What is July 23 Zodiac sign?

July 23 Zodiac sign - Leo sign personality

The zodiac sign for July 23 is Leo.
Astrological symbol: Lion. This is the symbol of the Leo zodiac for people born July 23 – August 22. It is one of three signs representative of the Fire.

Leo is the most generous of the Zodiac signs. Mighty, creative, and charming are the hallmarks of Leo people.


The way to determine the zodiac sign
The way to determine the zodiac sign


Table of Contents

1. Profile of July 23 Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign for July 23 is Leo.
The zodiac sign for July 23 is Leo.
  • Date of birth: July 23 – August 22
  • Keyword: Proud, bold, ambitious
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling body: Sun
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Lucky color: Yellow
  • Lucky Gems: Carnelian
  • Flower: Sunflowers & Marigolds
  • Lucky number:1, 4 and 6
  • Body parts: Heart, back
  • Perfume: Agarwood, Bergamot essential oil
  • Indispensable accessories: Comb

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2. Legend about July 23 Zodiac sign

Whether in the sky of the eagle or the sea of ​​the shark, there is always a king. Leo is the lord of the 12 zodiac signs. According to legend, the Lion sign was the beginning of the twelve feats of the hero Heracles in Roman mythology, the son of Zeus (the god Zeus) and a mortal named Alcmene – a concubine of Mycenae.

Queen of Mycenae gave birth earlier than expected due to jealousy of Zeus. She wanted to prevent Heracles from becoming king. Sometime later, in the deep forest of Nemea appeared a beast that made everyone tremble. The king at that time named Eurystheus knew that this beast could not be subdued, but because he was jealous of his half-brother, So he ordered Heracles to go into the forest of Nemea to destroy this beast.

Legend about July 23 Zodiac sign
The legend about July 23 Zodiac sign

At that time, Heracles was staying at Molorchus’ house, after receiving orders from Molorchus, he went away and told him to stay at home to wait for thirty days. When he entered the forest, he realized that this fearsome beast was not only ferocious, large, stronger than other lions but also had skin harder than metal. Therefore, Hercules could not kill the lion with any weapon, he fought it with his bare hands, and the final victory belonged to Hercules.

Returning to Molorchus’ house on the thirtieth day, Heracles and Molorchus submitted the lion skin to Zeus as a peace ceremony. Zeus, in memory of Heracles’ first feat, brought the beast’s soul to heaven to transform into a constellation. our Leo star today.

3. July 23 Zodiac sign – Leo sign personality

3.1 Characteristic personality

  •  Leo is the most generous of the 12 zodiac signs.
  •  Mighty, creative, and charming are the hallmarks of Leo people.
  •  Leo loves to be praised, bragged, they also like splendor, likes to be cared for, and loved.
  •  They are also kind and helpful to others.
  •  Leo people are rare and loyal friends, but scary enemies.
  •  In addition, Leo still has great inherent inertia, changes will only come when Leo has no other choice.
  •  Sometimes becomes irresponsible.

3.2 Male Leo

  •  The Leo man is strong and extremely generous, preferring a free and free life.
  •  Leo takes promises seriously and never lets others down.
  •  In his work, he is a special leader, with a clear and sharp head, this guy likes to be the leader.
  •  In the aspect of love, Leo is both faithful and sincere and knows how to care for and love the other person. The ideal girl image that makes Leo fall in love as soon as he meets it is the kind of gentle and courageous girl.
  •  Belonging to the personality and dynamic type, he also likes to participate in group activities.
  •  He’s also the careful type, but sometimes he’s also quite reckless.
  •  In love, this guy is very frank and straightforward, rarely feeling shy or timid.

3.3 Female Lion

July 23 Zodiac sign - Leo sign personality
July 23 Zodiac sign – Leo sign personality
  •  The Leo woman, despite being rosy cheeks, is still very strong and independent, which is also a characteristic of this zodiac sign.
  •  She does not like to rely or depend on others, always has a sense of self-reliance and independence.
  •  She likes a free and free life, life is to be free to do what she loves.
  •  Female Lion attaches great importance to the emotional relationships around her, from relatives to friends to lovers, she always tries to spend a lot of time with them.
  •  She has a bit of arrogance, plus great ambition that makes her always want to achieve a higher position than others.
  •  The stubborn personality is deeply ingrained in the minds of many Leos who are no longer alert enough to judge everything.
  •  The Lioness when in love is quite romantic, when entangled in the love of the heroic, strong Lion every day, suddenly becomes a gentle and lovely little cat.

