Celebrating the Great Holiday – Celebrating the day of the complete liberation of the South on April 30 and the International Labor Day 1/5, Thien Moc Huong sends customers a FULL PROMOTION program. Helping you quickly own the right samples of agarwood products, agarwood bracelets, natural and prestigious feng shui stone rings at the website. What are you waiting for, take a look at the attractive offers right below and order now!!!

Program Rules

  • Cashback $14 by Code GPMN304
  • In particular, give Ngoc Nhi agarwood gift worth 500,000VND
  • Apply from orders from $115
? Application period from April 22 to May 2, 2022

Special gift Ngoc Nhi Tram bracelet

Ngoc Nhi Tram bracelet was created with great meaning to honor the value of Vietnamese women. With a unique design when combining Agarwood and Marble, creating a variety of colors, thereby helping the wearer easily choose the right color according to their own preferences and Ngu Hanh bow.
The ancients always believed that jade is a precious object, converging all 5 basic human virtues including: benevolence, ceremony, righteousness, wisdom, trust; Therefore Ngoc is very revered. In the past, only nobles could own jade, kings used it as a symbol of power and supreme status. Jade is a rare type of jewelry, representing the luxury and nobility of a woman. With 5 different colors suitable for each Ngu Hanh sign, Ngu Ngoc helps a woman exude a noble temperament, attracting the eyes of the opponent right from the first seconds of meeting.
Special gift for orders fron $115
Special gift for orders fron $115

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