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When you mentioning the precious products of Vietnam from ancient times, it is impossible not to mention “Ky Nam”. This is considered to be one of the top valuable woods of our country in the past, as a tribute and gift of the kings and nobles. Today, Ky Nam not only does not lose the value of a precious wood but also is increasingly hunted for more expensive than gold. So what is Ky Nam and what is the effect that it is so expensive? Please join Thien Moc Huong to find out!

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What is Ky Nam?

Who are knowledgeable about Agarwood certainly cannot ignore Ky Nam. Similar to Agarwood, Ky is also the fragrant wood formed on the trunk of Do Bau tree. In the process of growth and development, the trunk is injured by weather, bombs, insects, … The wound is then protected by a layer of plastic, gradually the wound was transformed into Tram Huong, in that includes Tram and Ky.

Ky Nam
Ky Nam

In fact, people often find more Tram than Ky. Although having the same origin, Ky has more essential oils, takes more time to form and therefore is much rarer than Tram. Sometimes, Do Bau tree has Ky and Tram. It often found surrounding the period. But there are also many Do Bau trees only for Tram without Ky.

Ky Nam tree – a more expensive product than gold also has other names such as old incense, resin, incense, alumina, bile, fruity incense, tiger needles and aromatic incense.

Do Bau forest
Do Bau forest


4 things to know about Ky Nam


Based on the color and oil texture of the wood, Ky Nam is classified into 4 main categories:

Bach Ky: is the type of Ky with opaque white, soft, smooth and contains the highest concentration of essential oils. This type is extremely rare and uncommon.

Thanh Ky: Light green, soft when containing a lot of oil and a little hard if less oil.

Hoang Ky: Has yellow beeswax color, hard and heavy.

Hac Ky: pitch black, hard and heavy.

Distinguishing Ky and Tram

Ky and Tram have similar formation, but Ky Nam is much more expensive than Tram Huong. That’s because Ky and Tram have different points you need to know to avoid confusion.

Agarwood usually has a softer scent, has dark brown color, dark brown stripes. When you tasting, Agarwood gives a bitter taste. When you added to water, agarwood should float on the surface, when burned, give a sweet aroma with swirling smoke and quickly disappear in the air.

Meanwhile, Ky’s scent is particularly sweet and easily recognizable despite being well wrapped. When you tasting Ky, you had a bitter taste at first, then the sweetness came sour and spicy, your tongue will feel a little bit numb and numb.

Distinguishing Ky nam and Tram
Distinguishing Ky and Tram


How to recognize Ky Nam

There are 4 main types:

Hoang Ky: Wood is yellow, hard and heavy.

Hac Ky: Wood is pitch black, as the essential oils blend into each grain of wood.

Thanh Ky: Wood is light blue-violet, less oily, the wood is dry and hard, oily wood is softer.

Bach Ky: White is the gray wood, soft and contains many essential oils. This type is very rare in the market.

Ky Nam has outstanding features compared to other types of Agarwood. However, many people who do not understand it can confuse Tram and Ky and wrong values. So we need to identify Ky Nam to make the right choices.

Looking at the appearance of the pieces of wood, the fibers are stacked, you can see the metallic red fibers in strong light, while looking quite moist due to the abundance of oil.

When you tasted, the tongue will be numb for about 10 minutes, feeling respectively bitter, sweet, sour and spicy. Ky Nam’s oil is quite flexible, which can cause teeth to stick if bitten into a meat.

Ky Nam’s scent is very specific and unmistakable. It is a sweet, minty aroma, like the smell of peppermint candy, which your eyes can slightly teary if you come closer.

Ky Nam when burning will emit a very characteristic smoke, green and flies straight, not swirling, unbroken.

The use of Ky Nam

Corresponding to the extremely expensive price, the usage of Ky Nam must really be deserved.

Ky Nam is said to have very good healing effects. According to Oriental Medicine, this herb is effective for expectorant, cures headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.The scent of Ky Nam is very effective in reducing stress and fatigue, helping the mind to relax, dilated, alert. Besides, Ky can help clean the air, repel insects, …

Spiritually, similar to Agarwood, Ky Nam is also an item with many great meanings. Ky Nam are said to be talisman, except evil spirits, bring prosperity luck to the owners.

types of agarwood in Thien Moc Huong
types of agarwood in Thien Moc Huong

According to morden- pharmacological research:

  • Ky Nam has the effect of reducing the amplitude of intestinal contractions in cats injected with acetylcholine. Besides, the drug also reduces the natural peristalsis of the intestine.
  • The herbal extract has antispasmodic and spasmolytic properties of guinea pig’s autonomic contraction, caused by acetylcholine and histamine.

Although it can be said that “the same mother” was born, the reason why Ky Nam is much more expensive than Tram is unknown. However, no one can deny the wonderful uses and values ​​that both Ky Nam or Tram bring.

Some remedies from Ky Nam

The remedy for asthma:

  • Preparation: 3g white eucalyptus and agarwood 1.5g.
  • Implementation: Bring a fine powder and drink before bed.
  • Note: Do not apply this remedy to people with negative effects.

Remedies to treat strong emotions that cause shortness of breath, chest tightness:

  • Preparation: Ginseng and frankincense powder every 2nd only.
  • Implementation: Bring the brakes with 1 cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes and then drink.

Remedies for curing illnesses caused by the rush of air to gas, for the person is upset and does not want to eat or drink:

  • Preparation: Areca nut (binh lang), oolong, agarwood and ginseng 6g each.
  • Implementation: Bring the sharp colors to get drinking water, one for everyday.

Remedies for asthma caused by welding:

  • Preparation: Raw ginger 8g, extra acacia 12g and frankincense 2g.
  • Implementation: drink everyday.

A serious remedy for vomiting and continuous hiccups:

  • Preparation: Perilla seeds, cardamom and frankincense taste equal to 4 – 6g.
  • Implementation: Lust with drinking water and use up during the day.


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