How to arrange a feng shui bathroom correctly?


They arrange the bathroom by feng shui and reasonable layout. While building a toilet, there are many taboos that you need to know to avoid the feng shui aspect, leading to bad luck. Here is a list of 50+ toilet feng shui bathroom things you should know. 

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1. Good location for the feng shui bathroom

  • Do not place the toilet in the center of the house. The humid air can spread throughout the home. It’s adversely affecting family members.
  • The cavalry is placed in the position of the dragon fruit on the main door: According to the ancient concept, the toilet located at the main entrance of the dragon fruit makes family members sick. Furthermore, it causes rumors to spread, business failure, bankruptcy. 
  • Do not place at the end of the corridor: Because the hall will lead directly to the toilet. It is a taboo that many families encounter because they often take advantage of the end of the corridor to place a bathroom. 
  • The toilet is not attached to the kitchen. Many families now often place the toilet in the dining room to maximize the space. But in feng shui, if the bathroom (Water and Metal Element) is connected to the kitchen (concentrating water’s energy), it will cause magnetic field conflicts. This phenomenon is known as “water and fire energy confliction ” affecting the “energy” of the entire house.
  • The toilet shouldn’t be behind the ancestral tablet, even the room upstairs. In your house, the position of the bathroom should avoid in Van Xuong’s position, that is, under the guidance of the Legs.
feng shui bathroom

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2. How to arrange the bathroom in the right feng shui direction

According to feng shui, when arranging the bathroom. It is necessary to abstain from the following:

2.1. Taboo in bathroom direct

It is taboo to arrange toilets in the South. The bathroom belongs to the water element of the South is the “Thuan Ly (Lí)”. The five elements belong to the Fire, it will inhibit the fire and create the layout “the confliction with the Fire and Water.”

Moreover, there is a taboo to arrange toilets in the North of the house. This causes the element of Water to increase and causes the phenomenon of “sink” (North in five elements belongs to the Water). If you still want to place the toilet in the North, you can plant tall trees to absorb Wood energy and repel Water.

The location of the toilet is in the northeast direction. The reason is the Five Elements, the northeast direction belongs to the Earth element, which will destroy the Water energy, affecting the health of family members.

Arrangement of toilets in the Northwest, Southwest. Southwest direction due to unstable change in Chi energy, Earth Chi will destroy hydropower, causing loss of life force of homeowners. As for the Northwest direction, Hydropower will give bad power to the house’s economic power, not beneficial for your family.

Placing the toilet in the same direction as the house is taboo because it can cause health problems for family members. At the same time, bring unsightly house structure.

2.2. Taboo in toilet and washing face

Do not combine bathrooms, toilets, or lavabo washing face: Many to save area. But to save space this is the layout of the restroom is not clean. So it’s best to separate wet and dry places. Or use partitions, curtains to ensure space and hygiene.

toilet with feng shui direction
toilet with feng shui direction

Do not arrange the bathroom on top of the kitchen or bedroom: putting Fire in an area with Water energy will be conflict together. In the bedroom, we should place it in the sand position, so it should not be in the same position as the toilet.

Tip: Place a white bowl containing salt sculpted with heavy metal (iron) on top. Or place a red flower on a round iron pot, which helps to absorb Metal Energy, and supports the regulation of Earth and Water Energy.

3. Feng shui bathroom – bathroom door notifications

3.1. The position of the bathroom door

  • It should not be placed opposite the main door, the kitchen door, or the bedroom door since this will damage the vitality and hurt the homeowner. The toilet door is like a large hole, releasing negative energy, conflicting with the beneficial energy that enters via the main entrance, negatively impacting family members.
  • Do not let the bathroom door be opposite the kitchen: Because the kitchen is where you cook and prepare food, the toilet is breeding many bacteria. If the kitchen and toilet doors are the opposite, they will impact health and food safety. According to feng shui, the kitchen represents the element of Fire. In contrast, the toilet represents the element of Water, resulting in an opposing Water and Fire that will be very damaging to fortune.

