Fluorite stone: Meanings & Benefits

Fluorite finds in many parts of the world.

Fluorite stone is considered one of the most popular crystals second only to quartz. Which love by Indian astrologers and yoga masters. And stone help increase thinking ability, open channels, and open chakras. reach a state of peace of mind.

Fluorite stone: Properties, Meanings & Benefits
Fluorite stone: Properties, Meanings & Benefits

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1. What is Fluorite stone?

Fluorite is the “World’s Most Colorful Crystal”. Fluorite find in 1530 and was originally called ‘fluorspar’. Nowadays, the term ‘fluorspar’ use for the industrial form of Fluorite which is a catalyst for the smelting of ores, aluminum, steel. In chemistry used to process chemicals such as Fluorine, Hydrofluoric Acid, Fluoride, etc. Then the name ‘fluorite’ is the term used to refer to the gemstone used in jewelry making.

Fluorite is the "World's Most Colorful Crystal".
Fluorite is the “World’s Most Colorful Crystal”.

The word fluorescence comes from fluorite because they were one of the first crystals used for the study of fluorescence. Which well know and appreciated for its transparency, effects, and rich variety of colors in crystals.

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride (CaF2) mineral that belongs to the group of mineral halides. Which create in hydrothermal veins, often combined with minerals such as Quartz, Calcite, and Barite… To create the color of Fluorite stone such as Green, blue, yellow combined with pink, red, white, brown, and black. Those colors appear in streaks or form multiple regions of color in transparent Fluorite crystals. A fluorite crystal can have four or five different color regions or bands.

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  • Chemical formula: CaF2 – Calcium fluoride
  • Crystal structure: Cubic, octahedra
  • Color: From colorless to multicolored
  • Hardness: 4.0 on the Mohs scale
  • Refractive index: 1.434
  • Density: 3.00 to 3.25
  • Transparency: Opaque to transparent
  • Fluorescence: Strong; blue-violet

Most Fluorite has a single color; however, fluorite also exhibits many different colors arranged in bands or regions. Which distinguishes this stone from other gemstones.

Fluorite finds in many parts of the world.
Fluorite finds in many parts of the world.

Fluorite finds in many parts of the world. Widely distributed in Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Namibia, Russia, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Switzerland, USA. In Vietnam, this crystal is distributed mainly in the Central Highlands provinces, coastal areas from Nha Trang to Binh Thuan.

2. Fluorite stone benefits 


Fluorite supports brain balance for 2 hemispheres to help enhance learning ability, enhance memory, stimulate the brain to maximize brain activity. It is very good for young children. Students who are developing their thinking, and those who have to do mental work. This is the reason why the Fluorite feng shui stone ball is so popular and sought after by many people. 

Fluorite benefits 
Fluorite benefits

Besides, this stone also has the ability to stimulate the regeneration of cells of the skin and mucous membranes. That helps quickly heals skin wounds, skin allergies, and sores.

Fluorite stone supports the treatment of osteoporosis & helps relieve pain related to bone problems such as gout and rheumatism. 

For example, blue fluorite is effective for the eyes, nose, ears, and throat, and relieves abdominal pain and digestive disorders. The pink stone helps relieve headaches, heart disease, blood circulation. Purple is good for the brain, treating bones and bone marrow disorders. The yellow color of fluorite helps to remove toxins from the body and lower cholesterol, treating liver-related diseases


Firstly, the yogis of India since ancient times have used and considered Fluorite as one of the mystical crystals. That have the power to connect the human soul with the supreme powers of the Universe. Besides, This is a powerful meditation aid stone that clears the chakras and aids in invigorating the body and enhancing the power of concentration for the meditator.

Secondly, not only that, seers often use Fluorite stone balls with purple as the main color to predict the future and destiny. In addition, when wearing fluorite jewelry on the body. Which helps to increase the ability to analyze, increase thinking ability, and increase creativity for the user.

Fluorite stone: Properties, Meanings & Benefits
Fluorite stone: Properties, Meanings & Benefits

Moreover, fluorite stone is known as a stone that can help control anger and direct emotions in a good direction. Reducing instability and confusion in the mind brings a clearer view, making better decisions.

In Feng shui, Fluorite stone is very diverse in color, sometimes in a crystal forming many different color zones. Each of their colors bringing different meanings, healing, and feng shui uses. So when using this stone in feng shui, you need to see which zodiac sign you belong to choose the right color Fluorite stone.

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