What is May 21 zodiac sign? Personality, love, career

Gemini, who is born between May 21 and June 21, is one of the three signs of the Air element

Are you wondering what zodiac sign people born on May 21 are? Today, Thien Moc Huong gives you an overall view of May 21 zodiac people, including their personality, love, and career life. Check it out in this article now!

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1. What Is May 21 Zodiac Sign?

Those of you who fall between May 21 and June 21 of the year will belong to the Gemini zodiac sign. So in conclusion, those who were born on May 21 are Gemini. It is one of the three signs of the Air element. The symbol of this sign is two twins standing side by side.

People born on May 21 are Gemini
People born on May 21 are Gemini

Flexibility is the most prominent feature of people born around this time. This zodiac sign loves to communicate and spend time with family and friends.

This is how to identify the birth dates of 12 zodiac signs:



Date of birth


The Ram 20th or 21st of March – 19th or 20th of April


The Bull 19th or 20th of April – 20th or 21st of May


The Twins

20th or 21st of May – 21st of June


The Crab

21st or 22nd of June – 22nd or 23rd of July


The Lion

22nd or 23rd of July – 22nd or 23rd of August


The Maiden (or Virgin)

23rd of August – 22nd or 23rd of September


The Scales

22nd or 23rd of September – 23rd or 24th of October


The Scorpion

23rd of October – 21st or 22nd of November


The Archer

22nd or 23rd of November – 21st or 22nd of December

The Goat (or Sea-Goat)

21st or 22nd of December – 20th of January

Aquarius  The Water-Bearer

20th of January – 18th or 19th of February


The Fish

18th or 19th of February – 20th or 21st of March


2. May 21 Zodiac Overview

  • Gemini birthdays: May 21 to June 20
  • Icon: Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Day of the week: Wednesday
  • Color: Yellow, Blue
  • 3rd sign: 3 in the Zodiac
  • General characteristics: Excited, like to change
  • Ruling Star: Mercury
  • Lucky stones: Jade, Magnetite ore (ferromagnetic ore), cat’s eye jade, onyx
  • Body Parts: Lungs, arms
  • Keywords: Communication
  • Fragrance: juniper, lavender, tangerine
  • Suitable sport: tennis

3. The Legend of Gemini – May 21 Zodiac

Zeus – lord of all the twelve gods on Mount Olympus and the queen of Sparta gave birth to twins, Castor and Pollux. They were two very brave children, they fought together and achieved many resounding feats in many adventures and typically aboard the great Argo. In any situation, the twins always unite love and find ways to help each other.

During a battle, Castor, unfortunately, suffered a severe wound and died. Witnessing that scene, Pollux was heartbroken and tried to commit suicide after his brother. But despite trying to find death, Pollux was never successful because he inherited the blood of Zeus. Pollux is an immortal warrior. When there was no other way, the boy cried in despair

 – “Father! Please let me die instead of Castor.”

Zeus was deeply saddened, took them to the blue sky and let them take turns to live one day each. The twins have transformed themselves into the constellation Gemini. Each day, a bright star and an unlit star represent people in heaven and people on earth. Since then, the constellation Gemini has become a symbol of eternal, undying brotherhood.

The twins have transformed themselves into the constellation Gemini.
The twins have transformed themselves into the constellation Gemini.


4. Gemini’s personality

4.1 Characteristic personality

  • Flexibility is the most prominent feature of Gemini.
  • People born in this sign like to communicate, make quick decisions depending on the situation, be very easygoing, generous, live
  • emotional, somewhat impulsive and humorous.
  • When facing serious problems, Gemini is mature and behaves very maturely.
  • Gemini hates boredom.
  • Gemini people are very creative but honest, they like people who are active and dare to face challenges.
  • Besides, Gemini is curious by nature, easily drawn to the occult.
  • Gemini’s weakness is the balance between money and enjoyment.
  • Gemini wants to be constantly brainstorming and gets bored very quickly.
Flexibility is the most prominent feature of Gemini.
Flexibility is the most prominent feature of Gemini.

