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feng shui bracelet

People like feng shui bracelets, gold bracelets, and silver bracelets have “good roots” and have great predestined relationships with Buddha from beginningless eons to the present. In the records, Buddha taught that “If someone holds this rosary in his hand, he cannot follow the custom of chanting the names of Buddha and Dharani, but can hold it in his hand or carry it with him while walking, standing, lying down, sit. Words spoken in good and bad times, if this person holds the rosary in his hand, he will gain merit. If you recite the Buddhas and recite mantras, you will receive immeasurable blessings. So what are the uses of feng shui bracelets? How many beads is good for a bracelet? Please refer to this article.

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1. About feng shui bracelets

Referring to feng shui, we immediately understand the elements belonging to nature. It is affected by wind and water, elements that humans cannot grasp or understand its laws.

So, feng shui bracelets are made from materials available in nature or have many bracelets studded with gold and silver to add value. It is considered a feng shui item that brings good luck. We have to point to some precious stones to make this bracelet such as quartz, onyx, hazel, tiger’s eye, etc.

Referring to feng shui, we immediately understand the elements belonging to nature. It is affected by wind and water, elements that humans cannot grasp or understand its laws.

Feng shui bracelet bring luck and property for the owner
Feng shui bracelet bring luck and property for the owner

In addition to being made from completely natural materials, the bracelet is also very special because of the number of beads strung on the bracelet. Because these numbers also contribute to creating luck for the wearer. Brings good meaning in feng shui corresponding to the cycle of Birth – Aging – Sickness – Death of each person.

Especially, due to the need to use feng shui stone bracelets. More and more crooks are counterfeiting stone ring material. Of course, the rings will not affect feng shui. And it won’t do you any harm either. However, the price of feng shui stone bracelets is quite high, so it is best to buy them in reputable places with guaranteed certificates to avoid being scammed.

2. Subjects using feng shui bracelets

On the market, there are many types of bracelets of different sizes. As in nature, there are many types of gems that contain different meanings of feng shui. Therefore, feng shui stone bracelets can meet all wear needs, subjects, and ages.

For children, the elderly can wear bracelets to pray for good health.

For teenagers, it will be appropriate for the bracelets to bring good luck in studying for exams.

3. Uses of feng shui bracelets

3.1 Help the owner’s fortune grown

The success of fame and fortune is not necessarily due to your efforts, attempts are achievable. When you wear a gold or silver feng shui bracelet, this bracelet will emit a powerful function that helps the owner’s path to fame and fortune always go up.

3.2 Helps improve health

Do you know? For those who regularly wear feng shui bracelets, diseases such as stomach pain, hypertension, insomnia, pressure, stress, cardiovascular or neurological diseases, etc… are minimized.

3.3 Improve the love line

Today, many young people also love choosing feng shui stone bracelets. When wearing a bracelet, will help your love path be better. And you will soon find the right person for you.

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nine-tailed fox agarwod bracelet
Agarwod bracelet has many uses

4. How many beads is good?

4.1 The concept of feng shui

Answer to the question: “How many beads is good?” In feng shui, the number of beads in a necklace or bracelet is most meaningful when they have numbers that can be divided by 4 but have a remainder of 1 like 13, 17, 21… 

Because according to the ancient concept, the number 4 means death, in the wheel of reincarnation “birth-age-sickness- deceased ” has the meaning of ending, but when divided by 4 and there is 1 leftover, it returns to the word “birth” indicating the to begin, that is, to exist.

NOTE: According to folklore, you should not wear many beads that can be divisible by 4 because 4 means death, it will bring bad luck. 

If the feng shui bracelet is wide or tight. If you want to change the number of particles to suit you, you can choose positive odd numbers like 7, 9, 11… Because they contain a huge, infinite source of natural energy.

4.2 How many beads are good according to the Catholic concept

Feng shui bracelets are very popular with Catholics. Among the many types of feng shui beads, the Marian bead bracelet is the most popular choice.

Catholics will use a 13-bead feng shui ring consisting of 1 female seed and 12 small beads.

4.3 Buddhist concept

In Buddhism, the number of feng shui beads often carries different meanings. But we won’t get to those deep roots here. Because they are beyond the necessary understanding of the wearer of the feng shui bracelet.

A feng shui bracelet, whether it’s 14, 18, 21, 27, 36, 42, 54 or 108 beads, will also direct us to the best. No greed, no stealing, no harming people, no karma…

4.4 Number of seeds according to the concept of the cycle of birth, old age, sickness and death:

In feng shui, the best number of beads for bracelets and necklaces are those that are divided by 4 but have 1 leftover like 13, 17, 21… Because these lucky numbers fall into the “Birth” sign in the samsara wheel of life. human life. Or the numbers 10, 14, 18 … belong to the sign “Old”.

Definitely not wearing a feng shui ring with the number of seeds divisible by 4. Because the number 4 represents death and bad luck.

However, not always the number of feng shui beads that bring good luck to fit your size. Because depending on the human body, the hand is large or small. At that time, choose a feng shui ring with an odd number of beads. Because odd numbers are representative of “Yang”, which is the source of strength.

5. Gold, silver and frankincense bracelets

5.1 Round Single Pixiu Silver Agarwood Bracelet

Silver Pixiu Silver Agarwood Bracelet is a treasure formed by the unique crystallization of Agarwood – the spirit of heaven and earth and Pixiu Thien Loc – the beast that protects wealth and brings wealth. 

Legend has it that Pixiu is a mascot that can neutralize the five emperors of the Great Slaughter – the type of killing that is detrimental to health and fortune. If you have Pixiu by your side, you can be assured of the spiritual value it brings. 

Pixiu loves to eat gold and silver, but he doesn’t have an anus, so he only eats it without spitting it out. Because of that, it has a very good effect of “ATTRACT TO MONEY, PROPERTY”.

In addition, Pi Xiu has a brave nature, specializes in biting the blood of demons, so they do not dare to approach. Therefore, carrying Pixiu also has the effect of protecting and exorcising evil. Not only that, it can improve the wearer’s fortune in a good direction, act as a god to protect the peace of the owner, protect the health and happiness of the family, bring good luck on the road. status and career.

Pixiu bracelet with silver
Pixiu bracelet with silver

5.2 Bach Lien Hoa Agarwood Bracelet

The ancients used to have a saying “Near the mud but not the smell of mud”. That is the noble property of the lotus, especially the white lotus. The white lotus symbolizes pure beauty, high bar, virginity, solemnity and dignity.

People still pass on the verse that “Love the bright white lotus – Live a virtuous life with a high soul”. The meaning of the white lotus flower is virtue and simplicity, high in the soul. The white lotus symbolizes a woman with simplicity but elegance, lightness but not weakness. 

The Lotus Flower Agarwood Bracelet is also an Amulet. Dispel all evil spirits, darkness, neutralize bad omens around the wearer. In addition, agarwood bracelets also bring freshness to the wearer by sophistication and fashion. Silver bracelet, in design, is very luxurious and exudes nobility. Especially with women.

Agarwood bracelet
Agarwood bracelet


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