Tips choosing feng shui color suitable for five elements

Feng Shui Five Elements with Colors

Choosing the color of your destiny to bring fortune to yourself and your family is something most people do.

The fact that we choose colors according to feng shui is very reasonable when today many people shop for items, paint houses, buy cars, according to feng shui, choose colors accordingly.

Each person will be matched with a unique color that creates a colorful life. Please refer to and choose the right color for you and do not choose the color of the color etched into your destiny.

Color as Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements
Color as Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements

Table of Contents

1. The element of Metal

People with the element of metal are often required at work as well as in the life to be precise, binding, logical, and efficient.

The feng shui guide for the element of metal is West and Northwest.

1.1. The feng shui color is compatible with an element of metal.

The element of metal is gray-brown, dark gold or silver, white


For people element of metal, gray is good for Tu Tuc (descendants) and Quy Nhan (Nobleman) or Quan Loc.

Silver gray, bright, brings beauty and cleanliness. Delicate, clear, profound are the highlights of the personality of the people element of metal. And gray is the color that fully expresses those personalities.

Yellow color

Yellow is considered the mutual color of the element metal because the earth (yellow) gives birth to metal.

White Color

White is a pure color and, in light, is the color of perfection, the harmony of colors in life. The White color is considered the color version of the god Element of Metal. It can show a strange charm, especially with the arousing of energies in Feng Shui.

1.2. Feng shui color contrasts with the element of metal.

If you belong to the element of metal, it is best to avoid colors like pink and red, because these colors correspond to the element of fire, and fire is engraved with metal.

Feng Shui Five Elements with Colors
Feng Shui Five Elements with Colors

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2. The element of Wood

Always fresh and healthy, the feng shui elements of wood always bring new energies to health, life, and growth. In the ancient conceptions of feng shui, wood offers ways to support wealth and prosperity. The feng shui direction of the Moc par is East and Southeast.

2.1. The feng shui color is compatible with the element of wood.

The element of wood matches the colors of the element of water, which are black, gray, navy blue, and brown. Typically, brown is the color of wood, an element that represents wood.


The second best is to be in harmony: wood with wood. Many trees will be green forests.

Green is a very good color for an element of wood. It brings a feeling of fresh relaxation, is a symbol of a new beginning, has a good effect on health, repels anxiety, and regains balance. Green also refers to forest trees and is also the color symbolizing spring and hope. When using green, it is better to combine different shades of color for the greatest effect.

There are many different shades of green that you can choose to decorate your living space or decorate yourself with precious stones: emerald, peridot, aventurine, and marble…

Brown color

The color brown is much in these years near the element of wood.

Brown nourishes energy sources, is a bold color when thinking about chocolate, coffee, mahogany color, gemstone colors such as a meteorite, onyx, etc. In addition, water mutual generation wood, so you have Brown chocolate can be used in combination with blue plants.

However, not having too much brown will most likely cause you to lose sight of your ambitions and goals in life. Therefore, you should pay attention to balancing the color ratio with different colors in your workplace as well as gemstone jewelry on your body.

2.2. The feng shui color is against the fate of the element of wood.

White, silver, and cream colors belong to the element of metal, breaking the destiny of the element of wood. You should not paint the house white or wear jewelry such as white quartz stone, crystal quartz, onyx, white onyx, white sapphire…

Pick your perfect front door color
Pick your perfect front door color

3. The element of water

Water symbolizes tenderness. People with the element of water mostly use an indirect approach to achieve their goals. Despite its destructive power (such as historic floods), water still has great beauty as it flows gently beneath obstacles.

3.1. The feng shui color matches the element of water.

Matching colors: The colors belonging to the water element, the wood element, and the metal element will be best for people with the water element. Therefore, the people of the element of water are black, blue, white, and metallic.


Black always represents mystery, representing magical energy and sophistication. It also provides strength and protection. Black is the color of the night, of the deep waters and the vast underground. Black brings depth, strength, and clear demarcation to your home space. It is also the color that brings safety and protection to the homeowner.


