What is January zodiac sign? Personality, career and love

Zodiac in january

You have a crush on a guy or a girl born in January. You are highly interested in his/ her personality. In this article, we will share with you the personality, career, and love of the January zodiac sign. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your phone and read until the end. 

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1. Which zodiac sign is in January?

When December comes to a close. So the month of January and the new year begins. Being the first month of the Gregorian calendar. As well as the coldest month of the year. So the frigid weather of budding winter pairs nicely with New Year’s festivities and resolutions.

Your date of birth is between January 1 and January 19. So you will be under the zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 to January 19). Those born during this period of Capricorn are associated with the earth element.

If you have a birthday between January 20 and January 31. As a result, you belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius (January 20 to February 18). Therefore, you are associated with the air element. Additionally, one can identify an Aquarius by the originality. That dominates all aspects of their life. Finally, for more information, consult the horoscopes listed below.

12 month's zodiac sign
12 month’s zodiac sign

2. Overview of zodiac sign in January

Characteristics Capricorn Aquarius
The order of the zodiac 10th  11th
Trait Leadership Immutability
Element Earth Air
Ruling planet Saturn (Sagittarius) Saturn, Uranus
Featured Personalities  Patience, logical thinking, industrious and perseverance Highly disciplined and organized
Constellation symbol Seagoat Water-Bearer
Metal Plumbum Uranium 
Symbolic flowers Gardenia, violets, chrysanthemums, daffodils Rhododendrons, hydrangeas, poppies
Lucky day  Saturday  Wednesday & Saturday
Lucky number  6 and 8, 9 2 and 3, 4, 7, 8


3. Personality, love, career of the zodiac in January

3.1 Capricorn


Firstly, Capricorn is patient, practical. They’re also resourceful, passionate, and ambitious. For those born in January Capricorn. Capricorns are the hardest workers of the zodiac. Besides they love nothing more than getting ahead in life. 

Secondly, living well is important to them. Capricorns are born shrewd. Additionally, they are self-aware of their own needs and traits too. The caps are good people!

Furthermore, being good at hiding their emotions is their specific skill. It’s really difficult for those around them to understand and empathize with their thoughts.

For Capricorns, keeping credibility is extremely important. Beside, they value time significantly. Finally, Capricorns never let themselves off the hook. For instance, they’re determined to show other people what they’re made of. And, let’s face it, a little bit obsessed with status.



Don’t be surprised when you see a Capricorn coldly and hard-hearted. Because love is not essential in life. If you want to impress a Capricorn, show off your sensible side.

However, when falling in love, they always give sincerity and faith. Capricorns are expansive and generous in love. Typically, they may follow gender norms of dating as well as the men to pay all in the first date. 

Plus, everyone loves their patient attitude when sharing, talking, and understanding. They know their hearts well. And don’t hesitate to lock things down. When they know that the relationship is right

In addition, they are the family model. Therefore, these “sea goats”  are willing to sacrifice everything to keep their home warm and harmonious.

Finally, this January zodiac isn’t afraid of therapy. If their relationship needs help. And approach problems as a bump in the road. Thus, they’re capable of fixing with honesty, trust. And hard work from both partners.

Capricorn in January


People born in January of Capricorn usually have good leadership qualities. Consequently, they work hard and diligently and always have the right orientation.

In general, Capricorn will never miss any opportunity that comes to them. Moreover, these Capricorn people will make detailed and specific plans to be able to achieve their goals.

A clever Capricorn should look for careers like Information Technology. Because this will show your organizational skills and clever problem-solving.

All of this means that Capricorns will probably look for a ‘career for life’ until retirement age. Undoubtedly, many Capricorns possess excellent leadership qualities. For instance, they set high standards for themselves and others. Capricorns tend to be dedicated to producing high-quality work and meeting targets.

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3.2 Aquarius 


The broadest knowledge of the 12 zodiac signs is an exact word to describe them. In general, this zodiac sign consists of two types of people: those who are peaceful and tranquil. And those who are rebellious and eccentric.

These people have a high sense of responsibility. And are always enthusiastic about anything. Because of their gregarious and pleasant attitude, they bring a lot of delight to everyone. On the contrary, they are easily addicted to mystery things. 

Aquarius zodiac in january
Aquarius zodiac in January


Aquarians are very passionate lovers. People who are under the sign of Aquarius, often enthusiastic about love and romance.

Additionally, the other side attracts them easily. On the other hand, the partnerships frequently happen fast or encounter long-distance love. Thus, they’re also vulnerable in love. When in love, Aquarius is likely to remember little details. And pulls out every trick they can think of. So, breaking up just to make up is a fairly common pastime for Aquarius.

Aquarius sign
People who have the Aquarius sign are enthusiastic


Whether a man or a woman was born in January. And he or she typically lives and works responsibly. Thus, having a high level of enthusiasm in whatever they do is obvious. Furthermore, at work, technology and ideas account for an important role. With a brilliant memory, this kind of people can become a leader. 

In addition, thanks to great communication, they are popular with friends and colleagues who people help in difficult times. As an employee, Aquarians are socially conscious and a voice for those who need extra help

Apart from this, the best career path for an Aquarian is one that allows them to use their entrepreneurial spirit. Also their innovative thinking, and altruistic leanings.

4. Which zodiac sign is suitable for January?

People who are under the period of the Zodiac Capricorn Combined with the following signs:

– Capricorn and Taurus: a match made in heaven

– Capricorn and Virgo: whole-hearted for each other

Again, the zodiac Aquarius people will be compatible with the following signs:

– Aquarius and Libra: Considered the perfect couple that everyone admires

– Aquarius and Aries: Dubbed the couple born for each other.

– Aquarius and Sagittarius: a match made in heaven

5. What color do people bear in January match?

Capricorn color

First, Capricorn is the tenth sign overall in the zodiac order. It’s ruled by the planet Saturn. The symbol of Capricorn is the goat. Brown typically is their type of color.

Second, brown is often used to symbolize maturity and a sharp. But this color is usually linked to family, warmth, loyalty, strong moral code.

If you were Capricorn, you would match with brown, black, navy, and yellow. 

Aquarius color

Aquarius is another air sign. Moreover, they’re ruled both by the planet Saturn and the planet Uranus. Because its symbol is the water-bearer. And it’s typically represented as a young man carrying a container of water. Then, people born in January belonging to Aquarius are suitable for green, black, sky blue, blue, turquoise. 

Overall, however, it’s probably a good idea to stay within the “true” Aquarius color scheme. Which means sticking to the equally calming. And intriguing off-blue shades of turquoise blue and aquamarine.

color of zodiac
color of zodiac

6. People born in January match which feng shui stone?

In addition, the element stones of those born in January of Capricorn will be Amber, quartz crystal and garnet, and jade, etc.

Toward Aquarius, the element stones are Amethyst, amber, onyx, and lapis lazuli, etc. 

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