4 Tips to arrange feng shui office according to standard

An office is a place that not only affects the ability to work, emotionally and spiritually, but also a place that brings prosperity, success, and failure in a career. Therefore, arranging the feng shui office is one of the factors to help you thrive at work and avoid trouble on the way to promotion.

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1. How to arrange a feng shui office

Private offices at the office are usually only for leaders and above. That means they have to face a lot of pressure, a lot of work, and manage a lot of subordinates. Therefore, the design of the office for the leader needs to create a look of authority, a bit of respect, which also helps the negotiations of the leader and the business have more advantages. In addition, this also shows professionalism, love of work, and long-term attachment to the idea that the employer pursues.

Feang shui office
Feng shui office should be clean first

Properly arranging the leadership office according to feng shui will help them increase their wisdom and make the right strategies for the company. In particular, the position and orientation of the desk play an important role that directly affects their work. Sitting and working in different directions will make the office owner receive different airflows and energy sources and their response to work is also different.

Feng shui office
Luxurious working room model from high-class walnut wood

“First location, second directions” is the formula that should be applied when arranging the feng shui office. The leader’s working position must belong to one of the four good directions according to par. Work direction must also look in one of the four good directions according to your zodiac sign

Feng shui office
Luxury leadership feng shui office template

The layout of the leadership office should pay attention to the following points:

  •    The leadership desk does not face the door: Avoid making the owner disturbed, affected by noise, and easily distracted. 
  •    It’s taboo to place a desk with a seat with a window: This makes the person sitting block the path of the wind and light energy. Blocking the air circulation is not good for the employer’s work.
  •    Do not place a desk in the middle of the room: behind the wall is too far from the wall, without support, it will make the leader easily isolated.
  •    Do not turn your back to the table and face the door: The door is considered a place to receive light, symbolizing the sun (both in practical terms and in symbolic meaning). If you sit with your back to the window, it means you have made your own yang, blocking the light source – your own sun, so that both your health and career will be depleted.

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2. How to arrange a scientific office at home

For people with busy jobs, often give themselves a quiet room to work from home. This helps them focus on their expertise and avoid being disturbed if they need a private space. Therefore, the home office also directly affects the energy and success or failure at work:

Simple home office template
  • Avoid placing your desk at home next to the toilet: The bathroom is often wet when placed right next to it always makes you feel uncomfortable when working. Moreover, the bathroom also always contains bad air flows.
  • The working room is wet: You should check that the entire working space such as walls, ceiling, floor, … is waterproof or cracked, ask a construction worker to correct it to avoid loss of resources and equipment.
Small home office templates for busy people
  • Place an office chair with support: The office chair should lean against the wall to create a stable posture. Or choose a chair with a backrest so that the worker will be more comfortable and focused. 
Samples of simple home offices made from wood
  • Avoid placing a desk in a room without a window: According to feng shui, if the desk is placed in a completely closed space, it is considered a crime. The air in the feng shui office needs to be constantly circulated and circulated, bringing a lot of good air to create excitement at work as well as help employees experience more advantages in their careers.
Bedroom model combining working from home
  • In addition, some families have a moderate apartment area, homeowners can find a way to arrange a desk in the bedroom and apply the above principles. Besides, you need to pay attention to the overall design of the space to choose the right furniture and arrange them in a reasonable position.

3. Feng shui office – Choose the right desk

3.1. Desk for people destined for feng shui metal element

   The metal element represents objects with metal, sharp and sharp. Therefore, the color that is suitable and compatible with par Kim is yellow or a derivative color such as light yellow, light orange. The type of desk with legs and a wood-grained yellow tabletop will return the life and career of Kim with many favorable conditions.

Desk template for feng shui metal element

3.2. Desk for people destined for feng shui Wood element

  People with the Wood element are often adventurous, adaptable, enthusiastic, and proactive. They are people who live with clearly defined goals and do not accept in all jobs. Colors suitable for carpentry people are black, blue and aquatic wood. In addition, you work with green, brown wood color also goes well with them

Desk template for feng shui metal element

3.3. Desk for people destined for feng shui Water element

  A round or bow-shaped table is very suitable for water element people. This is a stimulating table shape for them to be inspired and creative at work. Suitable colors are black, sky blue or gray.

Desk template for feng shui office of water element

3.4 Desk for people destined for feng shui Fire element

  Compared with people of different destinies, people who fire elements are often more enthusiastic and enthusiastic. The colors that are suitable and bring good luck for rocket users in commercial work are green, wood brown, orange, etc. A fire carrier workbench is as easy as a rectangle. 

Desk template for feng shui office of fire element

3.5 Desk for people destined for feng shui Earth element

  The colors that bring people with the destiny of earth element and convenience in work are usually: yellow, coffee, tea, brown, etc. Desks for earth people can often be stable and certainly have the same design. rectangle, square.

Desk template for feng shui Earth element

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4. All of the objects should be on the desk

Besides ensuring feng shui elements such as table direction, room direction and color, you can also decorate your office or homeroom with different feng shui objects according to the suggestions below:

  • Green plants in feng shui landscape: purify the air, help you relieve stress, fatigue and bring luck to the owner.
Feng shui office
A feng Shui office should has plant pots
  • Feng shui mini aquarium: help your spirit after tiring working hours. In addition, the aquarium also helps you get a lot of inspiration to work.
Feng shui office
Small desktop aquarium samples
  • Feng shui ball: symbolizing fluidity, transparency, and doing everything smoothly. The globe also brings wisdom and erudition.
Feng Shui Globe
  • Statues of Feng shui mascots: the most used symbols such as carp turning into a dragon, unicorn, toad with money, galloping horse, etc. will create career advancement
Feng shui office
Feng Shui Mascot Statue

5. The principles of arranging the office according to feng shui standard

-Do not turn your back to the door or face the wall.

-Behind the person sitting must have a fulcrum.

-The desk should not be placed in the middle of the office.

-Always keep the office clean and cool.

-Avoid places with chandeliers, crossbeams, or ceiling fans.

-Avoid placing your desk in front of the toilet door.

-The director’s office should be separate from the staff. The director’s chair should choose a large, black chair as possible.

-Layout and arrangement of office furniture must be neat and tidy to create vitality.

-Do not place the desk with the direction of water flow

Feng shui is still a colorful element and brings about miraculous changes in life and work. If you encounter problems on the way to career advancement, apply the feng shui office layout to recognize the different changes in work.

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