Jadeite stone and 5 things you need to know

jadeite stone

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1. What is Jadeite stone?

Jadeite stone is a rare mineral rock formed during deoxy metabolism distributed in Myanmar, Russia, and China. Jadeite stone is made up of many particles and microfibers, with an average hardness of 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Most commonly used in the East, especially in Vietnam and China.

jadeite stone
What is Jadeite stone?

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2. History and legends of Jadeite stone.

Jade was discovered very early by the Chinese around 2950 BC. At that time, jade was considered the stone of royalty. Only those who lived in the royal court or aristocracy were allowed to own items made of jade.

jadeite stone
The jade jewelry is worn by the kings and ladies

The most famous is the jade jewelry worn by the kings and ladies. It was not until the 16th century that Europeans knew of the existence of jade due to the import of jade items from China into Europe. Jade is a symbol that can bring good luck, ward off bad omens, bring good omen to the wearer and represent the power of the owner.

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3. The origin of the formation of Jadeite stone

Jade is a valuable mineral formed from pyroxene crystals. Although the hardness is low, it possesses ideal toughness, which is a raw material for making finished products with high durability, beautiful gloss, and the more beautiful it gets, the more beautiful it becomes.

jadeite stone
Jade is a valuable mineral formed from pyroxene crystals.

Jadeite stone is a rock formed in the ground from layers of rock deep below the ground and tempered under very high temperatures and pressures then combined with the same melted matter at very high temperatures. It is a stone that is combined from the quintessence of nature.

4. Quality and value of Jadeite stone

To assess the quality of the stone, it is necessary to rely on many factors such as transparency, color, intensity, and distribution of green (the most valuable color) which can be divided into 3 types:

  • Type 1: Imperial Jade with transparent to semi-transparent, even emerald color. This is the most valuable type, equivalent to the emerald.
  • Type 2: Commercial grade (Commercial Jade) possessing veins, small semi-transparent emerald green spots on a transparent air green background.
  • Type 3: the popular (Utility Jade) This type of Jade is not transparent like bright green.
jadeite stone
The highest quality gems have the same value as emeralds.

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5. Meaning and effects of Jadeite stone

Jadeite stone has the effect of limiting biological disorders of the human body, regulating emotional balance, stabilizing heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse. Wearing jade jewelry also helps the eyes, increasing the ability to regulate the eyes and prevent myopia.

In particular, green jade has the effect of dispelling fatigue, bad luck, and bad luck in life and giving the wearer a feeling of joy and relaxation. In addition, an inexplicable miraculous effect is that Jade can also tame animals.

jadeite stone
When buying Jadeite stone jewelry should choose the color of stone that suits the destiny

When you choose jewelry from Jadeite stone, you should pay attention to those who are destined for Metal Element, you should wear white Jade. Destiny Wood Element and Fire Element should wear green Jade, and Water Element and Wood Element should wear black Jade.

Of the twelve zodiac signs, Jade is the stone that represents the constellations of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra.

Hope the above information shared by Thien Moc Huong is useful to you. I hope you find a Jade stone suitable for your destiny to always be happy and love life, have abundant health…

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