What is Spiral Agarwood Incense? How to use it

Agarwood incense has been a familiar image in the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese. It appears in ceremonial worship and religious places such as temples, pagodas, churches. Moreover, people use incense daily to make the space more relaxed and pleasant. There are many types of incense with characteristics suitable for a specific use. In the following article, Thien Moc Huong will introduce you to Spiral Agarwood incense and how to use it.

I. What is Spiral Agarwood Incense?

1. Characteristics of Spiral Agarwood Incense:

Spiral Agarwood incense is made from 100% pure extracted agarwood powder. Agarwood is grinded to powder, mixed with natural sticky substance, then molded into incense molds. Cause of Spiral Agarwood incense is its shape. There are many rings connected to each other. The bottom is the largest round and then gradually smaller.

An outstanding feature of this incense is that it has the longest burning time among the incenses. It can burns in about 3-4 hours. It’s easy to store because the rings are neatly folded together.

2. The usages of Spiral Agarwood Incense:

Spiral Agarwood Incense like all other types of incenses, it has the uses of health and feng shui, spirituality.

  • Health:

The scent of incense helps cheerful and alert spirit. If used to charge Agarwood, it will help your mind relaxed, help you sleep deeper and better sleep. This will reduce stress and prevent depression, which is very common nowadays. Furthermore, Agarwood incense also helps to circulate air in the body, which helps to improve good health and enhance the immune system.

spiral agarwood incense
spiral agarwood incense
  • Spirituality:

Spiral Agarwood incense is used a lot in worshiping spaces.Like stick incense, spiral incense connects yin and yang. Burning Incense express the sincerity of the children and grandchildren to remember their ancestors and to pray for the fulfillment of their parents and grandparents in the other world.

We often see it appearing mainly in temples, because, in part, people burn spiral incense to limit use of stick incense. People come to temples want to put in an stick incense to pay their respects. However, with the large number of Buddhists, it is necessary to limit the burning of incense, because it is easy to cause explosions or fires.

People use this type of incense during Tet holiday. Because on 3 days of Tet, when the ancestors are invited to celebrate Tet holiday with their children, every family burn incense to keep warm in the worship space. Circular incense have a long burning time very convenient and used a lot.

Using Spiral Agarwood Incense is very meaningful. Agarwood is considered to be able to ward off evil spirit, bring a pure and clean space.


II. How to use Spiral Agarwood Incense:

1. Worship Place: 

People use spiral incense when worshiping. It considered as a sacred symbol in the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese. This image shows the beauty of “Drinking water to remember the source”.

To use the incense sticks for worship purposes, you must use them in combination with the circular incense. This base is usually made from yellow copper metal. It is a metal rod longer than a glove, and it is as small as a wand. The top of the metal bar has a horizontal hook to help fix the incense. Besides, there are also types made of wood.

You just fix this base in the middle of the incense bowl. Then, you hook the smallest incense to the top of the sole. The remaining rings are larger than the base, so they will hang to form a shape like a truncated cone. You only need burn the incense stick below, the incense will slowly burn to the end.

spiral agarwood incense and a censer
Spiral incense and a censer

2. House Fumigation:

Spiral Agarwood Incense has many benefits. Firstly, it helps improve the health. Secondly it creates a cozy, comfortable, gentle and pleasant space. About feng shui, this scent drives away evil spirits, attracts fortune to homeowners. You can use Spiral Incense in cars, in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

Using Spiral incense must combine with porcelain censer. The censer is a specialized item for burning spiral incense. You just need to put the incense on the inside of the porcelain burner and burn at the top of the incense. Then close the lid. This ones is designed with a gap that allows the smoke of incense to rise. Besides, the porcelain is also very beautiful and has many colors. If you choose a messenger with your destiny, it also helps increase the effectiveness.

Through the article above, we hope to bring you useful knowledge about the Spiral Agarwood Incense. This incense will help bring luck, fortune and health to your family.


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