Top 5 suitable Agarwood bracelets for each destiny

Agarwood bracelets, which appeal to enthusiastic frankincense people, is seemed to be a piece of modern jewelry. Agarwood absorbs spiritual heaven that makes a mild smelling. Its product, bracelet, is also said to bring positive effects on spirituality, ward off evil, and bring good fortune. Follow Thien Moc Huong and find out in this article!

Agarwood bracelet


1. Why choose Agarwood Bracelet with fate

“According to ancient Chinese philosophy, all things arise from the five basic elements and always undergo five states: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Earth. These five states are called the Five Elements.

Each of us, whether male or female, whether born the same year or the same month, will have a separate destiny and belonging to one of five elements. Agarwood, which is an “earthen spirit”, a valuable present from Mother Nature, is usually suitable for each fate. More or less any destiny can be worn. Additionally, choosing the charming color of Agarwood bracelets is also important. In order to maximize the luck that the ring brings, we should choose a charm-colored bracelet.

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2. Agarwood bangle’s fortune of Wood

Charm color: Black, Aquamarine, Green

According to the conceptual folk, destiny wood symbolizes trees and life. People of this type are happily likened to a simple, healthy, simple, and honest tree. Because of the characteristics of a very peaceful and peaceful tree, the destiny of the Wood is very honest and compassionate. It can be thought of as images of immense sky, tranquillity, or a forest of peaceful rustling leaves. Therefore, the color matching with this kind of person is usually green, blue, or aquamarine. Wearing a bracelet with this colorful charm will bring you good luck and advancement in work and life.

108 Emerald bracelet
108 Emerald bracelet


Succubus Stone Agarwood Bracelet
Succubus Stone Bracelet

3. Agarwood bangle’s destiny of Metal

Charm color: Yello, Brown, White, Grey

Destiny Metal often reminds people of wealth, fortune, and wealth. People belonging to metal destiny is suitable for leadership or pioneer by assertiveness, strength, independence, and self-mastery. This person should choose a bangle with yellow, white, or silver-grey color. These colors are compatible with destiny Kim, bringing a lot of luck and happiness, wealth for the homeowner. People with metal destiny should not wear red-colored objects that will create a similarity.

Yellow Moon Charming Bracelet
Yellow Moon Charming Bracelet

4. Agarwood bangle’s fate of Fire

Charm colored: red, pink, purple

People’s fire destiny makes us easily think about the image of the sun glowing red, intense, and powerful. It seems that people who carry the Fire destiny are often courageous, enthusiastic, confident, and open. They can take risks, be assertive at work, as well as be agile in life. Bracelets with a charm of Red, Pink, or Purple would suit them well. The fire is accompanied by the feeling of heat; in fact, the fire is very easy to lose its temper because the personality is too warm and full of energy. Hence, a Wooden  Agarwood Bangle will regulate the airflow in the body, help them become more gentle and moderate.

Moon Agarwood Bracelet
Moon Bracelet

5. Agarwood wristlet’s destiny of Water

Charm color: White, Grey, Black, Blue

When we mention about the water, we can imagine the water flow, coolness, and abundance. Those who carry the fate of Water are often clever, moderate, and calm. Like a miraculous stream of water flowing through every rock, every riverbank, and grass. Besides, people of Destiny are very adaptable to the environment, often have an overview of the life and make decisions that are often very accurate. Because it is water, peace, and tranquillity, they are often good listeners who confide in other people ‘s feelings but are also very vulnerable to the words of others whether accidentally or intentionally. Tram Huong charm bracelet with charm like white, grey, blue is very suitable for this destiny.

108 Agarwood Jade bracelet
108 Agarwood Jade bracelet

6. Destiny of Earth

Charm color: Red, Pink, Heart, Yellow-brown

Earth is a symbol of mother earth, a source of nourishing essence and fertility for all things to grow and develop. Earth also means gentleness and peace. Therefore, the Tho people are extremely gentle, loving, and always thinking for those around them. Moreover, the Tho people hate being lonely and always want to be cared for. Saying that does not mean they always consider themselves the center of the universe. For them, loving others is instinctive and it will be heartbreaking if the person they care about ignores them. Yellow, brown, red, pink, or orange are very suitable colors for this person.

Light yellow, brown, red, pink, orange, purple seeds are the colors that bring abundant energy and are compatible with the wood destiny.

Red Tibetan bracelet
Red Tibetan bracelet
Above are some bracelet models suitable for each destiny that Thien Moc Huong would like to introduce to customers. Besides, Thien Moc Huong still has a lot of Agarwood bracelets with many models and extremely valuable colours that you should not miss.

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