BLACK FRIDAY – The biggest promotion of the year is coming, Thien Moc Huong is giving you HUGE OFFERS UP TO 50%. Besides, there are many attractive programs for domestic and foreign customers. Get your hands on the best feng shui bracelets at the cheapest prices of the year!

Table of Contents


I. Program Rules

For foreign orders

  • Own bass agarwood bracelet from only $80
  • Sale off 10% of all models of agarwood bracelet
  • Offer applies except for gold, sink, vip, Philippines bracelets
  • Support 50% shipping fee
*Promotion applies from November 19, 2021 – November 30, 2021

II. Why should you buy a feng shui bracelet on the biggest sale of the year – Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping occasion of the year. At this time, everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to own valuable items at extremely favorable prices. Why should you immediately own the agarwood ring as well as the feng shui stone ring of Thien Moc Huong right at this time? These are extremely valuable products and are discounted up to 50% of their actual value. In addition, a few reasons will make these high-end jewelry items worth considering this Blackfriday season:
  • Feng shui bracelets bring many health and feng shui benefits to the wearer. Delivering lasting value. Helps attract fortune and luck to its owner.
  • Make a great gift for your loved ones
  • It is a lucky and peaceful item worth owning at the end of the year and at the beginning of the new year.
  • Unprecedented discounts, up to 50%. The most explosive sale of the year

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