Blue represents glitter and magnificence in color elements. There are many shades of blue, from the light blue of the water to the blue of the sea and deeper to the deep blue of the gems. In feng shui, blue brings freshness and youth.

The blue color in feng shui is suitable for fortune. Bright blue is good for the development and expansion of wealth, while dark blue evokes energies of calm and serenity.

3.2. The feng shui color is incompatible with the element of water.

Do not use brown, yellow, and red colors, which belong to the Earth element and the Fire element.

4. The element of Fire

Each of us has different personality preferences. Choosing the right color for our preferences and personality is also a color that is consistent with the principle of the five elements of mutual birth and contrast that have existed for a long time. Life and being inseparable from our Eastern people are the five elements in feng shui.

The Fire sign represents action (immediate) and passion. Once you’ve made up your mind about something, it doesn’t take long to act. You act immediately. However, sometimes, being hasty and hasty often prevents you from coordinating with people who are also responsible for the job.

4.1. The feng shui color is suitable for the element of Fire.


The most common colors for people with fire par are the colors of the wood element: green and blue. Burning wood produces fire. That is, wood gives birth to fire. Therefore, having green or blue is the ideal color that people of fire use. Soft blues you can more easily incorporate into your homes, such as emeralds and peridot.

Orange color

Orange is often referred to as the “social” color because it creates energy that makes you feel good. According to the signs on the Bagua chart, orange is a very good color for the fame and love signs.

In addition, colors such as Purple, Pink, and Dark Yellow are also colors suitable for people of fire. In the Feng Shui theory, wood gives birth to fire. Therefore, similar colors, such as green, or wood, are also very suitable for people. In the sauna and spa areas, wood and green colors are also chosen by many units.


Red is the color of new energy, a great source of strength for people of fire. It symbolizes fire, new creation, and can also symbolize destruction and destruction, burning.

Referring to fire, it refers to the source of energy that feels like infinity, the sun’s energy, and life’s existence. The balance of the fire element in the house will help you maintain excitement and joy in marital relationships.

The power of red is the power to awaken passions and riches. Red is a symbol of luck and happiness in the traditions of many countries, a symbol of love and romance in Indian weddings, and courage and enthusiasm for Westerners.

The Red used in the South direction will bring money and fame.

4.2. The feng shui color is incompatible with the element of Fire.

Black, gray, dark blue, belong to the element of water, carving out the fire element of the par, bad.

Change your life through fengshui color
Change your life through Feng Shui color

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5. The element of Earth

5.1. The personality of people is an element of the Earth.

If you are an earth element, you are not known by many people because of your modest, simple, and unobtrusive nature. Those qualities, along with steady bravery, make people appreciate you. You are also the one who brings harmony between the members of the group quietly, quietly, thanks to your tact in behavior, which is a characteristic of the Earth element.

People belonging to the element of Earth are the most practical. Daily life, for you, is not simply about what will happen, but always planned with considerations like what needs to be done and what is the best way to do it.

5.2. The feng shui color is incompatible with the element of earth

Green and blue belong to the Wood element, breaking the destiny of the Earth element, bad.

5.3. The feng shui color matches the element of the earth.

You are the Earth element, so use earthy yellow tones. Brown, in addition, can be combined with pink, red, and purple (because fire gives birth to Earth).


This is the color of the earth, the color associated with the earth. It represents stability, makes us feel safe and protected. Although brown is not a prominent color, it is a color that helps you stay relaxed and comfortable every time you touch it. A light brown gemstone brings lightness to your personality.

Pale yellow

Yellow helps to increase the spirit and brings comfort. Like the sun, yellow is life-giving and energy-giving. Use it anywhere you want to lift your spirits or find clarity. Yellow is associated with earth energy, representing mother earth. It also creates a sense of stability and nourishment.

The Color of Fire Destiny

Fire will give birth to the Earth. Therefore, people with the element of Earth matching with red, pink, orange, and purple colors will create a mutual rebirth for Earth people. For jewelry, you can use ruby, pink tourmaline, granite, spinel, rose quartz, amethyst, red onyx, etc.

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