Red string bracelet – luck symbol or just in legend?

red string bracelet

Red string bracelet or red bracelet are popular in Asian culture. Using them means your life always takes place peacefully and fortunately. However, the explanation for this right or wrong opinion is still  out of question. This article helps you make out clearlier.

The history of red string bracelet.

There are many different views related to red bracelet meaning, but people always put it in their mind with the representation of protection from troubles. The origin of red string bracelet is derived from diverse religions such as: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. 

The red thread bracelet was also worn by the Jews because they feared the negative effects of the curse. Therefore, in ancient times, there is a tradition of tying a red bracelet to a baby’s bed at birth to ward off evil spirits, protect babies from curse, and help babies cry less at night.

Hindus, red string bracelet is called Kalava, in Hindi also known as Mauli. This lucky bracelet will be worn during Hindu rituals such as Yajna or Puja. It is also tied to the right hand of an unmarried man and woman, to the left hand of the married woman.

According to the concept of the East Asians, people often believe that the red thread of luck is closely related to spirituality. It is seen as a talisman, dissolving bad luck, protecting from fate.

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Red string bracelet
Red string bracelet brings luck to the owner

What does red bracelet mean?

Red thread is like “amulet” that has feng shui meaning and is closely related to spiritual matters. It carries in itself a positive energy, dispels evil gas and brings good luck. Using red thread is a way to protect yourself from damaging curses.

Each red string bracelet according to the concept of the ancient Asia people represents stability and cohesion. Each knot on the necklace is equal, the links closely show the meaning of increasing merit, against evil. The red bracelet has always been known as the charm. Carrying a red thread also helps you attract others, so it is conceived to help open the road of love.

In addition, red thread can combine with agarwood to maximize feng shui function. Agarwood bracelet is known as a mascot of heaven and earth, absorbing the essence of all things

There are three types of red thread bracelets with 3 different charms: stone charm, silver charm and agarwood charm. The number of charms is independent, ranging from 3 to 5 beads. The bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit the wearer’s wrist size.

How to wear red thread correctly

People will mean good things when seeing a red thread, so it is chosen by many people as a talisman. In Buddhism, red thread rings are a message to people to always open and give love to everyone. Hindus or Christians also consider red a color of goodness.

However, to wear this red string bracelet to bring the best luck, we need to learn carefully before choosing a bracelet. In feng shui, there is a sentence “Men and women left and right respectively”, so we can wear according to the rule:

Men will wear the lucky bracelet on the left

Women will wear the right lucky bracelet

However, if wearing the rule above makes you uncomfortable, obstructs the activity, you can also change it to suit yourself.

Red bracelet
Women should wear red thread on the right

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Process of red string homemade


  • Rip-cord
  • Red string
  • Charm (optional): agarwood, four leaf clover, etc
  • Scissor, lighter


Step 1: Cut a loop (rip-cord) with 2 times the length of your wrist. Then fold the rip-cord in half and use the red thread to wrap it from one end to the other, taking care to leave a piece of wire at each end.

Step 2: After winding is finished, tighten the knot, cut the excess string, then use the lighter to make the wire more sticky.

Step 3: Put two agarwood beads on the two ends of the wire that were left out at the beginning. Finally, tie the knot tightly and then use the lighter again at the end of the wire so that the ring does not slip.

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