Beryl stone meaning and types of stones belonging to the Beryl group

it also reduce stress and emotions caused by excessive stress

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1. What is the Beryl Gemstone?

Beryl’s name comes from the Latin word for beryllus. Beryl stone meaning is the stone representing Scorpio. People often refer to Beryl as “precious blue stone”.

Beryl gemstones have a fairly high hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. So this is a stone of high durability and brilliant beauty. That can not be missed by jewelry lovers.

In a biblical passage, there is a description of the wheels of the throne of God in the appearance of the sparkling Beryl.

The Scots call Beryl the stone of power.

The Different Beryl Varieties
The Different Beryl Varieties

2. Overview of the properties of Beryl

Physical properties:

Mohs Hardness: 7.5-8

Density: Goshenite: 2.6-2.9; Morganite: 2.71-2.90; Aquamarine: 2.66 to 2.8; Emeralds: 2.68 to 2.78; Red Beryl: 2.66-2.70.

Optical properties:

Refraction Index: 1.566-1,602

Optical effects: Asterism star effect, chatoyancy cat eye effect.

Be3 Al2 Si6 O18 Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate

Crystal system: hexagonal crystal structure, oblong prism

Break: Uneven Conchoidal clamshell

Formation: Beryl is most commonly found in granite pegmatites, metamorphic limestones, and hydrothermal veins.

Color: Multicolored Beryl is a group of stones including Green Beryl. It also known as Emerald (Emerald-1 of the 4 rarest gemstones in the world). Rose Beryl, aka Morganite-Pink Beryl (Pink Beryl). Golden Beryl aka Heliodor (yellow Beryl, yellow orange). Red Beryl aka Bixbite (Red Beryl): Rare, Beryl’s deep red color is found only in two localities in Utah. Blue Beryl (Aquamarine), Goshenite: White or Colorless Beryl.

Light: Glass, wax.

World Distribution: Beryl is found in several European countries. Such as Austria, Germany, and Ireland.

3. Beryl Stone meaning and effect

In Western culture, Beryl stone meaning is the stone representing Scorpio. And those born in March and May.

3.1 Beryl Stone meaning – the effect of Beryl on healing and body energy

Beryl helps strengthen the circulatory system and lungs. Besides, it also eliminates respiratory problems. So, this stone help these organs to work better.

This stone is known to increase the body’s resistance to pollutants and toxins.

This stone help these organs to work better.

Besides, the quiz Beryl is also used to treat problems with kidney and bladder stones.

In addition, it can also support the treatment of the spine, stomach, heart and liver. Besides, it can reduce the effects of concussion. Besides, this stone aid in the treatment of skull injuries.

3.2 Beryl Stone meaning – Effects on mental health and relationships

Bringing in warm tones suitable for all zodiac signs. So, beryl is a stone that helps to calm the mind. Besdies, it also reduce stress and emotions caused by excessive stress. For those in love, the Beryl stone will help the relationship between you and your lover better. Therefore, it be more favorable and closer together.

it also reduce stress and emotions caused by excessive stress
It also reduce stress and emotions caused by excessive stress

Or even if you are married, Beryl still gives you a positive effect that promotes marital love. Therefore, your partner will appreciate you more if you use jewelry from Beryl.

It will give you courage and courage. Especially, when you are going through a difficult time in your relationship.

It will give you the ability to have quick reactions and boost your intellect.

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