Where is agarwood from? Facts about agarwood tree

Agarwood is the fragrant, rotten part formed on the trunk of the Aquilaria tree

Agarwood tree, also known with another name as agarwood good, which is accumulated by the Aquilaria Crassna tree, is one of the rare woods in Vietnam known to many people because of its extremely useful uses. To learn more about this Agarwood tree with Thien Moc Huong Agarwood, the most dangerous goods today.

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1. What is Agarwood?

Talking about agarwood, many people will probably mistakenly think it is made from Agarwood trees. So “what is Agarwood tree” really exists? If so, what does it look like? Otherwise, where does Agarwood come from, and is it really created from nature? There are thousands of questions surrounding it that if you are not a knowledgeable, loving Agarwood can know or not?

The precious wood of agarwood is quite famous and known by many people. That why many people still misunderstand that frankincense is taken from the trunk of the agarwood tree. The truth is not so, the actual agarwood tree does not exist. But for easy identification, people often use the term agarwood to talk about the origin of agarwood.

Agarwood is a type of wood that is precious and rare, so there is a saying “Look for Agarwood”. It can make people spend their whole life looking for it; its background is not trivial. When going back to the origin of Agarwood to explain the mystery of “Agarwood Tree”.

The typical agarwood consists of many types
The typical agarwood consists of many types

2. Where is Agarwood born from?

Agarwood is inherently a block of wood with a characteristic aroma. When the tree is injured, it produces a resinous substance. Over the years, this resin will form agarwood. Aquilaria tree is a woody plant that lives hidden for hundreds of years in old forests. It is an extremely light and soft plant, so few people use it for industrial purposes. But nothing in the world is ever useless, right? Therefore, Agarwood is wood made from the resin of the Aquilaria Crassna tree.

“The pain of the Aquilaria Crassna turns into Agarwood” The sentence describes all the pain the Aquilaria Crassna tree suffered to create Agarwood. Silently fighting against wounds and diseases, enduring the storms of the mountains and forests to survive and to create one kind of wood which is more precious than gold. However, from a tree that seemed to have no industrial value, it became a diamond in the woods. That why it is said,

“Nothing in this world is born useless, it’s just that we don’t put it in the right position”.

It makes us think about human life, only there is a certain value can people respect and pursue. But to make yourself valuable, you have to go through so much hardship, endure so much suffering that only a few people know.

Aquilaria tree is a woody plant that lives hidden for hundreds of years in old forests
Aquilaria tree is a woody plant that lives hidden for hundreds of years in old forests

3. Characteristics of agarwood tree (Aquilaria Crassna tree)

3.1 About the agarwood tree

  • Distributed mainly in the Northern and Central provinces, the Central Highlands, especially in Khanh Hoa.
  • Aquilaria tree is usually about 20-30m high, in large trees, the trunk diameter can be up to 60-80cm.
  • The body of the tree is straight, on the trunk there are grooves like the trough. The outer skin of the gourd is usually smooth, gray-brown, the skin is white, and contains a lot of fiber. The branches of this plant are slender, curved, often light brown, and the foliage is very sparse.
  • The leaves of the Aquilaria Crassna tree often have the characteristic of growing in a staggered manner, the stem part is 4-6mm long. The leaf blade has a rather special shape because it has an elongated oval shape.
  • The tree also has flowers, the inflorescences often grow at the top of the branches in small bunches. The flowers of the Aquilaria Crassna tree are yellow-green, pale white, or yellow-gray, and the outside is sparsely hairy and smooth on the inside.

3.2 About Agarwood

  •  Agarwood is a woodblock that weighs slightly depending on the amount of essential oil contained in it. The higher the age of the bass, the heavier the weight of the bass.
  • The scent of agarwood is mild, characteristic. When burning, agarwood will give off a clearer and more fragrant aroma.
  • The color of the bass is uneven thanks to the interwoven wood grain. The intensity of color will also depend on the classification of agarwood. The older the agarwood, the darker the color will be.
  • The value of bass is very high because the level of bass production is less and less. Many fake bass products are now appearing a lot with prices many times cheaper. So you need to grasp how to recognize agarwood to avoid buying poor quality products.
Agarwood is a woodblock that weighs slightly depending on the amount of essential oil contained in it

4. Uses of Agarwood

4.1 Uses for health

With such a background, Tram Huong also has many miracles in her. Along with the functions such as feng shui, spirituality, exorcism, change destiny, gentle fragrance dispel stress, … Agarwood tree carries in it the spirit of heaven and earth. Over decades of crystallization that forms pure essential oil that permeates each wood grain.

In addition, Agarwood is confirmed by Eastern medicine to have the effect of helping kidney meridians and yang. Not only that, but the spleen of Agarwood also warms the kidneys and sedates very effectively.

4.2 The use of Agarwood tree spiritually

With a lifespan of thousands of years, the Agarwood tree is considered the rarest type today. They absorb the spirit of heaven and earth to bring the owner luck and peace; business to progress, prosper and have a stable career.

The combination of frankincense with feng shui can drive away evil spirits. Creating good things in life. Helping the employer to facilitate the election, convenient work, …

4.3 Uses of Agarwood in feng shui

A summary of the highlights of Tram Huong are:

  • Dubbed “the king of feng shui”
  • The king of scents.
  • Bring all the spirit of the earth to keep away evil spirits and change the destiny.
  • Elegant and sophisticated jewelry.
agarwood bracelet
agarwood bracelet

Besides, Agarwood trees also create many products with aesthetic and feng shui values such as Buddha statues, essential oils, incense sticks, agarwood

bracelets, etc. In addition, they are also made into agarwood bracelets to attract wealth, protection, and peace.

Perhaps some people will doubt the features of Agarwood and wonder why one kind of wood has such a perfect use. But if it doesn’t have it, many people certainly won’t be worship and spend their whole life pursuing it.

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