Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet brings charming beauty.


Many women have long used tourmaline jewelry to adorn their glamorous and luxurious beauty. In particular, the watermelon tourmaline stone bracelet is jewelry that brings elegance and good health. And it has auspicious feng shui meaning. Follow this article right now to know more 

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1. Features of Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

1.1 Features of Tourmaline Stone

Tourmaline crystals have a hardness ranging from 7 to 7.5. This stone is a stone with enough strength to withstand external impacts. It has high durability. Accordingly, they are often made into many jewelry models with beautiful durability at the same time. Because this gemstone has many vibrant colors. So it becomes the luxury jewelry chosen by many ladies.

Watermelon mixed color bracelet
Watermelon mixed color bracelet

Regarding the basic structure of Tourmaline, it is typical with 22-29 atoms that make up the characteristic colors. Such as Iron, magnesium, titanium, chromium, vanadium, manganese, cobalt, nickel, and copper. This Tourmaline, when in its pure form, will have no color. Accordingly, the properties of these gemstones are “allochromatic” stones. The variety of tourmaline colors is due to one or more color elements and atoms that are composed.


Certain types of stones will take on rich colors. Then, they create distinct zones of color. Some stones have a mix of colors. Such as a combination of pink and blue or many other colors. From there, create multi-colored Tourmaline stones.

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1.2 Why is it called Watermelon Tourmaline?

Among the multicolored Tourmaline stones, this is the most prominent color. As we can see, this stone has the same color as a watermelon. It is a combination of pink or red with green, sometimes with thin white streaks interspersed.

Color mixed jewelry
Color mixed jewelry

This specific stone is sometimes sliced, with a pink inner core with a green outer shell. Its shaped likes facet-cut Tourmaline stones in the shape of an elongated rectangle. The name Watermelon Tourmaline is also the name in trade. In technical terms, this color is “dichromatic tourmaline.”

Watermelone tourmaline necklace
Watermelone tourmaline necklace

With unique and luxurious colors, it is popularly used to make jewelry. In particular, many women loves this tourmaline bracelets or jewelry.

2. The meaning of the watermelon tourmaline stone bracelet

The use of a watermelon tourmaline stone bracelet not only brings luxury beauty but also brings perfect implications. Specifically, the purposes that this stone brings are as follows:

It helps the wearer feel very safe, protected from evil spirits or dark forces. It helps to make life happier, more comfortable.

Watermelon stone brings many feng shui meanings
Watermelon stone brings many feng shui meanings

This Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet brings a breath of fresh air, helping to capture yang energy. From there, they will attract fortune, luck, and success to the owner.

Thus, the use of a watermelon tourmaline stone bracelet brings a lot of benefits to users. So please contact the website thienmochuong.com to own the best product.

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