Alexandrite meaning – The stone can change color according to light 

Many people love Alexandrite stone. Because of its ability to change color. It has green leaves or green leaves that are green in daylight. Under artificial light, it is pale red, burgundy or magenta. The Alexandrite meaning is also a reason why anyone wants to own it.

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1. What is Alexandrite Stone?

Alexandrite stone is an extremely rare mineral that has the ability to change color. In sunlight, Alexandrite has the color of emerald (Emerald). Under electric light, it has the color of Ruby.

According to science, Alexandrite is basically a rock belonging to the chrysoberyl rock group (aluminum beryl mineral). This group of rocks includes the colorless or transparent yellow chrysoberyl minerals. It also includes cat’s-eye chrysoberyl and the discolored alexandrite. Alexandrite stone has the ability to change color, in addition to iron and titanium. It also has a large amount of pure chromium.

Alexandrite appeared millions of years ago when the rocky environment was deformed. Under special geographical and chemical conditionsBesides, under special conditions, the elements beryllium and chromium combine. But it lacks the element silica from Alexandrite.

Alexandrite stone has the ability to change color when placed under a light source
Alexandrite stone has the ability to change color when placed under a light source

2. History and Legend of the Alexandrite Stone

In 1830, the first alexandrite quarry was found in the Ural mountains of Russia. Besides, the first beautiful effect stones were presented to the Tsar. At the same time, Alexander the Great ascended the throne. So, name of it after the king. Russian soldiers in red and blue military uniforms have Alexandrite stones on their chests. It is a symbol of the imperial army. This stone is a talisman and a sign of loyalty to the king.

The quarry in Russia has long been exhausted. People also found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. But it is rare to find such a beautiful stone in Russia.

Alexandrite is the stone of those born in June. At the same time, they are also the couple’s 55th wedding anniversary gift.

 The stone of those born in June
The stone of those born in June

3. Value of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is of good quality, very rare in color and highly valued. Favorite colors are ruby ​​red and emerald. But it’s hard to find a color you like.

When valuing alexandrite stone, pay attention to color change. The more the stone changes color completely between red and, at the same time, green when changing colorless. The more valuable it is.

There are also other important factors. Such as: two-color intensity, cleanliness, cut quality and stone size.

Alexandrite stone is usually ground into a mattress or oval shape.

Alexandrite stone has a high value.
Alexandrite stone jewelry

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4. The Alexandrite meaning

In feng shui, the Alexandrite meaning is a symbol of good luck, turning misfortune into happiness. In particular, the Alexandrite meaning also has the ability to help people enhance their intuition. Besides, the Alexandrite meaning helps to find the most accurate solution to solve difficulties.

Bringing positive energy, Alexandrite meaning helps the wearer become active and inspired. It also increases creativity, and supports well at work and study.

Alexandrite stone has a high value.
Alexandrite stone has a high value.

5. How to preserve Alexandrite stone

The Alexandrite stone is a tough gemstone with a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale.

How to clean Alexandrite stone: Use a toothbrush to apply a little soap and then rub the bottom of the stone where there is a lot of dirt.

The Alexandrite stone is truly a gem with an unusual beauty that delights the viewer. The more you learn about the Alexandrite meaning, so the more you will surely love it.

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