The origin of Agarwood – How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

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Although the number of individuals of Aquilaria spp exhausted, but demand for Agarwood in the world trade increased substantial. At present, the strongest countries are Middle East and Asia, and even in the US and Europe (TRP, 1997). Article below shall give some profound knowledgement about natural origin of Agarwood. When you buy an agarwood beads bracelets, did you know How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

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Categorizing agarwood

Two following agarwood types can be categorized:

  1. Agarwood derived from the living tree
  2. Agarwood obtained from the felling tree or tree dying for a long time.
agarwood bead bracelets - agarwood tree
Agarwood from living plants are usually light color while the other type they are usually glued, or black.

Type 1. Agarwood from living plants are usually light color while the other type they are usually glued, or black. Often people take tortoise from the root. The price of Type 1 is usually as 2-3 times higher than Type 2. Each type can be harvested per tree 5-10kg of Agarwood. In addition, the scattered appearances of the Agaric interspersed with wood, according to Phillips (1997), the types of Agarwood and Agarwood products are noted on The market is: Agarwood chips, Agarwood powder, Agarwood essential oil (For aromatherapy and medicinal purposes), agarwood beads bracelets.

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Memorable agarwood researches

The analysis of Agarwood and Agarwood products was conducted by Erhartdt, Le Cong Thuan, and Hopwood (1997) performed by gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry). Note that two sesquiterpenes exist in commoning wood as well as in essential oils, which are (+) -Andendrene and -Selinene. However, Selinene does not appear in low-grade acacia wood. On the other hand, he found Guaiene, another Sesquiterpene in the natural acacia wood but only in the specimen Oil, whereas Guriunene, an isomer of Aromadendrene has many of the patterns. Essential oils but not found in natural wood samples.

type of Toc agarwood - agarwood bead bracelets
Note that two sesquiterpenes exist in commoning wood as well as in essential oils, which are (+) -Andendrene and -Selinene

Until now, there are a few work’s research on creation. However, the transport use a knowledge make sure way of mechanism creating Agarwood for production (agarwood bead bracelets). Aging in a sustainable way is still challenging with scientists. Physically until now, there is no complete experiment, although there are several scattered. They conducted a trial on young seedlings grown in the medium control. According to Pham Hoang Ho (1985)

The origin of the disease has only become popular in recent years. Survey of Julaluddin (1977) suggested that the Tok region contained a fungus that was identified Cryptosphaeria mangifera. He determined the appearance of agarwood resin by letting the gourd tree be under strong fungal infection. After a while, the infected area becomes dark and becomes TokIt is very pronounced when burning it. However, these are just the beginning of Agar formation.

Agarwood can appear on the tree is big or small.

In fact, many gourds are large, with a diameter of 50-60cm but without Agarwood. On the contrary, the new seedlings are only 15cm in diameter with Agarwood. Recent experiments. People stimulates that Agarwood maybe is 4-5-year-old trees. On the big trees, old Agarwood resin appears more and more.The conditions of the place where it grows are as follows:

  1. The tree has a diameter of more than 20cm.

  2. Branches with tumors, many plants, diseased or injured plants.

  3. Barren, yellowish green.

  4. Harder to peel than normal trees.

  5. Yellow wood.

  6. Trees grow on bad soil with many stones.

Agarwood appears in three places

Roots, branches, branches at the height over 60cm above the ground rarely have Agarwood. Much of the incense lies around the root, especially in the roots. Therefore, when looking for agarwood resin, roots are growing to the right dug up there. Seekers are not afraid of snake bites because they believe that when there is Snake snakes. He was sent away.

How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

Owning one agarwood bead bracelets is considered to keep the priceless goods, cause not only it is jewelry to make luxurious, but it also has a tremendous spiritual value. However, how to maintain the agarwood bracelet? Using the agarwood one needs what to keep in mind is that many people don’t know. This post will share with you how to maintain the agarwood bead bracelets in use.

Undeniably, the Agarwood Bracelet is increasingly sophisticatedly designed. It is both a feng shui bracelet and a beautiful fashion accessory to show the owner’s level. Agarwood bracelets are mixed with accessories coated with gold and stones meaning other feng shui, such as spleen, gourd, … All meet in the bracelet to add strength and enhance the beauty of the ring.

How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?
How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?
  • Don’t let the agarwood bead bracelets in direct contact with water

To check the agarwood beads bracelets is fake or auth, people usually put it in water, if seeing oil slick, it is auth. That is one of the effective ways of identifying. However, according to experts, one of the ways of maintaining isn’t in direct contact with water. Because the amount of oil in this bracelet is limited, when it touches with water, the amount of oil will lose forever, that leads its value to decrease. Moreover, put it in water many times, its colour will be lowered, no longer shiny.

If it falls into the water by accident, you should use a dry and soft towel to wipe carefully to avoid scratching and peeling paint.

  • Avoid the agarwood beads bracelets contacting with chemicals, food that is heavy odor

When rubbing with the skin, the agarwood bracelet radiates a natural fragrant. However, because of this feature, you must avoid chemicals and artificial odors such as perfume, conditioner, oil dishwashers…

buddha prayer beads bracelet
Avoid chemicals and artificial odors such as perfume, conditioner, oil dishwashers…

Because when touching, the smell of chemicals will affect directly the natural aroma of the ring, reducing its effect on human health. Besides, the products have a strong and uncomfortable smell like fish sauce… we should avoid it. The preservation of this one also depends on hands. In the summer, when joining in various activities, sweat from the pores of the wrist along with salty acid oil can cause abrasion outside.

  • Stay away from harmful objects to the agarwood beads bracelets

Due to the daily wear of the agarwood bracelet, it is obvious that the effects of the environment are unavoidable. However, you should pay attention to preserve it by not press against sharp objects, that makes the risk of losing the paint outside.

Or if joining in the sports activities such as football, volleyball, you should remove it out of hand in order to avoid the damage of the ring.

Stay away from harmful objects to the agarwood beads bracelets
Stay away from harmful objects to the agarwood beads bracelets

If preserve properties, not only extend its duration but also make a peaceful life.


Agarwood beads bracelets Maintenance

  • Agarwood must be kept dry. If it gets wet, dry it with a cloth and place in a dry location.
  • Store Agarwood in a glass container and keep in a cool location when not wearing.
  • To maintain the distinct Agarwood fragrance, do not store in a location with strong odours. This may pollute or destroy the Agarwood fragrance.
  • Keep the Agarwood away from cleaning products, such as soap, washing powder, and shampoo. Agarwood’s fragrance can be lost through chemical reaction with these products.
  • Wearing your Agarwood is the best way to maintain its natural condition and fragrance. It is normal for the natural oils created by the human body to slowly change the colour of Agarwood.
  • When Agarwood is worn or carried for a long period of time, the surface will form a natural serum, which may eventually weaken the fragrance. To maintain fragrance, place the Agarwood under your pillow at night or store within a sealed glass container.

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