Green Quartz: Meaning and Divine Uses

Green hair quartz bracelet

Green Quartz has many amazing healing uses. Especially when you carry it with you. It will have the ability to protect your health and treat diseases very well. In addition, this article will share everything related to Green Quartz. So let’s find out now!

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1. What is Green Quartz?

Green Quartz is a type of Macrocrystalline mineral quartz. Furthermore, the term “Green Quartz” represents its very characteristic green color. Contains some chlorite or chromium impurities interspersed in the crystal matrix of quartz.

green quartz_4
Green quartz crystals

Green Quartz stone is a symbol of love. Because this stone can connect with the heart chakra – which brings its great effectiveness and power. It has the ability to stabilize and open the upper chakra capable of resonating with positive love vibration energies.

Moreover, this stone also helps us to be able to stabilize and balance emotions. At the same time, they help us accept and let go of negative emotions.

Green quartz
Green quartz helps us accept and let go of negative emotions

What’s more, this beautiful gem possesses transformative energy. They have the ability to turn negative energies into positive ones. Helps balance energy and emotions at all angles.

This is known as one of the extremely lovely stones in the family of quartz gemstones. So, what you need to consider when buying this crystal is its fineness and color intensity. Since it is a hard rock, its shapes and sizes vary widely. It is also a suitable gemstone for many types of jewelry.

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2. Healing properties of Green Quartz

It is believed that Green Quartz has the ability to assist in turning negative energy into positive energy. stabilize emotions, accelerate physical healing, and achieve prosperity goals.

green quartz_1
It is believed that Green Quartz has the ability to assist in turning negative energy into positive energy

Moreover, it also helps to clear the defilements in your mind and stimulate concentration. It also helps to store information, so it is very useful in learning. This stone is also very beneficial for enhancing memory, so it will help bring back forgotten memories.

green quartz_6
Green Quartz berries bring air to the owner

Amethyst is excellent at calming emotions and alleviating anger. This stone is also very helpful in spiritual healing. It connects and balances the chakras in the body. Therefore, this stone is essential in meditation and communication with other realms.

3. What jewelry can Green Quartz stone make?

With its characteristic green color, Green Quartz is widely used in jewelry making. It is used to make jewelry such as rings, earrings, earrings, bracelets elegant and stylized. This is also a very special thing for them to add accents to their products.

green quartz_5
Green Quartz Bracelet

Wearing jewelry made from Green Quartz is very helpful. Because it keeps the exchange and positive energy around you. So you will have the opportunity to experience its many benefits.

green quartz_12
Agarwood bracelet mix with Green Quartz

This stone is a very beautiful crystal and you can easily buy it anywhere. Of course, its designs and models are also very diverse and eye-catching.

Green Quartz necklace
Green Quartz necklace

Wearing a Green Quartz necklace or earring near your heart will help you open the crown chakra and the third eye. However, if you wear it anywhere else like a ring or bracelet, it still brings a lot of benefits to you. As long as you always keep this thing in your body, like a pendant or necklace, it will be very beneficial for your body. Therefore, make sure you carry it with you at all times.

Green Quartz earring
Green Quartz earring

Remember, the green color of Green Quartz may fade when you are exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Therefore, you need to use and maintain it appropriately. If you own a piece of Green Quartz jewelry, never place it near a heat source at home, like a fireplace or kitchen. You should place it in the dark, like in a cupboard, bag, or jewelry box.

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4. Where does Green Quartz come from?

Green Quartz is the most beautiful semi-precious stone you will ever see. Its pale green color makes it an ideal gemstone for jewelry making. It is also known as Amegreen Green Amethyst, Veregreen, Prasiolite, and Lime Citrine.

Since 1950, almost all natural Green Quartz has come from a small mine in Brazil. However, it has also been mined in Poland. Naturally occurring this stone has also been found in Canada.

Of course, the stone is very rare. Some of the ones that you see in stores are heat-treated amethysts. To do this, the amethyst gemstone is heated to 500 degrees Celsius in a laboratory. Until its color changes from purple to green or yellow-green. The amethyst used in the creation of Green Quartz usually comes from Poland and Brazil.

green quartz_9
Green quartz is commonly found in Brazil, Canada, Poland

5. How much does Green Quartz cost?

There is one factor you need to consider when determining the value of any stone, including Green Quartz. Remember that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. That beauty makes a crystal much more expensive than others.

green quartz
Factors to determine including their origin, color, overall condition as well as carat

This stone has a wonderful beauty. Of course, there are many factors that determine the value of a particular stone. It includes their country of origin, color, overall condition as well as carat.

If you are looking to buy Green Quartz you can buy it directly from the miner or from a direct dealer. Agents are those who resell minerals from the mine to customers. Its price depends on how much they need to pay for material. The length of time they maintain it, the market they target, and the costs of running their business.

green quartz_13
When buying quartz you need to consider and learn carefully

Usually, dealers will sell unclean quartz for 4-6 dollars per pound. If you want this product, clean the clay around them. The price will be between 8-10 dollars per pound. For these nice variations, the price is around 25-50 per pound. As for a crystal that has all the positive properties present in the crystal. Its price range is from $100 and up. Therefore, when buying quartz you need to consider and learn carefully.

6. How to identify Green Quartz?

The identification of Green Quartz is quite easy as it is green in color and transparent. Because the color range has it from yellow-green to green. Sometimes it is formed naturally or through the process of intervention by methods. For example, heating quartz by hydrothermal method. And it is also a product of irradiated amethyst.

Green Quartz can be confused with several other gemstones of the same color. Like heat-treated cordierite iolites. Because this stone is macrocrystalline.

How to recognize blue quartz
How to recognize green quartz

Furthermore, Green Quartz is often cut into large carats with intricate cuts. Aim to highlight the cut of the stone. We can easily see cuts such as checkerboard marks, micro briquettes, triangular cuts and concave cuts. These are the usual cuts that you can see in this stone.

This stone is a great find for various collectors. Those who are looking for unique and reasonably priced green crystals.

7. How to wear green quartz?

Green Quartz is used to make jewelry because of its very unique green color. It is also a great choice for designers to highlight their products.

green quartz_16
Green Quartz is used to make jewelry because of its very unique green color

Wearing this stone with you will help you receive a lot of powerful energy from it. Especially when you wear an earring or necklace that will keep it close to your crown, heart and third eye chakras. Wearing quartz jewelry anywhere on your body is good for you. Because it has the ability to resonate with many parts of the body, especially the heart.

8. How to clean green quartz?

Quartz crystals can absorb a lot of things not only from your body but also from the environment. That’s why it’s so important to clean them regularly. But how to clean them?

How to clean green quartz?
How to clean green quartz?

There are actually many ways to clean green quartz. Below Thien Moc Huong shares with you some ways to do that. And you can also refer to and combine many different ideas to clean them:

8.1. Water-A method:

This is a very safe method because you know the gem is always safe when it is submerged in water.

8.2. Burying gems underground

This is a great way to clean your stone. But you need to make sure that the place where you bury it is free of any salt. Because salt will cause your stone to be abrasive.

8.3 Recharge with moonlight

Moonlight has a powerful effect on re-energizing your green quartz. Allow them to naturally lift their vibrations. Therefore, you should take advantage of this at the time of the full moon. You put the stone in the highest place and get the best moonlight. This causes it to get rid of negative energies.

Place it over a bowl of raw, uncooked rice. This method is very convenient to use. It will absorb the negative energy. It is necessary to throw the rice after washing.

There are also many other methods you can combine to use.

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