3.2. The position of the toilet door

  • The bathroom door is not opposite the stairs going up/down: this has a significant impact on the health and fortune of family members. Bad air will rush down the stairs and into the bathroom, causing the accumulation of harmful smells. To fix the problem, by hanging an extra long curtain above the bathroom door and on the stairs.
  • The toilet door is not facing the room door: Avoid placing the toilet door opposite the entry of any room since it does not offer good fortune to everyone. Should put something to separate.
  • Bathroom doors should not be constructed of glass: Because the toilet is a private space, the glass doors should be avoided because they will destroy the characteristics of the bathroom.
  • The toilet door should not be too high or too broad: It is preferable to design the toilet door so that it is around 1.875m or 1.99 – 2.09m in length and 0.59m or 0.71 – 0.79m in width, not too high or too wide.
  • Do not open the toilet door for a long time: Leaving the toilet door open for a long time will cause lousy air to overflowing into other rooms, affecting the health and fortune of family members.

3.3. Bathroom feang shui with taboos

 Taboos in the bathroom

  • Rebuild bathroom into the bedroom: A bathroom is an unclean place in which not much beneficial air is contained, so rebuilding it into a bedroom will not bring about any luck; on the contrary, it may cause harm to the owner’s well-being.
  • Slippery floor: So slippery the bathroom floor can be dangerous to the user. Therefore, you should choose a non-slippery type of brick to build the foundation.
  • The bathroom should have a window: The bathroom is where bacteria accumulate so not having a window would restrict the dirty airflow from exiting, causing much harm to the health of the owner. 
  • Inappropriate items: The abundance of irrelevant, unnecessary items in the bathroom makes it less spatial and badly affects the airflow. Your bathroom should be kept neat and tidied.
  • Avoid spreading water all over the bathroom: Excessive retained water makes the bathroom wet and moist; you should install a drainage system in your bathroom.
  • Avoid spreading filthy air: This will make the house members feel uneasy. You should deodorize your bathroom regularly to keep the air clean.

Taboo when using bathroom materials

  • Avoid using sharp, metallic materials. Keep away from hard, sharp, cold, metallic materials in the bathroom as they may cause injuries and uneasy feelings. Metallic materials may easily put everyone at risk.
  • The big bathtub should be avoided in a small bathroom: Big bathtub takes up a tremendous amount of space in a small bathroom while it also causes conflict between husband and wife. The size of the bathtub should be reasonably proportional to the size of the bathroom to bring about balance.
  • The bathtub should avoid being put in the middle of the bathroom: A bathtub should be placed along a wall rather than in the middle of a bathroom so as not to ruin its very harmonious outlook. A bathtub set in a corner of the toilet saves a lot of space while being suitable for every decoration style.
  • The shape of the bathtub: Triangle shaped bathtub should not be chosen. Instead, a bathtub that is rectangular, circle, pentagon, or even hexagon in shape would ensure the feng shui of the bathroom.
  • The remaining water in the bathtub: The bathtub needs to be dry after finishing the shower and cleaning because the remaining water is dirty and affects the bathroom’s feng shui rules. 

Taboo in toilet position

  • The toilet position should be fixed. This will help the owner avoid contact with the dirty air, affecting the feng shui of the bathroom. Therefore, before building a bathroom, you should closely consider where to place the toilet so that it remains fixed in the future.
  • Avoid having a Water Heater installed in the bathroom. Instead, the water heater should be installed in a ventilated position between the bathroom and the outside.
  • Avoid using a sinking bathtub. This type of bathtub is neither visually nice nor beneficial to the feng shui of the bathroom.
feng shui bathroom with the toilet
  • Connectors to the lightbulbs in the bathroom must not be exposed. This can cause an electrical leak or a dangerous fire, which is what you should keep in mind while designing the power lines.
  • Mirrors must be kept from directly facing bathroom items. Mirrors have to be placed face to face with the bathroom items to avoid bad psychological impact and the gloomy air.
  • The bathroom floor needs to be lower than the bedroom floor. The owners will be very susceptible to endocrine-related diseases while sleeping. Because the toilet is a very dirty, humid area affecting everyone’s health.

4. Feng shui bathroom in the bedroom

4.1. Advantages and disadvantages of the toilet in the bedroom

Should I build a toilet in the bedroom? The toilet’s layout in the bedroom depends on many feng shui factors.

