What are differences between Blue Quartz and Green Quartz stone?

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Did you know, the green quartz stone brings is extremely wonderful. To form green quartz is not an easy thing in nature. The earth has the dominant green color, the color of the sky and the sea, nature, and plants. The green color of immensity and luck. With its rarity, it is the most appreciated of all quartz types, so it has great effects in all aspects.

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1. Overview about quartz

Natural quartz is the quintessence of the underground created many years ago.

The energy of quartz is all taken from the principle of physics, humans have magnetic energy. If there is more support for quartz, the magnetic field will be stronger. When wearing quartz on people, bad energy will be less, people become happier, more open, and happy.

From there, more positive energies will be accumulated in your body and you will feel full of life energy.

Quartz has many colors, Rutilated Quartz has Green, yellow, red, purple, black quartz…

Besides the Rutilated Quartz, quartz also includes Amethyst, pink, yellow, smoky, white…

Natural quartz is the quintessence of the underground created many years ago.
Natural quartz is the quintessence of the underground created many years ago.

2. Green Aventurine and Blue Aquamarine

Of course, in many places, people rarely pair these two stones. Although Aquamarine and blue quartz have the same family of stones.

With this topic, people usually only talk about green, but we will introduce both lines for you.

2.1. Green quartz: The green color of nature is a symbol of good luck

Green: Green Aventurine like a four-leaf clover with the meaning of bringing good luck to you.

Carrying a large source of positive energy is often used with the dissipation of negative energies. That helps converts them into positive energies.

From there, more positive energies will accumulate in your body and you will feel full of life energy.

When your body fills with positive energy, you will have a great attraction. You will attract prosperity and success absolutely.

2.2. The effect of green quartz in career and daily life?

The magic of green quartz is something you can’t deny. When you are in a difficult situation that needs to be solved. You lack ideas in a job as well as a difficult problem in life. Green quartz will help you solve that problem.

With the abundant energy inside your body suppressed. The stone helps to release that energy, increasing your motivation when solving a problem. Bringing great creative inspiration to you

2.3. Benefits of green quartz in health

Being raised for hundreds of years in the ground, inside the deep caves. Stones have a magical color and special power, making your body more healthy.

With a special effect on the fourth chakra  (heart chakra also known as “chakra heath”). It helps your cardiovascular system to be stronger, blood circulation is good, heart rate is always stable.

Placing amethyst on your chest while sleeping is also a magical solution for you. The pleasant, soothing feeling of the energy in the stone makes you sleep deeply and soundly. When your sleep is good, your skin will be ruddy and beautiful

Amethyst is like an object that connects you to nature. This connection helps your spirit to always be optimistic, think clearly and you will discover, this life is beautiful.

2.4. Application of green quartz stone in jewelry processing

A quartz bracelet has strong magnetic energy and beautiful colors. Of course, you will get a huge amount of energy continuously. That is why most jewelry is made from this stone.

  • Bracelet -Green quartz stone: By lathing each stone with many sizes: 8 cups, 9 cups, 10 cups & 12 cups and mix them together. We get the traditional beads that our forefathers used to use. 
Bracelet -Green quartz stone
Bracelet -Green quartz stone
  • Ring – Green Quartz: From the ingot stone, people cut out stone beads with a delicate shape, excellent cut base: Square, round & oval… combined with 925 silver or platinum, gold to make very beautiful stone-studded rings.
Ring - Green Quartz
Ring – Green Quartz
  • Necklaces – Green quartz stone: Necklaces are similar to rings, with many natural shapes.
Necklaces - Green quartz stone:
Necklaces – Green quartz stone:
  • Earrings – Green quartz stone: Stone earrings are mostly for women, admire the elegance of the blue earrings below.
Earrings - Green quartz stone:
Earrings – Green quartz stone:
  • Pixiu – Green quartz stone: Stone Pixiu is a feng shui mascot for fortune, processed on green quartz stone. Which has the effect of recruiting talent and protecting the body.
Pixiu - Green quartz stone:
Pixiu – Green quartz stone:
  • Fox – Green quartz stone: Quartz stone fox is a mascot for love, for women who want to meet the desired love. If you have a family, then its meaning is a happy family.
Fox - Green quartz stone
Fox – Green quartz stone

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2.5. Application of green quartz stone in feng shui home & life

  • Raw green quartz stone: These stones, the craftsmen will choose beautiful locations to make jewelry or feng shui items. There are also many people keeping it as an object to maintain strong energy and decorate the house. Additionally, it also increases energy and healthy vitality for their home.
  • Green Amethyst Crystals: The blue quartz pillar has the same effect as the raw quartz stone. But it is endeavored into a crystalline cylinder to make it more beautiful.
  • Green quartz stone marbles: The main effect of stone marbles is keeping magnetic energy and people use them to decorate their living room, or desk.
Application of green quartz stone in feng shui home & life
Application of green quartz stone in feng shui home & life
  • Fortune tree green quartz stone: From the excess quartz when processing jewelry or feng shui items, this residue is called crushed quartz. Which can be used to process all kinds of things, including quartz plants, to decorate the living room.
  • Green quartz stone niche: These stone niches are natural crystals, without any processing or polishing effects. People often put them on wooden pedestals to decorate houses.

