What are Buddhist mala beads meaning?

buddhist mala beads

Today, Buddhist mala beads are used for praying in daily life more popular. It has a lot of special meaning and many stories about these beads. Tibetan mala beads are the leading wholesale resource for gemstone jewelry and spiritual products. Not only this is good for enhancing the perception of Buddha, but it also helps improve your health a lot. The luck from these mala products helps you eliminate the evil and negative thoughts. You should have one them for yourself. In addition, wearing beads is a good way to keep calm by yourself during tough and difficult times. With this content, you can distinguish how to choose a quality bead that is suitable for you most. All the mens mala beads make your intention more and more effective in many aspects of life.  Additionally, Buddhist prayer beads meaning help harness that energy to brighten your destiny from now to the future. Hopefully, this content can supply you with a lot of knowledge and information about mala beads. 


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I. What are Buddhist mala beads mean?

In Buddha, Buddhist mala beads have many good uses. The monk has usually used mala beads for reading mantras during the time of praying. Besides mala seed, the material to make into beads consists of: shells, gems, shanked, stainless steel,… . Across Asia, people use organic materials such as wood, stone or bone. By meaning, praying for a peaceful life for the people in this world. It assumes high energy with the intention to brighten your or someone else’s day. Buddhist mala beads meaning attract prosperity and asset for the owner. Each of the beads has been carved sophisticate for making into a bracelet. Your Guardian will protect you from evil and negativity. Moreover, your sorrows will be eliminated from your mind. A pour mind will make your life easier in any decision in life. Not only does wearing beads beautiful, but also mala is one of the good things for developing the perception in spirituality. In addition, the Christians and Catholics use these Buddhist mala beads for praying to attract luck and prosperity into their life. 

buddhist mala beads
Buddhist mala beads meaning

On the other hand, In India, people have a strong belief in Buddhism and Hinduism. All the products of mala beads are full of energy with the intention to brighten your destiny or someone else’s day. This one is really good for mental health and the mind. The negative thought will be washed away clearly. Especially, the mala is considered a meditation tool, not a piece of jewelry,

108 times represents for number 108. This number represents religions, traditions, and belief systems throughout history, especially in the Vedic tradition. The Vedic philosophers and yogis of the ancient world believed that 108 was spiritually and existentially significant. They associated it with the totality of existence, the 108 sacred places (shakti peethas) in India, and also the 108 sacred points (Bindu or marma points) in the human body.

II. How to pick the right Buddhist mala beads?

Energy is everywhere in the world and our products help harness that energy. Our personal service has helped collectors energize their homes, offices, and self with museum-grade gemstones way before most crystal books were written. A Buddhist mala bead can attract a lot of prosperity in your path to life. 

Next one, Beads have a lot of types the number of beads: 108 beads, 54 beads, 21 beads…Pick Buddhist prayer beads meaning correctly can magnify the power of other energy. It helps bring spiritual clarity to one’s life. Clear Quartz is perfect for purification meditation practices for mantras. Besides, energy is everywhere in the world and our products help harness that energy. Wearing 108 mala beads meaning 

tibetan mala beads
how to wear tibetan mala beads

There are some criteria to choose the right Tibetan mala beads for you. Due to the price, the quality of beads, material of them, origin of manufacturing,…  You should choose the beads which have good qualities. On the other hand, mens mala beads are the other name of it. If you a Buddhist mala beads for baby, you should choose the safe materials in case of putting these beads into their mouth. If like to show your luxury and nobility, you can choose rare materials. For example: Gems, Jade, Feng Shui stone,… The beads which made from these materials help you enhance your value yourself. In addition, your Guardian will hear your petitions and pray for you. 

Moreover, Catholicism also has the belief in Buddhist mala beads. No matter which is the region, each of the beliefs of people is Towards the noble goal: truth-goodness-beauty to make life better. 

To have a more clearly overview, you can read this content here: How to make mala beads


III. Where can we wear Buddhist mala beads correctly?

There is no rules to wear the Buddhist mala. You can wear it as a necklace, accessories, bring to yourself. Mala beads have a lot of special meanings which represent many aspects in your life: work, studying, health,… In Hinduism 108 is the foundation of creation, a number that reflects the world and the totality of existence, and the ultimate consciousness is that we are all the same. Moreover, the number 108 indicates the distance between our bodies and the God inside us in Hinduism. There are 108 sacred sites around India, 108 old Vedic scriptures, and 108 sacred life force centers in the body, according to yogic practice. Mens mala beads are also simple of 6 senses and sensations: hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell, and the mind are all used in Buddhist mathematics. 

Moreover, the easiest way to wear these Buddhist mala beads is to wrap them into the many layers that you want. Not only does it a beautiful accessory, but also it is an item that is good for praying and meditation. In Astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets. The result of multiplying 12 by 9 is 108. The number 108 link The Sun, Moon, and Earth, as their average distance from Earth are 108 times their respective diameters.

