Exploring feng shui meaning and definition in the life

feng shui meaning

As you know, feng shui meaning has affected many aspects of life. It almost depends on people’s belief as mentioning so much about right or wrong opinion. By the way, to make out clearly about this, you can follow the article below.

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What is the definition of feng shui?

Feng Shui is the sum of all human factors such as terrain, shape, water flow, graves, topography, layout of the building space, wind direction, and the relationship between people. people in the village, village. 

Feng shui meaning related to not only prosperity, happiness and decline in business but also in daily situations. Therefore, people, especially businessmen, make a practice of considering feng shui elements as soon as they start doing anything. 

In addition, feng shui includes 5 elements which people base on to estimate suitable sites for shelter or settlement.  

Contrary to the opinion of many people, feng shui is not based on superstition and belief, but it is a natural science, which has undergone thousands of experiments and practice.  

Feng shui is an art that helps people live in harmony with nature. People use nature to make life more perfect. Once life is in harmony with nature, each of us will do more meaningful things. In summary, feng shui is the study of energy flow between people and nature.

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Feng shui meaning
Feng shui plays an importance role in the life

How feng shui meaning affect to our life 

Based on the knowledge of feng shui, the ancients could assess the land, as well as interpret the “language” of rivers, mountains, fields, valleys. Feng shui principles are applied so as not to affect so much the air currents or try to improve them for the better.

When the two most important places, the home and the workplace, have been harmoniously arranged, the homeowner will be happier, healthier, more prosperous, and more favorable. Feng shui clearly depicts this through the concept of qi: All objects around us have an influence on the circulation and the level of air in space.

Although feng shui meaning plays a big role in human destiny, they only play a supporting role, transforming, not completely changing destiny. Therefore, people look to feng shui with the desire to preserve and maintain a harmonious, happy, healthy and prosperous life.

Methods of changing destiny in feng shui 

Clothing and accessories

On the basis of considering what kind of fate is our own, we use the colors of vehicles, objects, and clothes to compensate and create a suitable element to supplement the lack of destiny. For example:

If your element is  Wood, you can use green or black clothes, even the car should also choose this two colors to be better. 

Beside, agarwood bracelets are also considered to be one of the most popular feng shui items. This bracelet can combine with some good luck charm like four leaf clover, pixiu, nine-tailed fox, … to maximize function of agarwood bracelets. Because incense bracelets are not only feng shui for the body, but also suitable for destiny, bringing a lot of luck, fortune and health to the owner.

Feng shui iteam
Argarwood bracelet brings luck to businessmen

Do charity work 

According to the Buddhist, doing charity work will help you to change the karma of karma from many previous generations, create good karma. If you do a lot, you will be able to return right now. making destiny significantly improved.

You can join hands to help orphans, the poor by doing volunteer work, etc. Even simple activities like charity for disaster, blood donation which you can carry out anytime and anywhere at public locations. 

Choosing partners in marriage and business

Basing on 5 elements, you can choose someone who has suitable element with you, especially the wife or husband, who will live with you for life, will have a very role. important. They can well support and help you to process faster.

In contrast, they prevent you from getting a promotion in your career. Moreover, if you cooperate with each other in business or marriage, there maybe occur inconsistency and litigation. This can lead to many worse consequenses, so you have to appriciate the importance of choosing partners.

Change your identity

Identity plays a very important role because it is a factor that constantly influences fate. The name in use will have a great effect on the process of improving destiny.

So the Faculty of Identity developed, using the Five Elements and Yin Yang to supplement human destiny. If we want to know our destiny is lacking, we must use the Eight-Self discipline to examine, then rename another to save.

Changing name is popular with celebarities such as singers, actor, actress, etc. Their identity helps them develop career and get luck in life.

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