Sunstone meaning on feng shui and its effects

Sunstone is one of the most inspired and healthy stones with its rare orange color and characteristic luster.

Sunstone meaning is deeply rooted in feng shui world. The name comes from the orange color and characteristic luster of the stone, like the light of the sun. This gemstone known as a cheerful stone, the sunstone inspires self-nurture to become an attractive, optimistic, influential person.

If you are knowledgeable about feng shui gems, then surely Sunstone is a familiar gemstone. With youthful and warm colors Sunstone is favored by many people with products such as Sunstone bracelets. So what are the uses and meanings that it brings? Let’s find out more details with us through the article below.

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1. What is Sunstone?

What is sunstone?
What is Sunstone?

Sunstone or in English known as Sunstone is a member of the Fenspat group. Other famous feldspar gemstones include moonstone, mother-of-pearl, and Amazonite. 

The name Sunstone is given by the warm colors: yellow, orange, red, sparkling like the sun of this stone. Goethite or Hematite inclusions refract light in different layers of the stone, creating a very eye-catching iridescent effect when viewed from different angles by the Sunstone.

Known as a stone of joy, the sunstone inspires self-cultivation to become an attractive, optimistic person who influences others.

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2. The origin of the name Sunstone (Sunstone meaning)

Viking legend says that pirates relied on Sunstones to determine the direction of the sun. Even if the weather is bad, covered by clouds, or has sunk into the horizon

Equally, the calcite crystals inside will glow when brought in the direction of the sun. That is one of the origins of the name Sunstone to this day.

Sunstone emits a characteristic yellow light, has the general effect of attracting fortune, bringing luck to the wearer, very suitable for the destiny of Metal Fire Earth.


3. The basic natural characteristics of Sunstone

Chemical formula: (Ca Na)(AI,Si)2Si208

Crystal structure: Triclinic

Mohs hardness: 6.0 – 6.5 

Specific gravity: 2.62 – 2.67 

Refractive index: 1.525 – 1.552 

Birefringence: 0.007 – 0.010

Separation: perfect

Glossy water: vitreous. 

Fluorescence: reddish-brown.

World distribution: India, Canada, Madagascar, Norway, Russia, United States.

Sunstone specimen
Sunstone specimen

4. Sunstone meaning and effects

+ Sunstone as an amulet to help protect the owner: One of the first uses we have to mention is that sunstones protect the user from evil things and risks. risk is not worth happening. In particular, the strain also helps to ward off evil spirits, bad energies that hinder the development of the owner.

+ Tablets have helped users gain confidence and bravery: Not only help protect users, the sunstones also help users gain beauty from the confidence and charm of women. women, as well as helping boys, become braver, more attractive and masculine.

+ Stones to help prevent disease and protect the owner’s health: With extremely strong energy, the sunstones help users have good resistance, prevent colds, and enhance health for people. user.

+ Increase creativity, imagination to help users develop on their career path: These small sunstones also create conditions for users to have great luck and development opportunities at work. At the same time, they also stimulate creativity and logical thinking so that users can develop their abilities and win important steps in work as well as in life.

+ Help users increase their assertiveness and bravery in solving all problems: In addition to the above uses, the sunstone is also for those who are indecisive or hesitate when deciding on a problem, instead. That is, the energy pressed deep inside this stone will help you have enough courage and confidence to tackle any job in the fastest direction.

the sunstone is also for those who are indecisive or hesitate when deciding on a problem
The Sunstone is also for those who are indecisive or hesitate when deciding on a problem

5. What does Sunstone fit? (Sunstone meaning)

Sunstone carries a gentle and delicate energy source in it, so it will be suitable for many people. However, according to feng shui’s five elements, the sunstone carries the energy of Fire, so it is most suitable for people with Fire par and Earth people.

This is also considered a meaningful gift to give to friends and loved ones on special occasions of the year such as birthdays, Christmas, holidays, Tet. In the West, Sunstone is the symbol of the constellation Leo, Libra in the zodiac.


6. Instruction on how to storage Sunstone

Currently, many people want to buy sunstone bracelets because of their attractive sparkling beauty. But we note to you that when wearing feng shui jewelry from sunstone, you need to pay attention to preserve it. Sunstone is slightly softer than quartz and has perfect cleavage, which means it is much more vulnerable than quartz. Therefore, when working hard, playing sports, exercising vigorously, and easily bumped, you should remove the sunstone ring, lest it is broken.

In addition, when you have worn sunstone jewelry as feng shui items, you should remember to wash it regularly. This will both clean the stone and charge it with positive energy, which is very beneficial for the user. The simplest way to disinfect is to put the sun under clean water for a few minutes, then expose it to sunlight for a while. Just as simple and gentle as that, the sunstone ring has been successfully disinfected.

When you have worn sunstone jewelry as feng shui items, you should remember to wash it regularly
When you have worn sunstone jewelry as feng shui items, you should remember to wash it regularly

With the features of use and meaning mentioned above, surely you have understood the reason why Sunstone is loved by so many people. Today, many gem establishments sell this product. However, to ensure quality, aesthetics and promotion. With all the uses and meanings that sunstone brings, you should go to the most reputable quality facilities to buy products. If readers have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for detailed advice.

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