On the other hand, you can bring these Buddhist prayer beads meaning follow yourself. Look at these beads day by day to help you embrace your sorrows and assume the good energy. In addition, you can add read some instructions that we show below to make your own DIY Buddhist mala beads: 

IV. Making Buddhist mala beads:

There are some things you need to prepare: transparent strings, mala beads, lighter, charm (optional your preferences)

Firstly, cut a length of cord which has a double-length with your wrist. Then thread mens mala beads into the string that you have just cut. Remember that you need to thread the charm that your want (In Catholic, Catholicism usually thread the Cross charm). You also can add Feng Shui stone, metal charm, ,…Finally, you light the lighter to make a knot in the string. To make the bracelet, you thread the beads less than threading to make 108 mala beads. This one guarantees that it does not make you hurt during the time of movement or hand movement. Not only making your own Buddhist mala beads is a good thing, but it also a way to practice ingenuity. 

For this purpose, the prayer is used during reading the mantras 108 times and staying on track, they also repent of the mistake they have made in the past. On the other hand, mala beads are really great supplement to your journey to a higher self. The combination of mala beads and Feng Shui stone is a couple of perfection.

V. Should wearing Buddhist mala beads be daily?

It is not a problem that you wear this bracelet every day. There is a special meaning of beads in any religion around the world: Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, …they also believe that the mens mala beads that is made from these can help eliminate the ghosts and evil that the usual eye of people can not see. Wearing beads meaning can make you have a good choice in each decision because of calm. Besides, wearing Buddhist mala beads while meditation is also really good. 

buddhist prayer beads meaning
Especially, mala beads help enhance the perception in spirituality

There are a lot of materials to create a bead such as shells, agarwood, pearl,… Corresponding to each material, the price is also different.  This is really good that wear Buddhist mala beads on your wrist every day. If do not like it, you can bring it beside you for feeling secure. Look at the Buddhist mala beads directly every day as the reminder of your ancestor that you need to live kind and virtuous. Wearing by wrap the beads into many layers that fit it your wrist most. During time of meditation or praying, reading the mantras to recite the evil that you made in the past. Any religion is can wearing these beads from Christian, Catholic or even Buddhist. The Guardian make your mind will be brighten day by day to overcome storms and difficulties in life by wearing mens mala beads. Due to this reason, the quality of life can be improved day by day. Follow us, this one is a thing that wants you are.


VI. Some available Buddhist  Mala beads at Thien Moc Huong store

There are a variety of mala bracelets in the market now. Moreover, there are many fake agarwood beads that are difficult to distinguish. So you need to check out and choose a suitable one for yourself or giving. We recommend 5 related ones for you below.

1. 108 beads starlight mala beads bracelet- classic

This one has the point is a pink Feng Shui stone. The 108 beads starlight mala beads are a shining star in the blue sky. Wearing this bracelet help enhance the perception of spirituality. 

mens mala beads
108-bead starlight mala beads bracelet

You can check out this link below about our product: 108 bead starlight mala beads 


2. Agar Moon 108 beads mala- classic

Agar Moon 108 beads have one red Feng Shui stone. This is the point of the string bracelet. It can eliminate negativity for the mind to be calm and lucky. Dispel bad and negative energy. Especially, these agarmoon 108 beads have 5 colors that follow your destiny to choose.


Agarmoon 108 beads mala - classic
Agarmoon 108 beads mala – classic

Own this fabulous bracelet at : 108 beads mala bracelet with agarmoon charm


3. Tibetan 108 mala beads bracelet- classic:

It has a special Feng Shui stone that is carved sophisticatedly. Tibetan 108 mala beads embrace your sorrow, soothe your soul, and bringing good fortunes for its owner.

buddhist prayer beads meaning


If you are interested in this buddhist prayer beads meaning, you can see and check out it at here: Tibetan 108 mala beads bracelet


4. Laos 108 mala beads bracelet- classic

This bracelet eliminates sorrow, soothes and negative energy out of your mind. More than that, you can feel peaceful when wearing it. 

mens mala beads
Laos 108 mala beads bracelet – classic

Buy this best seller bracelet at Laos 108 agarwood bracelet


5. Guardian Buddha agarwood beaded bracelet- classic:

This is another special version of Buddhist mala beads Agarwood Buddha bracelet help ensure peace, avoid evil spirits in pursuit and help protect you from the fate of life

Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet
Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet

You can see and check out this bracelet here: Guardian Buddha agarwood beaded bracelet

Mens mala beads make out your perception of spirituality clearly, especially in Buddha.  If you have any wonder about the agarwood beads that you want to know, we will supply the information about these beads for you. By above meaning in these content, you should try to read this content to know more about beads, from that you have a good choice in purchasing agarwood seeds or an agarwood bracelet that you want. Wearing mala beads help balance the energy really well.

If you are interested in Buddhist prayer beads meaning and want to learn how to make Buddhist prayer beads meaning them on your own. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thien Moc Huong store is willing to help and appreciates it. 

For more products of 108 mala beads, you can find it out now at 108 Mala beads – Buddha collections by Thien Moc Huong


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