What is nephrite jade meaning?

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Nephrite jade meaning? For everyone, it is a favorite feng shui stone both in the East and in the West. Nephrite Jade stone has always been popular since ancient times. It is the stone of emperors or the treasure of the royal world. In today’s article, Feng Shui Luc Yen will share with readers the basic information about this stone. Classified as one of the most popular gemstones on the market today. So it is a very popular item for wearers, people who wear jade regularly will become more intelligent and pressured. In the imperial period in China. Jade also known as jade stone, was used by the Chinese to create many ceremonial items. Nephrite Jade is one of the jewels that the dynasties of China keep to this day. 

Nephrite Jade stone has always been popular since ancient times
Nephrite Jade stone has always been popular since ancient times

1. What is the jade stone? Structure of jade

Jadestone is also known by its scientific name as Nephrite Jadestone. Jade belongs to the marble line (English name is Jade). This type of feng shui stone belongs to the line of multi-mineral rocks formed from silicates in the form of metamorphic deoxy and compounds forming many different rock lines. But in general, they share the same marble group as Serpentine stone, Prehnite stone, etc. Chrysoprase stone….

As mentioned above with minerals. Nephrite is made up of silicate minerals including Calcium Magnesium Silicate. Tremolite-Actinolite and has the chemical formula Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2.

While having a monoclinic crystal structure and alternating synthetic fibers. Nephrite Jade has a relative hardness of about 6/10 on the Mohs hardness scale and a specific gravity of about 3 – 3.3 g/cm3. Do you somewhat know what jade stone is?

1.1. Mining and Distribution of Natural Jade

The most famous mining site of Natural Nephrite Jade in the world is Myanmar with Burmese jade. Meanwhile, when the reserves of this feng shui stone in China were almost exhausted. This Nephrite jade found in the Xinjiang region with its characteristic cold blue color.

Mining and Distribution of Natural Jade
Mining and Distribution of Natural Jade

However, green jade is the most valuable gemstone, where mining is mainly located in Northern Canada (British Columbia), Siberia (Russia).

In addition, 75% of the reserves of stones feng shui world come from mines in British Columbia. And the number in Taiwan, USA, Australia, Central Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan …

1.2. Colors of Nephrite Jade

The rarest color of jade is jade green with a cool color similar to Emerald and you can mistake it for Marble.

An enchanting stone, the popular jade is green or green jade with a dark to medium color variation. In addition, some other types of jade also carry white, pale yellow, or light red colors. The value of Jade is determined by the intensity of the color. Specifically, the value of this gem depends on its brilliance and streak along with its luminosity and transparency.

Colors of Nephrite Jade
Colors of Nephrite Jade

1.3. Distinguish real and fake jade?

Currently, on the Vietnamese and international gem market, nephrite jade in particular and jadeite marble. In general, appear many types of fake or processed stones.

There are now modern counterfeiting technologies such as re-cooking, centrifugation to process impurities, thereby increasing the clarity of jade. This is a factor that makes many people wonder and hesitate when choosing jade. So how to distinguish between natural jade and artificial jade?

So how to distinguish between natural jade and artificial jade?
So how to distinguish between natural jade and artificial jade?

Firstly, in the case of colored Nephrite jade. The buyer can easily identify it by the ultraviolet light of the counterfeit money tester. If it is true that the jasper has been treated. The jasper will change to blue, while the natural jasper will remain its color.

If you want to test the impact, color, or clarity of the stone. You can use a sharp object to cut the stone surface while you want to check if the jade is dyed or not. You can use Acetone.

In addition, the most special thing to pay attention to when choosing to buy Jade is the structure in the stone. Gemstones must form bands or have interference points between colors, and at the same time. The stone must have high clarity to be valuable jade.

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2. What is nephrite jade meaning?

2.1. The value of jade

People often say, Gold is valuable, but jade is priceless. So how valuable is jade really? Let’s find out together.

In China about 3000 BC, Jade know as the royal and noble jade that only the rich and powerful used to assert power and power. In addition to being believed to be a sacred object that unites the world of yin and yan. Nephrite also symbolizes the 5 virtues: Generosity, Honesty, Wisdom, Integrity, and Courage.

Nephrite also symbolizes the 5 virtues: Generosity, Honesty, Wisdom, Integrity, and Courage.
Nephrite also symbolizes the 5 virtues: Generosity, Honesty, Wisdom, Integrity, and Courage.

Not only used as a symbol of wealth in the East but also in the West. Throughout its development history, this jade stone was also used by the aristocracy in the past as a symbol of the locality. social taste. The reason it is so popular is that Jade has a different value from other precious feng shui stones or precious metals.

Many people are willing to pay dearly for a good jasper because it is not replaceable like gold and diamonds, nor is it a facet-cut polished crystal or rubies to create.

In addition, people aged 1961, born in 1962 when wearing jade stone will help the body to be purified. Which solve the bad luck in the person and especially bring luck and fortune to the owner

2.2. The meaning of nephrite jade stone in life

In the ancient art of feng shui, items made from jade stone, pendants, feng shui bracelets all bring good results to users in both work and life. It brings the wearer luck in fortune, helping to protect the homeowner, increasing the ability to communicate with people

The jade stones with cold colors are also crafted into spheres, a prophecy for the purpose of predicting the future. Meanwhile, the dark-colored stones will protect the owner from bad omens, and the pale green jade works to increase concentration.

