Water element: Compatible colors and accessories

Water element is one of the Five Element

People belonging to the Water element will symbolize rain, steam, and winter. As well as the beauty of art. In the five elements of mutual birth, Yang Metal will be born with the similarity of Water. Why did Metal fate give birth to Water fate? We are horoscopes, feng shui people will answer your questions. Here, Metal’s Can hexagram represents the birth of rain, so we can say that Metal gives birth to Water. So, people belonging to Par Metal will have what characteristics and personality traits stand out such as: paint the house, what color car do you buy, the direction of the house, which number is suitable for Water, and what color is it for? Feng Shui items that everyone must know.

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1. What colors are suitable for the Water element?


Blue represents glitter and magnificence in color elements. There are many shades of blue from the light blue of the water to the blue of the sea and deeper to the deep blue of the gems. In feng shui, blue brings freshness and youth.

The blue color in feng shui is suitable for Family Religion and Fortune. Bright blue is good for the development and expansion of wealth, while dark blue evokes energies of calm and serenity.

Water element color palette
Water element color palette


Black always represents mystery, representing magical energy and sophistication. It also provides strength and protection. Black is the color of the night, of the deep waters and the vast underground. Black brings depth, strength and clear demarcation to your home space, it is also the color that brings safety and protection to the homeowner. Therefore, it is very important to find out what color Water is in order to make the most accurate color decisions.

2. Contrasting colors of the Water to avoid:

 These are the contrasting colors of the Water element to avoid. Because they are the colors that do not bring luck as well as inhibit the development of the owner. So be careful of these colors

  • Red, orange, purple: In the opposite relationship of the five elements, the pair of Water and Fire are opposite. Therefore, people of the Water parity will not match the red, orange and purple colors of Fire.
  • Yellow, ocher, light brown: These are the colors that represent Earth. And Earth is the opposite of Water. Therefore, people of the Water element need to avoid the above colors. Because it will restrain the luck and wealth of the people of the Water parity.
  • Green: According to the five elements although Water creates Wood. It is a mutual relationship, but Water is the act of supporting Wood. Therefore, Water loses energy to help Wood develop. Due to that reason, people of the Water sign should avoid green. Otherwise, it will reduce energy consumption, and the road to fame will be difficult.

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1. What is the Water element?

The Five Elements, the first human theory, proposes that the Earth was born and operated by five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. In it, the element of Water symbolizes winter and the types of water in the world in general. In addition, Water also refers to ego, art and beauty.

Water is an extremely important element and is related to all aspects of human life. Without water, humans would not be able to survive. Water has the most characteristic feature of being gentle, easy to adapt but also very changeable and unpredictable. According to the Five Elements Theory, the above five physical elements are always moving and developing, they are not independent and separate from each other, but depend on each other and affect each other. This relationship is called birth and carving.

Water is born from Metal
Water is born from Metal

2. Which Element is compatible with water? Which Element is incompatible with water?

2.1 Which Element is compatible with water?

Have answered the question of what color is compatible with Water. Next, we will find out which element is compatible with Water? Specifically, people of the  Water element are compatible with the Metal element, the Wood element and with the Water element itself. If both sides are Water, they can support each other a lot in life, the two of them get along and do well. If you belong to the Water element and combine with the people of the Wood element, the family life will be harmonious and prosperous, but you need to sacrifice more for the other so that the other benefits.

If combined with the Metal element, this is an extremely beneficial relationship, you will easily reach success with the help of the other party. However, why should we choose the person who suits our destiny in marriage and business? Because if husband and wife are in harmony with each other, the house will be warm, the members of the family will be in harmony, the business will be favorable and even flourish like a kite in the wind. If the partner is in harmony, the two sides will share many views, the cooperation is also easy to come to a consensus, less often the situation of plotting, stabbing each other in the back.

Five elements rule
Five elements rule

2.2 Which Element is incompatible with water?

People with the Water destiny should avoid marrying or cooperating with those who share their destiny since they will experience numerous challenges, barriers, easy words, or arguments if they do so. When dealing with incompatible people, the most important thing is for both sides to reconcile and put themselves in the shoes of the other.

So, what happens to Water? Which fate should you avoid marrying or cooperating with? We can deduce that this fate is incompatible with the Fire and Earth fates based on the reciprocal relationship. When these fates collide in marriage, husband and wife clash like water and fire, and the family has a lot to deal with. And if you do business with these folks, you’ll be in for a lot of surprises; doing major business is difficult. More precisely, based on your Yin-loaded Five Elements, you can see more about the conjunctions and inscriptions with Water. You should also learn which colors Water is compatible with in order to better understand your opponent.



1. Agarwood bracelets for Water

Agarwood bracelets are handcrafted from natural Agarwood. Agarwood.

Agarwood is a product obtained from the wound of the Aquilaria tree. The tree is injured due to biological and physical impact. In the places of injury, the tree constantly secretes resin and essential oils to heal the wound. For many years, Essential oils accumulate and form Agarwood blocks. Normally, a good quality bracelet will be made from Agarwood that is more than 10 years old. This is the ideal time to process Agarwood bracelets. Agarwood bracelet is derived from Buddhism. It is called a book of pearls, of mindfulness, of Buddha, or of a rosary. Referring to feng shui is referring to elements belonging to nature. Being affected by wind, water, elements that humans cannot grasp or understand its laws.

2. Dragon and Lion ornaments – What color is the Water?

The Dragon-shaped feng shui item is also a suggestion for people of the Water destiny. It represents the power and authority of the universe. So, what color is the destiny of water? Should choose blue feng shui items. The lion-shaped feng shui item is also very suitable for people with the element of Water. Because the lion symbolizes strength, helping people with Water dispel evil spirits and bad luck. Should choose yellow lion feng shui items, avoid yellow earth. Sir, you can also select feng shui items toad gold because a golden toad is considered any item that will bring money and luck.

The Dragon-shaped feng shui item is also a suggestion for people of the Water destiny
The Dragon-shaped feng shui item is also a suggestion for people of the Water destiny

3. Gems and idols of fortune

If you choose to buy gems to put on the car, everyone should purchase crystal and quartz. These are two items that will bring prosperity to the people of the Water. It is recommended to buy things made from these two gems to always radiate good energy for you when decorated on the car. The statue of the god of fortune with the Thuy man is considered a magical weapon that brings fortune as well as luck to the owner. It is advisable to place a statue of the god of fortune in the car to bring fortune and bring peace on every trip.

Now that you have learned about suitable colors for water elements, you can choose for yourself proper feng shui items that aid best for life and career!

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