Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold – classic


Gold Agarwood Bracelet is made from Agarwood of Philippines origin combined with 9999 gold to create perfect Jewelry.

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    Product Description

    This is a product of the most popular collection of Agarwood beaded bracelet for females in Thien Moc Huong, made by artisans of Thien Moc Huong with a lot of enthusiasm. This is a combination between Philippines Agarwood and 24K Feng shui Gold Charm. Each design is a special gift from Thien Moc Huong.

    Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet

    Symbol of life reunion and peaceful life

    Product information

    Material Agarwood + 24k Gold
    Country of Origin
    Number of beads
    17-21 beads
    Agarwood ages:
    30 years sedimentary

    Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subordinates
    Meaning reunion, peaceful

    Product description about Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet

    1. Information about Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet

    The single-round lotus agarwood beaded bracelet is made from the agarwood of Philippines. This bracelet is also designed from 17-21 agarwood beads with a gentle, faint scent. Its smell helps owners feel comfortable, reduce stress, clear and refresh their minds. It will be a gift, extremely meaningful jewelry for everyone.

    2. The meaning of Golden Wealthy Lotus

    24K Gold Lotus Charm: In the stinking mud, lotus still flourished and gave off a distinct aroma. Despite being fragile, it is strong, pure and it has a gentle, discreet aroma.  The image of the lotus is a symbol of sacred spirituality, sincerity and temptation. Its petals represent stability and persistence, beauty and freedom.

    Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet
    Philippines lotus agarwood beaded bracelet

    This agarwood beaded bracelet product belongs to Philippines mala beads Collection hence it is the most preferable product for women at Thien Moc Huong store. Most notably, they used silver material to create a bracelet that has a compact design, precise but very aesthetic, charm bell. It has many very attractive uses that not all types of bracelets have.

    3. An exquisite jewelry for women

    Being inspired by the flower symbolizes of spring plus the high quality of Agarwood, this golden lotus bracelet is definitely luxurious and fashionable jewelry which means to bring peace and patience in life. High aesthetics and above all express the meaning of wish for peace for the family, towards a full and gathering life.

    Agarwood actually is a son of Mother Nature which has a magic to bring good luck, good health, prosperity to the owner. It is also a feng shui bracelet, a talisman whenever there is a combination between agarwood and Golden Pixiu. It is suitable for everyone and becomes the very first option to be chosen as a piece of elegant jewelry.


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    Agarwood Production Process
    Agarwood Production Process

    Additional Information

    Size (mm)

    10, 8


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