In addition, the jade stone represents strength and courage. It gives the owner a steady mind, becoming clear with problems in life. In addition, it also helps to cure diseases of vision, epilepsy, toothache,…

Green color can be very suitable for people born in 1964, and taboo for those born in 1962, born in 1961. You can refer to it to know more about what color your destiny matches in feng shui to do business. , as well as life, best health

2.3. The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality

In feng shui, known as the symbol of the constellation Virgo, jade is popularly crafted into jewelry for women. This type of jade carries the pure and gentle beauty of girls. In particular, the jade stone is yang, so when women are inherently yin, they wear jewelry such as feng shui bracelets, buddhas of destiny, or treacherous stones. This stone will help balance yin and yang so that they will be more alert and lucky. In addition, if you are a close relative, you can refer to the Buddha’s destiny of the age of Canh Than to help you have more luck.

The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality
The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality

In addition, jade stone jewelry is not only suitable for women but also suitable for men. Since ancient times, the princes have been known to wear jade stone on their side in the hope of increasing their vitality, intelligence as well as better luck. In addition, they also believe that this gem also promotes a healthy body, thus working more efficiently as well as bringing prosperity.

According to science, jade researchers also conclude that jade will attract many good omens, thereby bringing advantages, as well as helping to develop relationships or the ability to behave and communicate.

2.4. Healing uses of jade stone

In addition to the meanings in terms of feng shui, jade is also believed to have positive effects on human health as well as prolong life. Therefore, jade is known as a symbol of health. Besides, this feng shui stone also helps to help the spirit to be more relaxed, gentle, and relaxed.

When the owner places this stone on the abdomen during rest, it will promote the effect of helping the digestive system, especially the stomach to work better and minimize the symptoms of pain.

The ancient Chinese also considered jade as a medicinal herb to help purify the body, prevent reading, as well as limit pain, epilepsy and improve vision.

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3. What is jade stone suitable for? What age?

The use of colors in feng shui is very important, especially if you want the color of jade stone to help homeowners promote money, wealth, happiness, etc. That’s why, except for men and women who carry “Water” as those born in 1974, the year of the Tiger, in contrast to the red color of “Fire”, should avoid using feng shui stone jewelry such as feng shui stone bracelets, buddha necklaces, earrings or rings with red jade stones. The rest of the people, especially the “Fire” people like the people born in the year of the Rabbit, 1987 or those born in 1964, the year of the Dragon, can use this feng shui stone.

The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality
The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality

Not only that, the people of Earth are very suitable for Red Jade. Because according to the five elements, Fire gives birth to Earth-like men and women born in 1961 in the year of the Ox, those born in 1976 in the year of the Dragon. It believed that this feng shui stone has the ability to help its owner be healthy, achieve much success in work and happiness in marriage because of the fiery red color. This is a destiny that is considered to be “like a kite that meets the wind” if you know how to combine using red jade stone to keep it on your side or be made into decorative items such as globe, Pi Huu … placed on the desk, Crafted into pieces of jade for necklaces, bracelets, cups, bowls used in daily life…

4. Things to keep in mind when you use jade

Because it is inherently a precious stone that is used a lot as jewelry for both Two sects such as feng shui bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces or buddhas of destiny, … as well as high-value jade, in the process of using jade stone, the owner should also pay attention to how to use it. It is to keep jade to promote its use and maximum feng shui meaning.

4.1. Should use jade jewelry regularly

According to feng shui experts, because Nephrite jade is a feng shui stone, jade jewelry when worn regularly for many years will help bring luck as well as strengthen the immune system for its owner.

The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality
The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality

Not only that, but this type of feng shui jade also helps to protect the body from evil spirits, especially when the owner wears this stone continuously instead of taking it off and wearing it many times. In addition, because it has the effect of eliminating evil spirits, a jade stone placed in the home or office also has the effect of bringing luck to the owner.

4.2. Things to avoid when using Jade Stone

However, when using jade stone products, readers need to be careful not to wear artificial jade jewelry. Because fake stone not only does not bring luck but also inadvertently hinders your money.

In addition, wearing broken jade is also said to be one of the feng shui errors that bring you bad luck, having an impact on business failure, loss of money, or being scammed.

The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality
The meaning of nephrite jade stone in feng shui and spirituality

4.3. How to preserve the jade stone

First of all, when using jade stone for a long time, the owner needs to clean and preserve it so that the stone is always bright and retains its original beauty by dipping Nephrite jade items in water. Warm dilute dishwashing liquid with mild acid concentration, then gently wipe, then rinse, and finally, use a soft towel to dry jade processing.

In addition, because the jade stone can crack when exposed to too high a temperature or sudden a temperature change. Nephrite jade as well as other feng shui stones need to be preserved in places. cool, avoid direct sunlight.

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