Aquamarine Gem: How much? Where do you buy it? Which elements?


Today, Feng shui stone jewelry is always popular with many people not only because it possesses exquisite beauty and elegance. But also because of its great uses in terms of feng shui that it brings. Prominent among them is the Aquamarine Stone Ring. So what does Aquamarine Gem mean, and what are its benefits? How much? Where to buy the best? Which Elements? Let’s find out through the article below.

Sore throats and laryngitis are both soothed by aquamarine
Sore throats and laryngitis are both soothed by aquamarine

Aquamarine stone ring – A feng shui masterpiece made from Aquamarine stone is trendy today.  It is often said that wearing this bracelet will bring peace and luck in life.  Does Aquamarine have such benefits?  What fate do they match?  Where to buy and how much?… Let’s find the answers to the questions above!

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1. The Origin of aquamarine gem

The name of Aquamarine comes from the Latin word, a combination of two words “aqua” – water, and “mare” – sea.  This gem was found around 300 BC with amulets on Poseidon’s chariot or in ancient Egyptian tombs. Therefore, Aquamarine is a very early used jade.

According to folklore, this stone was stored in the treasure chest of mermaids washed ashore by the waves. Therefore, when fishermen go fishing. They often carry this bracelet with them to have a safe and convenient boat trip against dangers and sea monsters.


The aquamarine gemstone was found around 300 BC.
The aquamarine gemstone was found around 300 BC.


Ancient warriors often wore an Aquamarine stone on their chest as an amulet. Because they believed it would help them have more courage and fighting enthusiasm.

 It is believed that this stone’s energy can remove hatred and envy between people thanks to their beauty as well.

 Aquamarine stones are also likened to a love talisman that brings peace to couples, helping them to have a stable and happy marriage.

2. What are the benefits of the Aquamarine gem bracelet? 

Formed deep in the underground and having experienced a majority of complex geological conditions for a long time, Aquamarine has in itself a sacred source of energy, converging the essence of earth and heaven. That is why Aquamarine is used to craft jewelry along with other feng shui products.

That being said, wearing jewelry made of Aquamarine stone will bring about the following significant effects:

2.1 Health

  • Wearing an Aquamarine stone bracelet helps its owner prevent illnesses relating to the nervous system and enhances balancing nature and life.
  • Positive energy sources accumulated for centuries in the Aquamarine stone will significantly benefit the immune system, helping fight off bacteria and diseases. Moreover, this stone can also treat belching and yawning, support the treatment of some jaw and throat diseases, and effectively treat toothache.
  • In modern medicine today, it is still believed that this gemstone could help prevent dehydr; Aquamarine bracelets could also help cure diseases of the skin, lungs, allergies, stomach, liver, etc.
Fox - Aquamarine
Fox – Aquamarine

2.2 Feng Shui

  • Aquamarine stone bracelet provides harmony, assisting its owner in balancing their emotions.
  • As a symbol of love and loyalty, the Aquamarine bracelet helps fortify a happy, lasting marriage. They also carry the meaning of suitability, often used for loving couples, as they help mediate the emotional tensions between both.
  • They affect their owners by giving them a positive and bright view of the world, making them more open to relationships in society. Thanks to this, the career, love, and life of the Aquamarine bracelets’ bearers as a whole tend to have more luck on their way.
  • Aquamarine has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, improve prediction and concentration while also has the ability to exorcise the bearer. The energy from this stone helps its owners always feel energetic and lively. Wearing an aquamarine stone bracelet was also believed to effectively purifying the mind.

3. Aquamarine feng shui stone ring suitable for which element?

According to the Western feng shui concept, the Aquamarine stone ring is the amulet of people born in March of the solar calendar and born in the year of the Ox. This is also a symbolic gemstone for the couple’s 19th wedding anniversary.

the aquamarine gemstone is considered to be the birthstone for people in March
the aquamarine gemstone is considered to be the birthstone for people in March

According to the concept of Eastern feng shui, the blue color of Aquamarine stone belongs to the Element of Water, is jewelry for fortune, luck, and peace for those belonging to the Element of Water and Wood:

  • For people of the Element of Water, when wearing Aquamarine stone bracelets to be compatible, help prosperity support bring more luck and success in all fields.
  • The people of the Element of Wood wear this gemstone ring for mutual rebirth. They will help people with the Wood sign attract a lot of fortune and prosperity and have a lot of luck in love, work, and career.

