Diopside stone discovery and the Diopside meaning

The Diopside stone is a group of rare stones, not found in Vietnam. The Diopside meaning is also the reason why many people want to own it. Of this group, Chrome Diopside is the rarest and most precious gemstone. The value of Chrome Diopside is because of its deep green color, like Emerald. It was created due to the chrome element that exists in abundance within the rock structure. Even the green color of Chrome Diopside is much more beautiful and deeper than Emerald. It only loses to Emerald in hardness. Join Thien Moc Huong Agarwood Jewelry to learn about the history and value of the Diopside stone!

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1. The Diopside meaning-name meaning

The name ‘Diopside’ is derived from the Greek words’ di ‘and’ opsis’. The Diopside meaning is’ two ‘and’ vision’. Due to the origin of its name. Diopside meaning has earned the title of augmenting vision and creativity.

Diopside is a gemstone rich crom. The quality of the Diopside gemstone varies from translucent to transparent. Chrome Diopside is famous for its attractive forest green color. But it depends on impurities and colorants. Diopside gemstones can actually come in a variety of colors. It includes the common near black, and the rare burgundy. And the pale yellow-green to medium-dark green.

Diopside is a gemstone rich crom
The Diopside meaning is’ two ‘and’ vision’

2. Origin of Diopside Stone

Diopside is officially recognized as one of the newest gemstones on the market today. Although Diopside is considered relatively new. It quickly entered the jewelry industry. Diopside is one of the most popular green gemstones today. Although blue gems are common, naturally occurring blue gemstones are very rare.

For most of the time since its discovery in 1988, Diopside has originated from one site, Eastern Siberia in Russia. Recently, other quarries have been found in various locations around the world. In particular, Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is considered a supplier of crom-rich diopside.

It quickly entered the jewelry industry
It quickly entered the jewelry industry

2.1 Diopside appeared in Europe.

When it first appeared on the gem market in Europe, Dealers immediately raved about the attractive green color of Diopside. They started comparing it with other expensive gems. The world quickly began to spread that the color of Diopside could be the opposite of taste buds and tourmaline. Then, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia accepted a Diopside export status. Since then, Diopside has begun to flood the international market. Diopside is considered as a reasonable alternative to the mystical Emerald and Garnet. To this day, despite its rarity, Diopside remains affordable and modest.

 With Diopside, the popular color will gradually increase as the size of the stone increases. In many cases, larger rocks can be so dark that they can appear almost black. Any faceted stone over 2 carats with a medium dark green color is considered very rare.

Diopside remains affordable and modest
Diopside remains affordable and modest

3. The difference and effect of diopside stone

Diopside has less hardness than both Garnet and Tourmaline. Through head testing, it can be easily distinguished from other similar colored gemstones. Diopside can be identified from other minerals by its magie silicat canxi composition. But it can only be distinguished from other Diopsides through the presence of crom.

Diopside can also be identified through its distinct monocrystalline structure implementation. This is quite different from the trigonal formation of Malai agar. The hexagonal structure of hexagonal (beryl) and cubic garnet crystals. Some rare diopside may occur with irony or subjectivity. It can be identified by the unique reflection of light.


Diopside has less hardness than both Garnet and Tourmaline
Dark green chrome diopside gravel, natural stone close up.

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3.1 The effect of diopside stone

It has the ability to enhance the intellect, particularly in mathematics, analysis, and statistics. In addition, Diopside meaning can reduce aggression and stubbornness. While enhancing feelings of love.

Physically, diopside is believed to work to heal several chronic diseases and disorders. It includes heart, lung, and circulatory problems.

Diopside meaning is a stone for Pisces. Although it is not the official stone for any monthIt is still associated with March as a birth month gemstone.

4. Let’s take a look at jewelry design ideas with diopside stones.

Diopside is relatively new to the market. In recent years, diopside has become more and more popular because of its affordable price. Diopside has a relatively low hardness, so avoid wearing Diopside rings every day. Today, because of its attractive color, it is also very popular for making rings.

However, it can be used as pendants, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. Diopside is especially impressive when combined with gold.

Diopside jewelry has become more and more popular
Diopside jewelry has become more and more popular

5. How to preserve and clean jewelry made of Diopside stone

Diopside is a relatively low hardness gemstone. Therefore, care should be taken when wearing or storing it around gems and other jewelry. Diopside jewelry should not be worn during vigorous activity. Also, avoid using strong detergents such as bleach or sulfuric acid and sound waves. Use only mild soap or detergent and use water with soft to clear.

When storing your Diopside gemstones and jewelry. Always keep them away from other gemstones. If possible, wrap them separately in a soft cloth. Please put it in a box lined with soft cloth to avoid rubbing and scratching.

Hopefully, through this article, you will better understand the Diopside meaning. From there, you learn more about this stone.

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