The toilet placed in the bedroom also has many advantages in terms of convenience:

  • First, the activities of family members will be more convenient, without having to move much.
  • Secondly, the toilet in the bedroom ensures privacy, helping members feel more comfortable.

In terms of feng shui, arranging the toilet in the bedroom will not be suitable for the homeowner. In the old concept of feng shui, a bathroom is a place with harmful air. So the design of the toilet in the bedroom will cause unclean air. Moreover, the steam from the toilet can cause the bedding to be moldy, affecting the rest and health space.

4.2. How to design feng shui bathroom in the bedroom

When building a toilet in the bedroom, homeowners need to pay attention to the layout for the most feng shui and scientific standards. In addition to the structure of the toilet for feng shui as mentioned above, special attention should be paid to the direction for the arrangement of the toilet. 

According to feng shui, the southwest and east are the two best directions to place the toilet in the bedroom. Southeast and North are wrong directions.

The layout of the toilet in the bedroom should pay attention to the placement direction.

4.3. How to neutralize the bathroom in the bedroom

The design of the toilet in the bedroom makes it easy to encounter feng shui obstacles. It may be taboo when the construction is completed. However, you can completely solve it in the following ways:

toilet door in feng shui
  • With the following cases: toilet door, bathroom opposite the bedroom door, or the bed opposite the toilet door, you can solve it quickly by using curtains or partitions to cover it.
  • If the head of the bed is placed close to or opposite the bathroom wall, it can be solved by placing the bed a distance from the toilet wall, aligning the position to ensure that the head of the bed does not face the toilet.
  • Close the toilet door when not in use and clean it regularly.
  • Hang a gourd at the head of the bed to reduce the killing air that affects the sleeper’s health.
  • It is recommended to place young objects such as quartz stones in the bathroom to harmonize and neutralize bad things.

5. Taboo the layout of the toilet to avoid affecting feng shui

  • Do not use wastewater to water plants in the toilet. Cause plants to die, affect luck, and affect everyone’s health.
  • Plants in the toilet are not allowed to stick to soap bubbles. Affecting the growth of plants. From there, it affects the health and fortune of the family.
  • Do not use plywood-style objects outside. Because the waterproof effect of these items is not good. It is easy to peel and damage. Therefore, the best way is to use stone or plastic stainless steel items.
  • Abstain from too many lights in the toilet. Create a burden, even get into the water, causing damage. You can take advantage of using one light.
  • Mirrors in toilets are not allowed to be used too small: You should choose a mirror in the bathroom that is a bit larger to reflect dirty air and expand the space. The right mirror makes space appear larger.
  • It is forbidden to use an electric fan in the toilet. According to the feng shui toilet, this affects life and creates a similar situation.
  • The toilet is located above the bedroom. Affecting the health of the owner and relatives. Avoid the space where the bed is to protect everyone’s health.
  • The toilet should not be too wet. The bathroom should be kept dry and clean to ensure hygiene and limit the accumulation of negative energy, affecting health and elements. 

6. Overall color in Feng Shui

  • Using dark purple is taboo in the toilet because it made the homeowner feels a heavy heart and inhibition.
  • It’s no good decorating a toilet with black and dark colors due to the bathroom not having enough yang in nature. That leads to effects on the homeowner’s health.
  • Do not use eye-catching colors caused by the bathroom belonging to Water Element; the suitable color that should apply is white, and blue brings a feeling of peace at most.

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The taboos in feng shui toilets by year of birth

  • The azimuth of bathrooms restricts year of birth: It should be noted that bathroom placement is suitable for the year element of male and female owners.
  • It is forbidden to let the bed beside the toilet: a taboo in feng shui that many people ought to avoid putting the bed next to the toilet. It also makes the homeowner’s spirit restless, irritability, headache, dizziness, poor thinking. 
  • Do not place the shrine located outside the bathroom: this is a great taboo in the restroom layout because it causes both contamination and total disrespect for the dead. 

Above are 50+ things to avoid in toilet feng shui that you should know not to affect the health and element of family members.

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