4.2 Male Gemini

  • Gemini guys are smart, funny and quite mischievous.
  • In life, male Gemini worships liberalism, independence and hates being confined and confined.
  • Moreover, Gemini is friendly and sociable, good at communication and loves to participate in group activities.
  • However, Gemini is a person who is extremely focused on appearance, he always wants to stand out in the eyes of others.
  • The guy is always very confident in himself, sometimes they are also quite arrogant.
  • As a guy, but Gemini himself has a huge weakness that is talking too much.
  • Gemini values ​​affection and care for family and loved ones.
  • In a relationship, Gemini always wants to be the one in charge.
  • Gemini has extremely consistent life rules and does not like others prying into his private life.
  • Gemini is very possessive, if they have determined that something is theirs, they will definitely not let go or give up, yield to others.
  • This guy will also sometimes be narrow-minded and selfish, revealing a very childish side that surprises others.

4.3 Female Gemini

  • She has extremely good communication skills, a humorous way of talking that creates a sense of comfort for those around her.
  • Gemini is a smart girl, quick to recognize problems and has very good thinking
  • This girl is a rational person, they have principles and nothing can make them change their mind.
  • Gemini is a girl who leads in intelligence and creativity. Gemini makes an impression on others from their unconventional appearance to strange thoughts.
  • Gemini is selfless and always knows how to share and love. She empathizes with difficult situations, she loves to help
  • others, doing charity work for the common good.
  • In love, she is a difficult person to conquer. When she has not found a suitable person, she will not rush to open her heart.
  • A girl who hates restraint loves freedom and flies like Gemini is definitely an extremely independent person. They believe in themselves and their decisions.

5. The Love of a Gemini – May 21 Zodiac

If you are loved by a Gemini, understand that “it’s a blessing to you” so don’t betray Gemini, don’t cheat Gemini and don’t abandon Gemini or you will regret it.

On the outside, Gemini is quite cold but once in love, love wholeheartedly, very sincerely, very childishly, and very unruly.

When they love you, they give all the best things of their lives to you, without any intentions or interests. They are always patient and make sacrifices for their love. However, what they say sometimes makes you misunderstand that “they think too childishly”.

Remember: Gemini talk differently than they really think, so when they tell you to break up, hold them back because they’re in trouble.

Never abaddon a Gemini unless you want to regret it
Never abandon a Gemini unless you want to regret it

However, they hate lies, if you lie they will read it right away. Because they’re pretty smart. Nobility and tolerance should be easy to overlook when you make mistakes, but don’t let them down because of that. If you lose them, you won’t get them a second time in your life.

If they ever say they don’t need anything, it means they really need it. so when they are silent go to them and give them a shoulder to lean on. You don’t need to say anything, just being with them makes them happy.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand a Gemini, but it’s not too hard to love them. If you are thinking of marrying a Gemini, you must first ask yourself, “did you really love them or was it just a fleeting moment?” If it’s a feeling that comes from the heart, then act to show them that you love them, not say sweet words.

6. The Career of a Gemini – May 21 Zodiac

Generally, a Gemini is vital to any firm that wishes to stay current with the latest ideas and information because they have an incredible sixth sense and a propensity for culture. A Gemini, on the other hand, is always the first to find out about new developments.

Gemini has the potential to be an excellent writer and communicator. Moreover, Gemini is happiest when they have the opportunity to work in an environment that allows them to fully satisfy their insatiable curiosity. Somewhere unique and creative.

A Gemini can talk about what they’re doing all day if they enjoy it. They’re also information junkies, so many Geminis will be glued to their phones all day. Gemini also enjoys work excursions, which provide them with an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons and travel to new places

Gemini has the potential to be an excellent writer and communicator
Gemini has the potential to be an excellent writer and communicator

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