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4. Where to buy Aquamarine gemstone?

Possessing many positive effects on health and feng shui for the wearer, Aquamarine stone rings are chosen by many young people today as their accessories to add radiance, beauty and express their style.

Although designed simply, not fussy in motifs, these feng shui stone rings are still extremely delicate, bringing outstanding luxury beauty. Because of the breakthrough in each line, the eye-catching color is why the Aquamarine feng shui stone ring at Thien Moc Huong Agarwood Jewelry has become a new fashion trend, chosen by a large number of customers.

The stone rings here will help the wearer become very fashionable, easy to mix with different sets of youthful and dynamic styles. Just owning an Aquamarine stone bracelet on hand is enough for you to shine anywhere.

The stone rings here will help the wearer become very fashionable. It’s easy to mix with different sets of youthful and dynamic styles. Just owning an Aquamarine stone bracelet on hand is enough for you to shine anywhere.

As a brand specializing in providing jewelry and items from feng shui gems, the Aquamarine stone rings at Thien Moc Huong Agarwood Jewelry are designed according to the destiny, in accordance with the preferences and fashion taste of the buyer and the buyer. The most reasonable price.

5. How much is the Aquamarine gem?

Aquamarine stone rings have many different sizes, including 6 mm, 8 mm, and 14 mm. As a result, the price of these stones at ABC will be based on their size, number, and whether or not the buyer wants to mix more accessories.

what is the most expensive gemstone_Aquamarine
Aquamarine, one of the most beautiful gemstones

The price of Aquamarine stone bracelet at Thien Moc Huong:

  • Aquamarine stone rings cost 650,000 VND or more.
  • The brighter the clarity’s stone is, the higher the bracelet’s value, which can range from one million to several million dollars.
  • The price of a charm bracelet will increase by 200,000 VND or more, depending on the charm.

6. How to distinguish natural or fake Aquamarine gems?

Some tips that can help us quickly identify real or fake aquamarine:

  • To distinguish the real from the unreal, you can use the light through the stone to check. Usually, stones of natural origin will have some cracks or impurities and are not 100% perfect.
  • The fake stone products will have garish colors and will be degraded after a period of wearing. Moreover, with the clear stone surface without a bit of ripple and brilliant blue color, you need to check the quality of the product when buying carefully.
  • The bracelet is made of natural Aquamarine stone that will have a potent energy source. So when you put it on your cheeks, you can readily feel the cold. But fake stone bracelets will not have this feature.
  • You can also use a sharp piece of glass to make a small incision on the surface of the ring and check for scratches. If there are scratches, it is most likely a fake.
  • Test it under fire of 500 degrees C; the Aquamarine stone ring will not have a broken internal structure at this temperature. As for the fake type, when burned, it will have a burning smell and crumble into charcoal.
you can use the light through the stone to check
you can use the light through the stone to check

6.1 Preservation

Like other gemstones, Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it suitable for everyday wear. Therefore, you also need to know the following ways of preservation:

  • They should not be worn all day continuously when taking a bath or going to bed. They should be taken off. This helps both avoid entanglement. And it prevents the stone from being exposed to body sweat for too long to dirt.
  • Stone bracelets should not be worn during vigorous activity, playing sports, or doing heavy work because most stones are very fragile when impacted.
  • Do not let the Aquamarine come into an alkaline environment such as soapy water, bleach, etc., or an acidic environment such as vinegar, lemon juice, etc. Because these substances will erode the stone surface, making the stone dull.
  • Avoid putting other stones with the Aquamarine in the same place as they can scratch the bracelet’s surface.
  • When swimming, bathing, cleaning the house, washing dishes, washing, etc., you should remove the stone to avoid contact chemicals that can blur and dirty it.
  • When cleaning, you should use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the dirt on the back of the stone, helping the stone stay clean and catch the brightest. Take it off and put it on gently.
  • Aquamarine stone bracelets are very suitable for wedding gifts, birthday gifts. They both show the sophistication of the giver and promise to please those who own them. So, if you want to own one of the Aquamarine items or choose as a gift, Thien Moc Huong is the best address for your choice.

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