Hungry Ghosts Festival Promotion

Thien Moc Huong offers customers a super discount program of up to 10% for feng shui agarwood bracelets to bring luck and peace and dispel the negative energy of the spirit month. This unique opportunity is to own valuable and meaningful items at super soft prices.

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Program Rules

Sale 10% for all incense ring products.


For orders valued at more than 100 USD, you will receive a free jade bracelet.

vòng tay trầm hương thiên mộc hương

Time application

This promotion will take place from July 31 to August 20.

The origin and meaning of the spirit month

According to folk belief, ghost month is the day when the king of Hell opens the gate of the demon gate so that the wandering ghosts of the underworld can return to the earth to find food. That is why those who are still alive this month will have to make offerings to avoid being disturbed by these spirits.

Depending on the customs of each region, there will be a time and a separate way of worshiping in July. Usually, deep-rooted people will offer porridge, rice, salt, and food to hungry ghosts. In addition, vegetarians and people will use feng shui items this month to pray for peace and luck.

Uses of different types of incense rings

Exquisite and luxurious jewelry

Bracelets made from high-value basswood will bring luxury to the owner. The ring designs are extremely diverse thanks to mixing details such as gold and silver charms that will add value and aesthetics to these products.

It is not only jewelry to show your class but also a gift that means wishing good luck and peace to loved ones.

The meaning of feng shui

Agarwood absorbing the essence of heaven and earth will bring prosperity, smoothness and health to the owner. Especially in this month, the spirit wears a ring of incense to help the wearer chase away bad luck and bad luck.

Health meaning

The scent of agarwood will help the wearer sleep well, relax and avoid stress and anxiety. Smelling bass regularly will help improve sleep quality and health for users.

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