Agarwood Bracelet Benefits: How Wearing This Fragrant Wood Can Improve Your Life

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Owning one Agarwood bracelet is considered to keep a priceless good because not only is jewelry to make luxurious, but it also has tremendous spiritual value. However, how to maintain the agarwood bracelet? Using the agarwood bracelet needs to remember that many people don’t know. This post will share how to maintain the oud bracelet in use.

I. Why are Agarwood bracelets sought after by many people?

Bracelets made from agarwood are sought after by many people due to their various benefits. Agarwood, also known as oud or aloeswood, is a fragrant and resinous wood that has been used in traditional medicine and spiritual practices for centuries. When worn as a bracelet, agarwood can provide physical and spiritual benefits.

One reason agarwood bracelets are popular is due to their health benefits. Agarwood has anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to help with joint pain, headaches, and other ailments. Agarwood essential oil, which is present in the bracelet, can also promote relaxation and relieve stress.

Agarwood is also highly valued in spiritual practices, and wearing an agarwood bracelet can have spiritual benefits. It is believed to enhance meditation and promote calmness and peace. The fragrance of agarwood is also believed to have a purifying effect and can help in cleansing the mind and body.

In addition to its benefits, agarwood is also highly valued for its rarity and unique fragrance. Agarwood is a rare and expensive wood that is highly prized in many cultures, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Its fragrance is described as woody, balsamic, and earthy, with notes of spice and sweetness.

II. Benefits of agarwood bracelets

1. Agarwood bracelets benefit for health

Agarwood bracelets are cozy, powerfully yang, and spicy. Agarwood is helpful for keeping the owner warm and controlling blood pressure. The importance of agarwood essential oil must be emphasized. Agarwood essential oil has a soft, rich aroma that is uncommon in genuine wood or other perfumes. The pulse and heat point at the wrist, coupled with the Agarwood bracelet, help to radiate incense and enhance its natural perfume. Agarwood incense helps the body unwind and is calming and relaxing to the senses. In everyday life, agarwood is thought to be a stress reducer.

The scent of agarwood is constantly with you to calm your spirit and serve as a constant reminder not to be impatient, which can lead to many negative things.

You can place the Agarwood Bracelet right next to the bed when you go to bed at night. This bracelet’s aroma promotes mental relaxation and effortless sleep.

2. Spiritual benefits

Agarwood is frequently used in religious contexts. Absolutely, agarwood is always utilized in reverent settings as well as locations to honor the dead and gods. It is essential for the fragrance of incense at important festivals held in churches, pagodas, and by all major religions worldwide.

The relationship between the two worlds of yin and yang is the subject of numerous theories. It is more logical to understand the smoke and the incense’s persistent, seductive aroma as a conduit between the living and the gods or the dead.

Everyone follows a particular faith. This makes it possible for people to face life’s obstacles with greater happiness, self-assurance, and strength. We all behave more submissively as a result, and our lives are happier.

III. Notes to using the oud bracelet correctly

1. Limit the contact of the Agarwood bracelet with water

To check if the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet is fake or auth, people usually put it in water. If seeing an oil slick, it is authed. That is one of the effective ways of identifying. However, according to experts, one of the ways of maintaining it isn’t in direct contact with water. Because the amount of oil in the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet is limited, when it touches with water, the amount of oil will lose forever, which leads to its value decreasing. Moreover, if you put it in water many times, its color will be lowered and no longer shiny.

If the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet falls into water by accident, you should use a dry and soft towel to wipe carefully to avoid scratching and peeling paint.

2. Avoid the Agarwood bracelet contacting with chemicals or food that is a heavy odor

When rubbing with the skin, the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet radiates a natural fragrance. However, because of this feature, you must avoid chemicals and artificial odors such as perfume, conditioner, oil dishwashers…

Because when touching, the smell of chemicals will directly affect the natural aroma of the ring, reducing its effect on human health. Besides, the products have a strong and uncomfortable smell like fish sauce… we should avoid it. The preservation of Agarwood (OUD) bracelets also depends on the hands. In the summer, when joining in various activities, sweat from the pores of the wrist, along with salty acid oil, can cause abrasion on the outside of the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet.

3. Stay away from harmful objects to the Agarwood bracelet

Due to the daily wear of the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet, it is evident that the effects on the environment are unavoidable. However, you should pay attention to preserving it by not pressing it against sharp objects, which makes the risk of losing the paint outside.

Or if joining in sports activities such as football, or volleyball, you should remove it from of hand in order to avoid damage to the bracelets.

If preserve properties, not only extend its duration but also make a peaceful life.
If preserving properties not only extends its duration but also makes a peaceful life.

4. Avoid wearing them near stronger-smelling items.

The porous nature of agarwood means it absorbs other scents easily. If you were to put a piece with agarwood next to sandalwood, the former will eventually take on the fragrance of the latter. Don’t wear your bracelets during barbecues or hot pot meals.


5. Don’t wear them during sports

Agarwood beads can be easily damaged during vigorous outdoor activities. Save them for more elegant occasions, preferably in air-conditioning, so sweat doesn’t get into the beads.

6. Maintain the scent

Precious accessories often need a little maintenance, and the same holds true here. It’s best to keep the bracelet in a box containing powder from the same type of tree the beads were made from. This helps to replenish their fragrance, so to speak.

four leaf agarwood bracelet
A Four-leaf agarwood bracelet can bring good luck.

IV. Some facts about Agarwood

Agarwood as a medicinal product has been recorded in ancient bibles such as Sahih Muslim from the 8th century and in the Ayurvedic medicinal text Susruta Samhita. Agarwood is used in Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and East Asian medical practices. Traditional Chinese medicine uses powdered Agarwood as a treatment for liver cirrhosis as well as a director or focuser for other medicines Agarwood as a therapeutic perfume This usage has been acknowledged for centuries and even recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is used intensively by Middle Eastern and French perfumers; it is a tiny but essential component of some high-class perfumes such as Zeenat and Amouage.

Agarwood as an aromatic food ingredient Agarwood is aphrodisiac, thus often used as a cleansing agent of the body’s organs and boosts one’s energy. The diaphoretic property of the wood will make one sweat and assist in the detoxification process. In Taiwan, it is used in Chu-yeh Ching and Vo Ka Py wine. Agarwood has religious properties For centuries, it has been used as incense in religious ceremonies by Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. It may also be carved into praying materials such as sculptures, beads, and boxes. There are many other properties and usages of the wood which are not mentioned here, but it can be deduced as the most valuable property.

Gold Pillar Pixiu Agarwood Bracelet
Gold Pillar Pixiu Agarwood Bracelet


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      you shoudn’t wear agarwood with hematite beeds when sleeping and limit the contact of the agarwood with hematite beeds with water

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      You should prevent your bracelet from water and take it off when going to bed. Moreover, don’t let someone wear your bracelet. Thank you for your question

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