Top 8 common types of fake emerald jewelry

There are many variants to emerald jewelry

When it comes to Natural Emerald Jewelry, people’s thoughts will soon come up with the feeling of elegant and pleasant green color, real emerald has a very attractive emerald green color, like beads new varieties of wheat in the wheat field, green and bright. As a result, emerald jewelry is one of the more recognized precious stones in the world. Its unique and magical blue color is loved by more and more people. However, emerald jewelry is one of the top five gemstones globally, and there are many varieties of green gems.

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1. Top 8 types of stones that often fake emerald jewelry and how to recognize real emerald jewelry

1.1 Diopside stone

It is typically dark green to yellow-green and exhibits a red response under a color filter, especially diopsides produced in the Ur Mountains, which are readily sold as market-mountain emeralds. The main difference between emerald and diopside is color, refractive index, etc. Both can be dark green to yellow-green, but Diopside does not have the soft, emerald green feel of it, and is slightly dull. Diopside rocks can also have gaseous and tubular inclusions, but rarely as many three- or two-phase inclusions as in emeralds.

Diopside is considered as more beautiful than original emerald
Diopside is considered more beautiful than original emerald jewelry

1.2 Tsavorite (chromium-vanadium garnet)

Chromite vanadium garnet, also known as Green Garnet, when we only know garnet garnets are often faked red Ruby, Tsavorite has a yellow-green to bright green color and a stronger surface luster than emerald. Like emeralds, chrome vanadium garnet is red or pink under the color filter and has a chromium absorption spectrum in the red region.

The difference between emerald and chromium-vanadium-aluminite is mainly in the characteristics of luminosity, polychromatic, refractive index, density, etc. Chrome vanadium garnet is homogeneous, without polychromatic, has a higher density than emeralds, and does not have the three- or two-phase inclusions commonly found in emeralds. Usually, chromium-vanadium garnet is solid. Negative body or crystal.

Tsavorite is also known as the green garnet
Tsavorite is also known as the green garnet

1.3 Sapphire (emerald jewelry)

Sapphire is green to dark green in color, and its properties are essentially similar to those of tsavorite. It is uniform in color, has no chroma and has a high refractive index. There are often ponytailed asbestos mineral inclusions inside.

The magnificient sapphire jewelry
The magnificent sapphire jewelry

1.4 Green Tourmaline (emerald jewelry)

Dark blue tourmaline with darker undertones. Its refractive index, birefringence, and density are all higher than that of emerald, and face ridge currents can be seen in a suitable direction. Strong chromaticity and gas-liquid inclusions with linear distribution are often developed internally.

Green tourmaline chips
Green tourmaline chips

1.5 Blue Fluorite

Usually blue in color, similar in color to poor quality emerald jewelry. However, the surface gloss of fluorite is weak and the hardness is very low. It can be engraved with glass. Fluorite usually has a strong fluorescence reaction under ultraviolet light, and some even have phosphorescence.

Blue sapphire tumbled stones
Blue sapphire tumbled stones

1.6 Jade (emerald jewelry)

The color of high-quality emerald jewelry can also show emerald green, but in general, emeralds have poor transparency, and it can be seen that the flocculent fiber structure is very different from emeralds.

Jade tumbled stones
Jade tumbled stones

1.7 Blue Apatite

It is hexagonal crystal-like emerald jewelry, but has a few inclusions in apatite, and has a Mohs hardness of only 5. It can be inscribed with a knife.

Raw blue apetite stones
Raw blue apatite stones

1.8 Glass

Green glass most closely resembles emerald jewelry. No matter what is different from an emerald in color or appearance, it can reach a level of realism. Bubbles or another residue in the glass can create a shape similar to Liezi or inclusions like a fingerprint. However, glass lacks the green smooth feeling of emeralds, but some yellow-green or green emerald jewelry has a weak green cotton feeling when it is light in color, which is not easy to distinguish from glass

Fake emerald made of glass
Fake emerald made of glass


2. Method to test fake emerald jewelry to real Emerald jewelry

2.1 First, observe the color filter of the emerald jewelry.

The color filter is a magical invention that helps us to see the inner color of some items. Observing emeralds with a color filter will appear red. When observing other gems, it will appear green. This unique feature makes color filters one of the most effective means of identifying emeralds.

2.2 Second, observe with a magnifying glass.

Compared with color filters, magnifiers are more widely used. When you use a magnifying glass to observe a real emerald, you will find that an emerald is an item mixed with the three states of solid, liquid, and gas. But if it is some fake emerald, it will show a gas state or mixture of gas and liquid. So no matter what gems are used for concealment, what materials are used to imitate emeralds, they cannot escape the “eyes” of some high-end tools.

Observe the magnifying glass
Observe the magnifying glass

2.3 Third, the weight of the emerald jewelry.

This method is more suitable for professionals who have been in contact with jewelry for a long time. Due to long-term exposure to real gemstones, they are very sensitive to the weight of different gemstones. Compared with other gemstones, with the same quality and same size, the weight of emerald is a little lighter. This is the easiest way to identify real and fake emeralds, but it is more suitable for experienced people.

Compared with the colorless oil injection method, the color oil injection belongs to the treatment method. This method changes the color of the emerald jewelry and causes the internal state of the emerald crystal to deteriorate after the green oil dries. Support. And the value of emeralds after this treatment will drop drastically, so you must carefully understand the specific situation of the emerald when purchasing the option.

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