimen


2. Characteristics of Kyanite in nature

  • Chemical formula: Al2SiO5
  • Crystal structure: Triclinic
  • Color: blue, green-green, yellow, red
  • Mohs hardness scale: 4.0 – 7.0
  • Specific gravity: 3.55 – 3.70
  • Refractive index: 1.710 – 1,735
  • Birefringence: 0.012 – 0.033
  • Separation: Perfect
  • Fluorescence: red (weak)
  • World Distribution: Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tanzania, United States and Zimbabwe. Nepal is considered to be the most beautiful source of Kyanite in the world
Raw kyanite crystal
Raw kyanite crystal

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3.Uses of Kyanite in life

3.1 Health effects

Kyanite promotes the release of muscle tension such as stiff neck, shoulder pain, or cramps. Also, Kyanite helps soften this tension, promoting flexibility in the body

However, Kyanite also affects the neck chakra – Vishuddha helps to balance the thyroid gland, relieves pain or sore throat, esophagitis.

3.2 Kyanite meaning on feng shui

The source of happiness is deep self-awareness and full self-acceptance. Kyanite is a great ally because it helps you rethink your personality, interests, strengths, and weaknesses to better understand yourself.

Besides, Kyanite has accumulated enormous amounts of energy in the ground over millions of years. Using Kyanite stone bracelets helps the owner to be healthy, lucky and have peace in life.

Kyanite is a great ally because it helps you rethink your personality, interests, strengths
Kyanite is a great ally because it helps you rethink your personality, interests, strengths

3.3 What destiny is Kyanite stone suitable for?

Blue Kyanite is suitable for people of Water and Wood destiny

According to Western astrology, Kyanite is the stone for Taurus, Aries and Libra


3.4 Design jewelry based on  Kyanite stone

In short, Kyanite is often considered a more affordable alternative to Sapphire in the jewelry world, although it has limited use due to its perfect separation and variable hardness. It is most often used to make pendants and earrings, less often as bracelets. Some beautiful Kyanite stones with a cat’s eye effect can be engraved into the face of the ring.

Kyanite stone is used for feng shui bracelet designs
Kyanite stone in feng shui bracelet designs

4. Instructions for preserving Kyanite stone

In general, Kyanite is quite durable, but many other gemstones such as Topaz can still easily scratch it. Therefore, when wearing mixed jewelry, it is necessary to pay close attention to the hardness of the stones. Because Kyanite has perfect cleavage, it can also break apart if it is subjected to a strong force. Therefore, when playing sports or doing heavy work, you should remove the Kyanite stone ring.

Generally, Kyanite stone should be avoided in contact with strong cleaning agents that can lose its luster and color.

Normally, other gems after a period of use must purify the negative energy that the stone absorbs. However, Kyanite is one of only two gemstones that do not have to purify dirty energy (the other is amethyst). When Kyanite gets dusty, you just need to clean it with a soft cloth with clean water.


5. Where to buy a real kyanite crystal bracelet?

Kyanite is a gem with a high value compared to other popular types, so cheap fake Kyanite rings also appear a lot on the market. When buying, customers need to pay attention to find reputable gem websites to avoid being cheated and losing money.

Sophisticating crafted kyanite crystal can be found in feng shui shop
Sophisticating crafted kyanite crystal in feng shui shop

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