September zodiac: Love, work and specific characters

The answer is Virgo and Libra. If your birthday falls between August 23 and September 23, your zodiac sign is Virgo, and your birthday from September 24 to October 23 will be Libra. The common feature of people born in September are all extremely delicate people, in them always have wisdom, so they can easily compromise in everything. Besides, people born in September, which is also autumn, are also quite calm, kind, and very selfless.

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1. September Zodiac: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The symbol of Virgo is known as the Virgin or maiden image. The destiny star is Mercury, the element of the five elements is earth. The qualities that are considered to be the advantages of the people of the Virgo sign are the ability to organize, clean lifestyle, hyperactivity, modesty, and courtesy. These are also intelligent people and have an outstanding sharp intellect, so it is easy to succeed in work and career.

September zodiac
If your birthday falls between August 23rd and September 22nd, your bow is Virgo

1.1 Common characteristics of people of the zodiac Virgo (August 23 – September 30)

  • Character

Virgo is known as the most elusive and difficult to analyze in the zodiac in terms of personality. When we first come into contact with Virgos, we will think they will be unpleasant, difficult to approach, and somewhat demanding people, but in fact, they just want everything to be perfect.

September zodiac
Most Virgo has a sharp and profound intellect, they are always awake even in love

Virgos are very clean, so their house is always tidy. Even their appearance will be polished and careful because they want to be as neat as possible in the eyes of everyone around them.

  • Work

Because Virgos are very cautious, meticulous, and principled, they rarely break discipline in their work. They handle skillfully, always showing clear understanding, meticulousness, and intelligence. They will constantly strive and persevere to achieve their goals

Virgo is very suitable for jobs such as insurance, doctors, teachers or jobs related to fashion, health care, beauty specialist …

  • Love

Virgo is a family person, whether male or female, they are wholeheartedly caring and loving people in their family.

They will be very practical people in love, so a love relationship only comes to them when there is a thorough understanding and understanding of the other. When there is really understanding and empathy, they officially form a relationship. Therefore, Virgo almost says no to temporary, fleeting feelings of “falling in love”.

1.2 Which zodiac sign is suitable for Virgo?

Dates: Taurus, Capricorn

Make friends with: Gemini, Sagittarius

Incompatible: Pisces, Sagittarius, Libra

September zodiac
Virgo should date with Taurus, Capricorn

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2. September Zodiac: Libra – Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The symbol of Libra is the scale of Astraea – the Roman goddess of justice, the destiny star is Venus, the five-element is air. Libra people are usually very harmonious, graceful, and enthusiastic.

September zodiac
If your birthday falls between September 23rd and October 22nd, your bow is Libra

2.1. Common characteristics of people under the sign of Libra

  • Character

People of Libra are usually very emotional, tolerant, and extremely kind. They are always ready to help people, always promote peace, they do not like arguments and quarrels. Libra has a rich inner life, knows how to listen to others.

September zodiac
Libra boys and girls have a rich inner life and always aim for harmony in family and friends
  • Work

Libra always shows wisdom and intelligence at work, they are very excited when they accomplish a certain goal.

Libra is also dreamy, imaginative, so they are very suitable for works related to art and literature. Diplomacy, grace, and a sense of cooperation and compromise make Libra particularly capable in jobs such as lawyer, mediator, negotiator, or an administrator.

  • Love

Libra boys and girls are people who don’t want to be alone. They always want everyone in their family and friends to be harmonious and loving. They are also traditionalists. It’s natural for them to get married and have children and they will try their best to maintain a warm and happy marriage and family.

2.2 Which zodiac sign is suitable for Libra?

  • Dates: Gemini, Aquarius
  • Make friends: Cancer, Capricorn
  • Incompatible: Aries
September zodiac
Libra should date with Gemini, Aquarius

Here is the information related to the question “Which zodiac sign was born in September?” Hope this information will help you satisfy your questions about the zodiac sign born in September! See you in the next articles!

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