How to make a red string bracelet? 

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The red string bracelets are an accessory which is beautiful for its owner. Wearing a red string bracelet will help you increase the richness, happiness and luck. it’s like a reminder that you always have to live well and be ethical. Red string bracelet with charm to help ward off evil spirits. Moreover, the way to create a red string bracelet is quite easy. You can follow this content to know how to make a red string bracelet. After reading this one, hopefully you can choose for yourself a red string bracelet. 

I. What is the meaning of the good luck bracelet?

Wearing a good luck bracelet attracts good luck, wealth, and great fortune. These bracelets are made of materials that tie to specific elements of Feng Shui and the spiritual world, which means that as long as the bracelet is made correctly and you set your intentions, then the bracelet will work for you.

how to make good luck bracelet
wearing good luck bracelet on wrist


There is a lot of material to create a good luck bracelet. Not only the simple natural ingredients, but also the achievements gemstone. It is believed that this means a good luck bracelet helps us eliminate evil and ghosts. Besides that, It absolutely keeps all the negative energy away. When wearing it, you feel so calm and peaceful. 

The higher the temperature, the more beautiful good luck bracelet. In addition, when the temperature changes, the Pixiu will change its color. 

How to make a red string bracelet? It is so easy to create a thread with many optional ingredients.

Some natural stones such as: marble, quartz, ruby, onyx, sapphire… In addition, this one with the documented precious woods such as mulberry wood, agarwood, agarwood, and agarwood. , red jelly, small herd…. these bracelets have a very high material value because of the precious materials.

II. How to make a red string bracelet?


  • Ripcord
  • Red string or transparent rope
  • Charm (optional your preferences): agarwood, Feng Shui stone, four leaf clover, etc
  • Lighter
  • Scissor

Step 1: Take the red string or transparent rope  so that even though it is twice as long as the wristband, it is still prepared and backward for parallelism. Use only or wool red over top as often as possible from one end to the other.

Step 2: After completing the red thread in step 1, we use our hands to tie the cable straight. Then, cut off the excess rope and pull the flame to fix and tighten the rope.

Step 3: Then, thread 2 mulberry loops into the end of the rope, in which there are 2 excess spikes. Secure the knot and tie it tight and then use a rubber band to tie it so that the mulberry does not come loose. 

how make red string bracelet
red string bracelet meaning with charm

As you see, making a good luck bracelet is not difficult. Just needing a little finesse. This is a good present for your friends or relatives on many occasions: birthday, celebration, anniversary, ….Red thread has a lot of meaning in many regions about “how to make a red string bracelet?”. Every country has a special meaning differently

III. Uses of red bracelet:

The lucky red string bracelet has a lot of special meaning in the variety of regions. Throughout history, the red bracelet for protection, faith, luck, strength and connection. How a red string bracelet mean in a region? There are different views about the properties of red thread. It is viewed as a strong power across cultures. Since ancient times, people have believed that the spell, cues, spells will farm for others; make a seriously ill even death. So, they use a wool red string to make into a bracelet. This one is a way to strengthen and protect away from ghosts and evil. Red string bracelets combine with lovely mulberries to help ward off evil spirits. Strawberries help users avoid cold, wind and toxic gases.

how to make red string bracelet
red string bracelet brings lucky for it owner

Beside the above meaning, the red represents a beautiful meaning of Buddhism: the state of mind and the associated chakra. Moreover, new-borns are gifted with red string bracelets for protection against bad luck and evil. In addition, a red string symbolizes Christ’s blood who is looking for redemption and spiritual awakening. A red bracelet means an amulet. Moreover, be protected by your side, pray for love, bring luck, get rid of poison

IV. Should we wear red string bracelets on which hand?

Wearing a Chinese red string bracelet depends on your favorite side. However, from ancient times, our grandparents had the saying “Male left, Female right”. So in this article, we introduces you how to wear a chinese red string bracelet in the following way:

  • boys or man should wear it on the left hand
  • girl of woman should wear it on the right hand
how to make red string bracelet
Women should wear good  luck on the right

Any color bracelet will do, as long as you feel beautiful and match it is fine. Beside the red one, good luck bracelet has a lot of different colors: black, blue, orange,….. In addition, a good luck bracelet has the other version of bead strings.  

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V. Where to buy a red lucky string?

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