3. Blue Quartz: Blue of the sky, immense ocean

In ancient legends, aquamarine is considered the storehouse of mermaids, as the color of heaven. So Aquamarine carries the energy of expression of peace and protection.

Aquamarine is often a lucky gift for explorers, sailors with a life at sea. This is also for an in the best things that you are the best color.

3.1. The magic in blue quartz, lead you to success

Accumulating the energy of creativity, blue quartz will promote very well its potential at work. That helping your brain better absorb positive magnetic energy. You will always feel sharp and clear when making important decisions, or simply making everyday decisions in life.

The magic in blue quartz, lead you to success
The magic in blue quartz, lead you to success

When you feel that your decision is right, good energy will gradually be accumulated in blue quartz and on your body. Energy making everything around you feel joyful magic.

3.2. Wearing blue quartz is like wearing a shield to protect your inner peace

With the magnetic energy of the symbolic guardian of the vast ocean that the creator has bestowed over hundreds of years underground. Blue quartz helps you always have an insight into a happening with a clear mind and have more confident decisions.

Wearing blue quartz stone on your body is like wearing an invisible shield that helps you reflect, feel the negativity, prevent them from invading your body and mind effectively.

The magic in blue quartz, lead you to success
The magic in blue quartz, lead you to success

Losing temper is a common occurrence in everyday life that is inevitable. Especially for people with a hot temper, losing reason, being overwhelmed by negative emotions is a regular occurrence. Aquamarine helps to balance excessive anger or fear and erase emotional, physical, or verbal abuse.

When you are aware of anger coming, pay attention to your breath, to the stone on your body. It will help you feel more comfortable as well as the stone will promote energy transformation. Negative into the great positivity it has.

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3.3. Blue quartz brings love to your family

Inside the blue quartz is the pure energy that carries the meaning of a protector. Wives often choose this as a gift for their loved ones in the family, husbands. Then children are going to school far away as a message to send peace, safety, and health.

3.4. The abundant energy source of aquamarine for health

Aquamarine is considered as the stone of the sky when carrying that clear color, it is also known for its deep effects on the human respiratory tract.

Having a good influence on the 5th chakra “Throat Chakra” helps to significantly improve diseases of the sinuses, larynx, or persistent cough. Fights infections. Help your lungs become much cleaner.

Your beautiful eyes combine with the clear blue energy of the stone to create a clear vision of life. Make your eyes have more depth, sparkle, attract all eyes.

Eye fatigue will quickly go away and vision problems will be greatly reduced when you apply blue quartz to your eyes for 15 minutes.

3.5. Application of aquamarine blue quartz stone in jewelry processing

  • Bracelet – Aquamarine
Bracelet – Aquamarine
  • Ring – Aquamarine
Ring – Aquamarine
  • Necklace – Aquamarine
Necklace - Aquamarine
Necklace – Aquamarine
  • Earrings – Aquamarine
  • Pixiu –  Aquamarine
  • Fox – Aquamarine
Fox - Aquamarine
Fox – Aquamarine

3.6. Application of blue quartz stone in feng shui home & life

  • Raw blue aquamarine stone
  • Aquamarine crystal
  • Blue aquamarine marbles.
  • Blue aquamarine fortune tree
  • Aquamarine Niche

4. These 2 types of quartz help you upgrade your exterior in a luxurious way

In addition to the magical effects that 2 types of green quartz bring to you, it also becomes extremely attractive and beautiful jewelry to help you be more confident in front of the crowd, attracting everyone’s attention. Moreover, it also honors the beauty of Vietnamese women when combined with traditional ao dai and creates an elegant style for men when combined with luxurious Veston.

The important thing you need to remember

Green quartz gives you good things in life, in spirituality and health, besides, it promotes your will, your spirit.

However, whether the stone reaches its full potential or not depends on your lifestyle.

Be kind to yourself first, the rest of the stones will bring you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to follow this post.

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