Top 4 Agarwood bracelets for Minimalist People

108 beads agarwood bracelet

What do you think when talking about jewelry? Is it a glittering item that magnifies elegance and nobility? Brand watches that show wealth and play or just a simple item. If you are a delicate, simple and unobtrusive person, the suggestions below will really for you. In the following article, Thien Moc Huong will suggest 4 simple and delicate Samples of Agarwood bracelets.


I. About Agarwood bracelets:

1.The origins of Agarwood bracelets:

Agarwood bracelet is designed from Monolithic Agarwood. There are many varieties based on materials and how to make beads. However, we only recommend bracelets made of 100% natural ingredients.

Agarwood beads are made from wounded on Do tree. In injured areas, plants constantly secrete plastic to heal. Gradually, over many years, Agarwood only forms near or around the wounded parts. It is the place where aromatic oils and aroma concentrated.

simple agarwood bracelet
simple agarwood bracelet

2. Usages: 

Agarwood bracelets have many values. In terms of health, It helps to sanaerobic wind circulation of blood in the body. As a result, the body is always kept warm and the immune system will be better.

The fragrance from the Agarwood bracelet also helps clear and refresh the mind. The spirit of relaxation and comfort is one of the factors that repel stress, avoid stress and prolong life.

Not only in terms of health but this item also has a great significance for feng shui. It helps exorcise, attract fortune and bring good luck to the owner.

II. Top 4 simple Agarwood Bracelets:

1. Round Single Agarwood Bracelet:

This ring has a flexible bead size, ranging from 8-16mm. The number of beads will depend on the size of the hand and the size of the seed. However, it usually ranges from 13-17 seeds.

In terms of structure and style, it is very simple, nothing special. However, the special point is the color of the bracelet. Cockroach brown color combined with natural wood grain, which makes a simple beauty. Single round Agarwood bracelets can be worn in combination with a watch to exaggerate each other’s beauty.

Round Single Agarwood Bracelet
Round Single Agarwood Bracelet

2. Pillar Bamboo Single Agarwood Bracelet:

The structure of the ring consists of 9 pillars and 9 beads. According to the Eastern concept, the number 9 is the largest in the sequence of natural numbers. Moreover, this bracelet brings many positive anode and contains a lot of auspicious meanings. Number 9 is also a symbol of sustainability, meaning long lasting money, fortune fortune.

The special thing here is that agarwood seeds not only have a simple and primitive appearance, but are also round and round, but it is agarwood manufactured into an extremely sophisticated and luxurious pillar

Besides, the bamboo also represents the gentleman, which demonstrates toughness and durable; solid but still resilient. Therefore, this is an item for men.

Pillar Bamboo Single Agarwood Bracelet
Pillar Bamboo Single Agarwood Bracelet

3. 108 beads Agarwood Bracelet:

Because of the large number of particles, the size of the seed is also smaller. It only ranges from 6-8mm. This is a reasonable size to avoid making a chain that is too big and rough.

This bracelet is really meaningful, especially for Buddhists. Number of beads 108 according to the Buddhist concepts represents 108 Dharma, eliminating anxiety and sorrow in life. Buddha taught that, in addition to acquiring scientific knowledge, it is necessary to learn the wisdom of Buddha. That is peace in the soul. Therefore, people can be calm and happy.

If you are a Buddhist who loves simplicity, this 108-bead Agarwood bracelet is very suitable for you.

108 beads agarwood bracelet
108 beads agarwood bracelet

4. Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet:

Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet has the number of beads about 17 beads. Designed with round beads, but the special feature is that it is added with a wooden charm. There are 8 types of Buddha charms: Amitabha, Bat Dong Minh Vuong Buddha, Tathagata Dai Nhat Buddha, Hu Khong Bodhisattva, Thien Thu Thien Nhan Buddha, Van Thu Bodhisattva, Pho Hien Bodhisattva, Dai The Chi Bodhisattva. These types of charm fit 12 animals. According to the Buddhist concept, bringing Buddha with you will help people be at peace and have good luck.

Wooden charm is not so sparkly as gold or silver. It is not luxurious like the gem stones. However, it still has its own beauty. A wooden charm is not flashy or showy but very meaningful. This bracelet will really suit you.

Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet
Guardian Buddha Agarwood Bracelet

Through the above suggestions, Thien Moc Huong hopes to have a choice for yourself. The bracelets are not only simple and sophisticated, but also good for health and bring luck. Coming to Thien Moc Huong, you will receive enthusiastic advice. Especially, Agarwood bracelet products are very diverse with affordable prices and high quality.

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