The facts about 9 tailed fox and its meaning in real life


There are so many stories about 9 tailed fox as well as its negative 9 tailed fox meaning. However, positive aspects should be also explored, especially in feng shui. Nine-tailed fox is applied for using like a good luck charm in love. To know this special charm as well as meaningful feng shui, follow this article below.

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9 tailed fox in lengend

Nine tailed fox stands for beauty and huge attraction to the man. However, some bad impressions have started existing when this type of fox has been reason for .breaking marriaged couples.

In the East, the 9 tailed fox has probably become too familiar. The image of a long – cultivated fox with full of slyness and intelligence. At the same time with irresistible beauty, the fox has become a symbol of special charm. However, some places still consider the image of the fox as a myth, not true.

In Vietnam, people also give this animal the name of a spoiler of happiness. Dogs today, when talking about foxgloves, many people still imagine in their heads a bad image. However, they cannot deny the intelligence and attraction of the 9 tailed fox.

9 tailed fox in legend
9 tailed fox is a symbol of intelligence

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9 tailed fox meaning in feng shui


Main fucntion of this good luck charm is to bring positive energy for your love. Some nine tailed fox items like rings, bracelets, etc not only show the women’s gorgeousness but also manifest their wisdom. In particular, the beauty of fox has a strong attraction to the opposite sex. That is why many women choose 9 tailed fox feng shui item with the desire to keep their mate tightly.

In another aspect, foxes always do their best in love, even can sacrifies for their partner. Therefore, that is why women choose fox rings or bracelets with the desire to keep their mate tightly. Moreover, thank to their sagacity, 9 tailed fox items help the owners choose right love.

The most important thing when using nine – tailed fox is that you should avoid choose black charms. Black feng shui items are considered not good in love and their purpose is to help people avoid love.

9 tailed fox
Nine-tailed fox has loyalty in love

Social relationship

Not only helps facilitate the love road, but the fox ring is also effective for social relationships. No matter how it changes, the cunning nature of the fox is still the hallmark of the fox. Nine-tailed fox knows how to lead the thoughts of others according to their wishes. They are very skillful in dealing with human beings and balancing all relationships.

Symbol of luck

Besides the main use in terms of love, fox rings still have uses in attracting fortune. Especially, when combined with the bass ring, this function will be fully utilized. For women, the bracelet is the only choice of both lines. Both bring luck to the road of love and advantages at work.

Things you need to perceive when using 9 tailed fox

Some notes you should consider before owning a ring or nine tailed fox bracelet to maximize its function. Because of its feng shui meaning, this plays an important role to how to use lucky items correctly.

To be first, when wearing feng shui items, the first taboo is not to give it to others. Whether it’s just borrowing or trying it out, this will decrease the effectiveness of the bracelet. If you accidentally pass someone’s hands, you should bring the watch home and disinfect it.

When going to sleep, take nine-tailed fox charm off you. Because the nine-tailed fox has a lot of yin in it. The strong attraction of the Nine-Tailed Fox will make the people of the underworld closer to you.

Also, avoid exposing the tank surface to cleaning chemicals. When bathing, washing, you should remove, store feng shui fox in a dry place. Because chemicals will lose shine as well as energy of the fox.

Some 9 tailed fox feng shui items well-known most

Nine-tailed fox bracelet

Nine-tailed fox bracelet brings outstanding luck on the road of love and keeps happiness for couples. Besides, it is source of comfort as well as helps to release stress, even headache, mental perplexity. Argarwood bracelet combining with nine-tailed fox charm becomes luxurious items for women. Bracelets support them so much in both love and carrer.

nine-tailed fox agarwod bracelet
Nine-tailed fox agarwod bracelet

Nine-tailed fox charm

You can use 9 tailed fox charms to mix and match with various items such as rings, necklace, etc. All of them operates with the same function based on charms. Therefore, women have many options to wear nine-tailed fox charm, which depends on your favorites.

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      It’s no a problem if we wear non-dominant or dominant hands. We can use the bracelet on any hand we want. Putting it on the left hand brings many chances for your career. If we wear the bracelet on the right hand, this will help us find peace and luck in life.

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