What is Onyx Stone? Advantages and disadvantages of Onyx stone

onyx stone

Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower. So what is Onyx stone? And what are its advantages and disadvantages in life? Follow this article now!

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I. What is Onyx Stone?

Onyx is a natural stone belonging to the quartz family. It combines water and the decaying process of limestone. Which along with the continuous transformation in the ground to form a new rock. Onyx is soft, brittle, has cracks in the vein. Furthermore, It has a waxy surface, light penetration and luxurious beauty.

it belongs to the quartz family
it belongs to the quartz family

II. Onyx stones formation process

Among the natural stones of the quartz line. Onyx stone is considered the most sophisticated and perfect product of “mother nature”. Hundreds of millions of years ago, hot lava from the earth’s core erupted through giant craters. When they encounter cold air. Then, their surface will cool and shrink, forming the earth’s crust. But the inner body still accumulates energy. And smoulders until it cools down, creating dense masses that still retain the same colour as fire. Over the next millions of years, the precipitated mineral layers began to change. Beside, it spreads out into streaks with a thickness of a few micrometres to several millimetres, forming wonderful natural patterns.

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III. The feng shui meaning of this stone

1. Onyx stone’s meaning in Greeks

In Greek, the word “Onyx” means “nail”. But from even more ancient times, the term “Gemma” derives from the Sanskrit word “Djema”. It used to refer to the Onyx stone. Perhaps the origin of the name has partly said the mysterious, magical look of this stone. But the real secret lies in the fact that this stone has a beautiful and rich colour. And this contains many mineral crystals that soundly affect human health. Therefore, the Onyx stone has always been used in feng shui, rituals of worship, and the treatment of diseases.

onyx stone necklace
onyx stone necklace

The ancient Greeks believed that this has a lot of energy to help people become strong, get rid of indecision, indecision or doubt. Indigenous Australians think that Onyx stone is suitable for people who are always confident in themselves and know how to protect their opinions. According to the concept of the Aztech people in pre-Columbian America, the Onyx stone is considered a sacred stone, which can bring the user good luck, avoid accidents and unexpected risks. The Indians believe that Onyx can help cool the lust of those with amorousness. Thereby it can help to prevent extramarital relationships. Many Indians also consider the Onyx stone as a symbol of luck and success. Therefore, everywhere in the world, Onyx stone is always made into sophisticated and compact jewellery items and utensils that people can wear or always carry with them.

2. Can onyx effects for treatment?

Scientists believe that Onyx has sound effects for treating diseases related to the nervous system, digestive system, and internal organs based on its physicochemical properties. According to doctors, Onyx also works to reduce stress, relieve pain, help create emotional balance and self-control. Using items made from Onyx stone (such as cups, cups, dishes, etc.) will help stimulate energy, make hearing more sensitive, and enhance memory. Therapeutic petrologists have advised that placing onyx stones with stripes next to the infected area on the body will help detoxify, prevent bacteria from entering and make the wound healing. 

IV. Onyx stone in home decoration

Firstly, With the natural characteristic of crystal bonding with high homogeneity, various colors and light penetration, Onyx stone is widely used in interior and exterior architecture of buildings, from faca

home decorated by onyx
home decorated by onyx

de cladding. Lobby, corridor paving, stairs to decorating bathrooms, kitchens, etc. But Onyx is most often used for locations that need luxury, sophistication or create accents for the entire architectural space, such as the main entrance hall of the building, the reception desk, the bar, the dining table, the decoration of the living room, the hotel corridor, etc.


Secondly, It can be sawn into slabs, put together into large spatial arrays with colorful natural patterns. Moreover, it divided into small slabs or bars to create borders or decorations. Onyx stone can also be crafted in a mosaic style to decorate bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.

stone braclet
stone braclet

Finally, This kind of stone also has the property of being transparent, so in the design, there are often lights to highlight the beauty of the stone veins. If using spotlights, the attention of these stones should be paid to the design to calculate the details of the installation plan from the beginning, and at the same time, it must be designed so that the connection points are not exposed when lighting.

V. Disadvantages of this onyx stone

However, because Onyx stone is brittle, easy to break and crack in the vein, it is complicated to process, transport and work. Therefore, this is often arranged in fixed positions, reinforced with wooden frames, racks or steel and glass frames.

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