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    The shred of agarwood is also used to be a first-foot thing, which is not only an intersection between feng shui and spirituality, but also provides a relaxing space, reduces stress and brings a lot of luck to house’s owner .

    Committing 100% of natural Agarwood

    Agarwood shred – premium agarwood 

    Agarwood shred
    Agarwood shred

    I. Product Introduction:

    Natural Agarwood has undergone a long process of formation which absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth with the highest spiritual value in the sacred realm. The shred is an extra product of agarwood with tiny in size, only 1 – 5cm. It is very flammable, so it is popularly used in the home to expel evil

    • Product Description
    • Advantage

    This shred is a spirit of heaven and earth, with high feng shui value. Additionally, it has many other benefits such as:

    + Helping the space to be disinfected, create the fragrance, deodorize mold

    +Use to storm for families who do business, newly opened stores, offices.

    +Use in the physical exercise room. All individuals who want to practice Yoga are often controlling the spirit, eliminating stress and depression, returning themselves with the most refreshing spirit with a gentle fragrance, not too much strength. Besides, it makes you calm down and focusing on your working with high level of effect.

    the essential benefit of shred’s agarwood is used to storm the house, which is not only an intersection between feng shui and spirituality but also provides a relaxing place, reduces stress and brings a lot of luck to the home of the owner.

    2. Usage of agarwood shred:

    Agarwood shred
    Agarwood shred

    The shred of agarwood  has its own purpose. There is a huge amount of Vietnameses’ popular agarwood ways, such as:

    + Burning the shred of agarwood on a plate: that is the simplest method. Just preparing a ceramic, wood disc that can be used to prevent fire.

    + The deep smoke spreads upward along with the small slots at the top of the censer giving off a gentle, delicate appearance.

    3. Preservation way:

    Keeping them in dry places

    Closing the lid of the box after usage

    The product can be used in air-conditioned rooms

    To have a fresh, warm and serene home space. Why don’t own the shred of agarwood immediately, my hospitable customers.

    BUY NOW, Agarwood shred for new, fresh atmosphere in your home


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