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4. Love of July 23 Zodiac sign

Like any other zodiac sign, Leo also knows how to vibrate and love. But each sign is different, even the way of love is different. Anyone who is a little observant will easily know when a Leo has been “fallen in love”.

4.1 Start love

On a beautiful day, the sun is still up, the wind is still blowing, suddenly the Leo gives you more attention than usual, sends you a message with random content, calls you just to ask some silly sentences, texts you a few lines with confusing icons; that’s a sign that the Leo girl/guy has your eye on you!

Starting a love affair whether it is the first or the n-th time, it seems that we Lions are still like newcomers to love – stupidly stupid, sometimes naively doing stupid things. But that is the lovely and special point that makes a Lion. Maybe we don’t know about other zodiac signs, but for Leo, they really appreciate affection. Why? Because it’s hard for Leo to find a special feeling with someone, it’s easy to like but hard to love. A person who has caught the eyes of a Leo woman/man must be very special to have the ability to move their hearts.

And once the Lion gives you the right to step in that place, gives you the right to hurt yourself, it will surely be very greedy to keep you in their heart forever. No matter how much you accidentally or intentionally hurt them, they also discard everything to keep you by their side. Lions who love will accept pain, accept tears in exchange for happiness, in exchange for peace for the person they love. But when falling in love with a Leo, if you suddenly feel ‘bored’. That ‘boring’ will quickly be removed.

Love of July 23 Zodiac sign
Love of July 23 Zodiac sign

4.2. While in love

When in love, separation is inevitable. So how will the Lion deal with it? If the person who spoke first was a Lion, then they must have thought carefully, once their feelings were exhausted, they would stop showing off to the cold. But breaking up is not the end, ending one relationship but starting another. If you can’t be each other’s lover, you can still be good friends, right? However, if the Lion is the one who is passive before the other farewell, then only they know how terrible that feeling is. any. They love passionately, love passionately, and also hurt to the extreme. Lions are really not as strong as they appear, they are very weak. 

4.3 The end of the love

When Leos fall into a terrifying silence, it is a sign that they have been dominated by pain and tears, but it is also when they are dressing for the deep wound in their hearts, themselves. get up after falling. Knowing that hurt is difficult to accept the harsh truth in front of you, but Leo will wipe his tears and hold his head high proudly that he has loved with all his heart and will never regret; The one who regrets must be them when they have given up a truly loving Leo. Leo learns to love as well as learns to overcome everything, leaving the past behind to move on. That’s how Leo shows his inherent strength!

That’s why loving a Leo and being loved by a Lion is so happy? If you are currently holding Leo’s heart, cherish it. Since the heart is a fragile thing, it is something to be cherished as much as Leo’s love. Once you’ve lost it, no matter how hard you try, you won’t have a chance to get it again!

5. Leo’s career

Leos are attracted to be a leader in the workplace. It happens every day, and even when Leo isn’t in charge, people will turn to them for answers. Lions can be domineering and even superhuman at work. These charming cats really shine when it comes to encouraging others to face and overcome fears.

In addition to finding ways to be the boss, some Leos find it easier to enjoy and work alone, especially in the theatrical, entertainment, or creative fields. With their own nature and ability, Leos are still suitable to become managers, supervisors, actors, singers, etc.

Becoming a manager, supervisor or similar, will promote Leo’s leadership ability and direction very well. Because they have great determination and ambition, they want to reach the top position. . They have a talent for mastering, directing everything, so no matter what job they do, they also want and have the ability to be a great “pioneer”.

Always attracting attention, Leo likes to be the center of all eyes and respect. Whether in the public eye or in ordinary life, Leo will entertain and bring joy to everyone around. If a Leo has a passion for the arts, then surely, they will be a promising singer, mastering everything when performing; or if they are actors, they will be extremely shining in the spotlight or in the movies.

Money and Leo have a complicated relationship, as money often flows through their fingers like drops of water. The reason is that they like to do big things and spend money too. They can be a little delusional about the amount of money on their credit card and it’s all too common to get into debt easily! If Leo knows how to spend wisely, everything they touch seems to turn to “gold”.

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