What is Buddha bracelet color meaning? Where to buy it as well?

Buddha bracelet beads with agarwood

Thousands of years before the Buddha traveled, he spread his knowledge to his people about a bracelet on the hand. The Buddha talked about their meaning and why wearing that bracelet can bring peace, neutralize all things of sufferance. The bracelet on the Buddha’s hand called the Buddha’s recitation. Or the Buddha’s recitation bead is also the Feng Shui bracelet that our Buddhists often wear on their hand. So, for each Buddha bracelet color has been each meaning. Now, let go to refer some points below for this special product and get some knowledge of Buddha bracelet color meaning.

I. What is Buddha bracelet color meaning?

According to many articles about Buddhist bracelets, most have a certain spiritual or spiritual meaning. This particular type of bracelet is also valuable for those who are connoisseurs of Feng Shui or are passionate about it. In terms of tangible value, based on some comments of many users, this type of product also has the ability to help users’ health improve.

However, choosing a bracelet that is reasonable to the needs of the user is also a matter of concern. The performance classification of products is based on many factors, of which suitable color is also a point of much attention. A long time ago, based on the color for each bracelet, people have separated the Buddha bracelet color meaning like below.

Using mala bead for pray and meditation
Using mala bead for pray and meditation

Regarding some Orientalist documents, each color has a certain symbolic meaning for the user based on the 5 elements or can be called Ngu Hanh (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). Along with the comparison of the personal year birth (normally according to the corresponding lunar year). Such as:

Five elements life circle
Five elements life circle

The green and red colors are mostly for the fire people. So red, purple, orange, or yellow-brown colors are quite suitable for The Earth that has been had. So from that general judgment, according to the assessment, a red string bracelet meaning Buddhism is quite compatible with the majority of users. Within the meaning of bringing health, luckiness, and money.

With the variety of this special product, nowadays there is also a special bracelet made from 100% agarwood. However, it can be affirmed that it is a masterpiece not for many people. And with the red string bracelet meaning of Buddhism is also an important product.

II. Why is it important to choose the right Buddha bracelet color?

It is quite important to choose the right Buddha bracelet color within the same function. Because of each the different needs and preferences. So the user must have knowledge or be consulted by experienced people. Otherwise, the wrong choice of this product will not carry the full meaning to them.

108 agarwood buddha bead
108 agarwood buddha bead

Because of that, it is practical to say when we choose the right product that is most suitable for us. By the way, it helps us save a lot of money and time. Due to the variety of models on the market today, it is convenient and difficult for us to choose the best one. So, how to choose the right Buddhist bracelet color? Especially is red string bracelet Buddhism would be full meaning for us. To answers this question, we need to clarify the useful function of it released to our life.

III. How to choose the right Buddhist bracelet color?

3.1 In terms of spiritual life

As analyzed above, choosing which Buddhist bracelet product is suitable for your needs within our own economy is a question of great interest. So, what is the meaning and effect of Buddhist bracelets in our lives?

Buddha bracelet with meditation
Buddha bracelet with meditation

According to Buddhists, when using the right Buddhist bracelet and especially the red string bracelet, will help to focus on zazen better. In the Buddhist pure land method, when Buddhists chant sutras in combination with the hand recitation of rosaries, it will create a number of functions to help the reader recite the mantra effectively and feel like being blessed by the Buddha and the bodhisattvas.

Follow this article to know more about red string bracelet What does a red string bracelet meaning? How to wear it correctly?

Buddha braclet color meaning
Buddha bracelet help you to focus on meditation

So, the feeling of peace and happiness that the person using this rosary is true. To do that, it is essential that the person reading the sutras must focus on each rosary, contemplating thoughts according to each verse of the mantra which they are reading. Besides it, the rest people mentioned that whether the daily use of Buddhist bracelets helps them to be in contact with Buddha’s sensuous power. Feelings of anxiety and insecurity called greed, hatred, and delusion are thus eliminated.

3.2. In terms of personal health

In addition, the health value is also worth paying more attention to. According to the majority of Buddhists or those who have sympathies with Buddhism, they commented that when they always wear 24/24 helps them have the ability to calm their mind, the ability to sleep better and deeper, and always have a sense of peace.

Buddha bracelet color meaninng
108 agarwood beads

So with this special product, most of them are made from rare woods and will have a faint scent. And Buddhist bracelets are made of agarwood, especially the red Buddhist bracelet made from Agarwood is no longer disputed in terms of quality.

Buddha bracelet is very popular in Kung Fu tradition
Buddha bracelet is very popular in Kung Fu tradition

Regarding few people who practice Kung Fu or meditation that we used to see Buddhist bracelets on the whole time by their hands. So we will see when they combine Kung Fu traditional clothes. It feels like they from their appearance exude escapism that is difficult for ordinary people who own Buddhist bracelets. Especially is the red string bracelet meaning Buddhism brings on.

IV. Where to buy a real Buddha bracelet color meaning high quality?

To answer this question, we have clarified the question with which it’s being popular and where it comes from? And which stores also have a high reputation in terms of consumer quality assurance? With the development of the internet today, answering the above question is not much difficult for us. We can refer to it on e-commerce forums like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, and some stores on the existing market.

Where to buy buddha bracelet
Where to buy buddha bracelet

However, the choice of which product is reasonable with each using meaning depends on the choice of each customer segment. Coming to Thien Moc Huong, we are confident that helping our customers will increase the perceived value in terms of quality. In addition to the guarantee of origin with a prestigious warranty. So having the customer believing is always grateful of us. Hereby, we can refer some products which one is suitable with our own and let’s choosing. 

4.1. Maitreyan agarwood beaded bracelet with silver s925 classic

Maitreyan agarwood bracelet has made from 100% natural agarwood, these has also round bead, make owner feel smooth and very safe for children whether it was combined with 925 silver charm. This product suitable with the person who is business man. According to folk beliefs, people believe that when the owner wearing this bracelet, they will be protected by lucky lord. So, if you interested in it, let click to below link to refer for your detail.


good luck bracelet
good luck bracelet

You can find this product at Maitreyan agarwood beaded bracelet with silver s925 classic

4.2. Agarmoon 108 beads mala classic

Unreally much to mention it is peculiarity that 108 mala beads bring bliss to our owner. Specially is designed by Rubi beads (and few elegant color) on the outside and also be protected by silver. So, that mean is creating an elegant highlight for believers with liberal, elegant and sophisticated fashion sense. It can also be said that people believe that the items made from silver – as a metal that can ward off evil spirits or bad luck. With a somewhat feminine design, so that this product is suitable for our ladies or our gentlemen can buy for their honey like a meaning gift.

108 agarwood classic
108 agarwood classic

You can clarify the link here by Agarmoon 108 beads mala classic

4.3. 108 mala beads laos VIP agarwood beaded bracelet

So let see the next product line is a more premium segment – VIP. We can see these exterior and interior looks very simple, not much different from the bracelets on normal market. But actually the bead rings are made from high-grade agarwood, with long-lasting aromatic properties. And according to some users who have experienced and shared their feelings, when wearing this type of product, people around them mistakenly think that the wearer is using a special perfume to create a sense of peace. Therefore, the meaning of using this product is very large, not only it is extended to many user segments. However, its price comes that users often feel apprehensive compared to other more popular products.

Find more at 108 mala beads laos VIP agarwood beaded bracelet

108 mala beads Philippines vip
108 mala beads Philippines vip

4.4. Jade Lotus 108 buddha bracelet – classic

Similarly, Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet for classic with a more simple and elegant elegant design. Because it is a classic line, the product has a bit of a nostalgic direction. So that, the price for this product is relatively suitable for the majority of person economic. And, because of the somewhat feminine design, it can be affirmed that this one is suitable for younger or single girls. Or maybe if you are a man have girl friend loving this product, so why do you not choose Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet – classic gift for your love through on a special chance if you can.

Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet
Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet

So, if you interested in list product above or you may get any concern. Please free feel to let us know by take the comment on boxchat here, Thien Moc Huong would like to serve our customer with thanks.

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